The Past Is The Future

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What we live in is actually an amalgamation of the past and futrue.

1. We can time-travel, in the sense that we can jump onto different world lines, as in the Multiverse. Closer world lines (dimensions)
are similar to ours, as not much has had a chance to change.

The method of this time travel is to use 'closed timelink curves'.

Remember, everything that can happen 'IS HAPPENING' (if we accept 'time' /HAS HAPPENED. The past and future is all happening
at once.

2. All fermions (particles that make up matter; e.g. up, down quark) relative to their temporal dimension, 'the observer', can be
regarded as termions. At the micro- or macro-scopic level, the termions don't give a damn about 'time' or 'space' thus all events are
instantaneously created at once. (Appologies to anyone who is not familiar with the quantum physics!)

3. This would entail that the future is set. Not so. In stark contrast, it is determined by what we do, but what ever we do will be
regarded as 'right'. This seems to contradict that everything has happened, thus we cannot change it. But it happpends even before
you create it. Even though you are the one who creates that event. You created it in that parallel, higher dimension. Mmmm...

Travelling to another dimension exact to your own, only five munites in the 'past', you could avoid that car that that knocked you over
and broke your leg.

You would have left your own dimension and entered a new one; so alike that it is irrelevant and inconvenient to travel back to the
one you have lived in all of your life; the one where you were hit by the car.

You could do this every time you make a mistake in life. Very convenient, no?

Defying time travel by saying "You cant go to the past because it doesn't exist" and "You cant go the future because it hasn't
happened" is wrong. Once something has happened it will always exist, as everything exists anyway. But remember that an event
that happens in our dimension, it has already happened in a higher, future dimension (refer to 3.).

If anyone has any questions or comments then feel free to e-mail me.

Peter J. Attwood
13:13 GMT, 10 March 1999
If we live in a multiverse and everything that can happen is happening, then perhaps everything is happening NOW. Pasts and futures are other people's NOWs. If that's the case, then time travel might entail traveling between NOWs and, if so, can we (physically) be in more than one place (or one NOW)at the same time?

Maybe our PRESENTs are intended to be unique to a given "time" for us to exist in 3-dimensional form. And maybe our non-physical selves can span all the NOWs.
Ok, so imagine a vin diagram, you know the ones with all the bubbles and connecting lines and all. Well you know the big one that goes in the middle, well we can lable that one as NOW. So we time etravel, and the multiverse theory is irrelevant, to one of the other bubbles along the line. Once we get there, say we meet up with ourselves, whether it's in the future or past, one second or years in differance. When we meet ourselves, won't we be surprised? All of a sudden we see ourselves, but maybe we are 35 when we travel, but if we went into the past we might only be 20 for example. Well the 20 year old version of us will be confused, but if we explain to them(us) that in our future we time traveled and came back in time 15 years. Then the 20 year old version of us will realize that our future has already happened, up to a point, and that we are really living in the past because what we thought was the present, was really the past. I'm sure your confused. Just imagine that right now, we meet ourselves. I'm 18, so say a 40 year old me just walks up to me right now. I think that I'm living in the present, no further present or future version of me would exist. Tomorow hasn't happened yet, right? Well if a 40 year old me just walked up to me, I would realize that I'm not the most "updated" me that exists. So I'm no longer living in the present, I live the past. So if you can understand this principle, then are we living in the present, or the past? Are there older, newer versions of us floating around out there? And if so, are there younger versions living in the past? SO if time travel is possible, we would exist infinatly in the past, and theoreticaly in the future as well.