"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Philadelphia experiment



Upon reading an interview with Al Bielek about the Philadelphia experiment, I am curious about a few things that I don't quite understand about it:

If the ship wasn't meant to time travel through time, how did they 'accidentally' acheive it when here in the modern day researchers can supposedly create time distorting fields of only a very small space?

What's with the supposed 'green mist' around the ship? It just sounds a bit science-fictiony to me.

If the ship was for a while out of our dimensions, how did they survive... And Bielek and his brother supposedly jumped ship whilst in this extra dimension to try to get away, and until they arrived in 1983 he seemed to fall in a void for some time. What I'm getting at is how did they all survive while there... Surely there can't be a liveable environment with a breathable atmosphere there, out of this dimension???

Some crew were said to become stuck in parts of the ship because for a while there was something going on that caused things to go through each other. So how come the ship itself didn't distort form, or the crewmember's own bodies?

When they were supposedly in 1983, Von Neumann said how the field around the ship was growing and within days it would engulf the world. Does this mean the ship sat there for 40 relative years and the field only happens to start growing the moment Bielek and his brother jump off? And as for the engulfing the earth thing, it sounds a bit far-fetched. If these experiments were that dangerous, the world would surely be destroyed many times over by now.

Sorry to sound so cynical, I do beleive *something* happened, but these things bug me because they don't seem to add up right, and I think any facts should be split from the fallacies here.

I can acknowledge the high EM energy causing severe dementia and disorientation among crewmembers, I think the experience alone would be enough to make someone go gaga!

But if the ship was really in an extra dimension, then surely the air in and around the ship would have zipped away to a 'vacuum' around, killing crew along the way. So maybe the ship didn't go anywhere as such, it was still in Earth space, just in a strange state that separated the space-time area in and out the field directly. Dunno, I'm no physicist!

Whole things still gets me buggered. As far as I'm concerned, if the US navy could do it in 1943, any research group can do it now.

What's with the supposed 'green mist' around the ship? It just sounds a bit science-fictiony to me.

Reminds me of the absolute "0" point......Where atoms stop moving and apear as a jello-pudding hovering in mid air...
Far out - Is that an actual fact about the absolute zero thing? Wierd.

With the mist, how could the distortion of space/time cause a mist effect in the first place I wonder? Wouldn't that mean there is a vapor of some sort in the surrounding air... But of what? Could it be moisture already in the air condensing for whatever reason?

Still doesn't explain the mist. Normally any light distortion to do with a space time distortion (namely black holes) would theoretically be a red or blue shift, either end of visible light, depending on your vantage point. But green is somewhere in the middle!

On the Discovery chanel the jello-cloud was also green, forgot to mention that
I knew two individuals that had taken part in the Philadelphia experiment and both were crazy as loons. The jello cloud that was mentioned on the Discovery channel existed in the region of the x-ray spectrum.