"The future ain't what it used to be."

The nature of moden man's psychosis:



The nature of moden man\'s psychosis:

The possable nature of modern man's psychosis, may belie the fact, that at one time, the nature of mankind on Earth, was crystal oriented?

This possability was generaited from an expert on Spiritweb, who had stipulaited that the early Atlantians were from a fourth dimension based form of reality.

This gave the naturre of their existance a more refined nature. This is where as forms of animals, "whatever they might have been"?, were hap-hazzard via their deductive logics.

This statment is with reference to only the early Atlantian ociaty.
In other words, the said Atlantians, might not be as we are envisioning them now, with the ability of ancient history hindsight?

Some of these indications are still present with humans today.

This supposition is indiciated in man and womankind's intrest within arts, some forms of self adornments, such a jewelry and fingernail polish, as well as humans who sometimes in certain ways, seem more gentiel, that other humans who are explosive, or more animal-like within their natures?

It may be that durring both the latter certain aspects of Atlantis, as well as into the post~sinking Atlantian erra, that there was a great strivance of a blended homogonized crystal based man.

This mental and physical wanting manifested itself, that it was his subconcious effort, to serch for what he once was, rather than try to become more animal..

This certain suggestion is laiced with reference to a certain UFO encouter, where crystaline beings had helped an aged man who had a tumor.

The beings had shrunk the tumor and the old man would have adeptly recovered, however they had not reralized that by their natures, they themselves were highly raidoactive?!

The man had died as a result of masive radiation posioning.

This might be also who some forms of phenothaline solutions, are give to psycheatric patients, within treatment facilities, as the ANIMAL, as it were, might not work so well for these people.

Phenothayline may act in some respects, to reconstitute what was once crystal in nature, by man himself?

The indication, (THE MARK OF THE BEAST), as told of in biblical prophacey, may instead mean,..... that one' crystaline man's, has now become ill balanced, by the quest for power, over some of the past half to third mixtures, of what had once constituted him as a sentient?

In what ways, as you examine yourself, as a human being, do you think that you yourself show crystal tenedencies, within your physical or psychic makeup?

Thank you' creedo299 UFO E.T. and offworld issues phase