"The future ain't what it used to be."

The nature of time


Hello, I am a 15 year old student who has been interested in the nature of space time for a while now. Its very confusing, but thats one of the reasons i love it.

I have a question pertaining to the nature of time. People speak of the past and future as if they both exist simultaniasly with the present. Could it be possible that everything in the past has come and gone, forever erased, And the future, hasnt come yet? If this was true, time travel would not be possible, would it? I have been reading posts for a while, and have been wondering that.

This implicate a fundamental question that touch the very sens of life:

<[ Is my life already set? >]

I tend to think that way, I believe that some logic in the nature 'know' what is going to append to everything. The only thing is that we can predict all those things because our brain is limited (consciently, maybe not in a para-psychic situation...).

But I believe that you can 'feel' to change it as much as you can until you would not be able anymore (suppose you die one day).

For exemple, I got an interview to teach in my field of work, my last teaching experience was very good and I got attracted by that position. At the very last minute I change my mind (for some reasons). I still had the choice and thaught:

If this job come to me, there's a reason to that, I have to take it, it's shurly part of my destiny.

But I didn't took it, now I feel that maybe I mess up something. I don't regret it, but I feel weird.

Imagine winning 1 000 000$ and refuse it. You might say that this is stupid, but maybe not, if you had know that this situation would have kill you or something.

In conclusion, I believe that there's many possibilities for the futur, each breath you take influence your life...