The "ROSWELL" Paradox


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The \"ROSWELL\" Paradox

Two wrongs do not make a perfect "Right" in any given scenario within our imperfect yet impecible physical cosmos! (You do the math.)

In spite of evidence witnessed by those who "Saw" or claim to have "Seen" in reguards to the infamous "Roswell Incident" I must contend that we all(or most of our combined planetary populus) must have some small voice the echos within us, the sounds of mystery & cover-up in relation that something extraordinary or extraterrestrial did in fact
happen, and whatever it was, those in the highes in command of our world powers, did their damndest to hide the truth for a variety of economical & political resons.

Whatever the event & cause/s or issues surounding this incident burning up our scandelous history, the lie must continue, so that those responsible for this great hoax, (Not the UFO Crash, but the lies &
cover-up & Disinformational Prpoaganda backed by extortionalists organized by tri-laterals, Bilderburgers, and neo/pseodo Nazis &
Templers, Necromancers & etc, it just would expose just how sick we have allowed ourselves to "DEVOLVE" to, or better yet, allowed ourselves to follow as leaders!

We all have choices to make, but when the combined choices of humanity totals to the sum of allowing ouselves to be suppressed from the truth, how are we to evolve beyond the veil it is hidden behind?

Just my own observation is that if a interstellar craft of extraterestrial
origin did in fact crash on our earth back in the fourties, it would in fact count for such a rapid growth in our technology.

If this supposed crash never occured, our current Time-Line would have not been altered, and our society would not have evolved much beyond what we had in the fifties. I believe that this supposed extrarestrial interstelar craft had in fact
carried secrets of technology, technology that was latter, "reversed-engineered" to contribute & assymilate to that of our own, and this direct action is a direct contributor to the "Alteration" of earth's
otherwise naturally occuring chronological "TIME-LINE"

My intentions were not, nor ever intended to be; directed as a personal, or slanderous incursion to anyones personal moral, ethical, or religious beliefs or lifestyle.)
RE: The \"ROSWELL\" Paradox

Hey Time!!! I agree with you in regards to your insertion that the recovery of downed U.F.O.'s has and did undoubtedly accelorated the Technological Revolution we've been enjoying, or should I say, The Powers That Be are enjoying!! What we get Reganomically speaking is the trickle down effect in regards to all of the suppressed technology that was by our Govt. attained in the name of the people, by money provided by the people, and sometimes at the personal tragedy of the people, just so we can get our technological advancedments at a super-controlled rate. As far as Roswell, Your right, something DID happen and nomatter what the actual real evidence, that hopefully oneday we will know the truth, an incredible even did occur in Roswell whether staged by our govt, to cover up something much bigger that was happening at the time and still may be, or an Alien Craft Crashed at Rosewell..... The funny thing about the whole thing is that you always see the same advancements in the Automotive industry all pretty much come out at the same time for the most part. That is just one little part of the big picture, WE THE PEOPLE ARE LITERALLY BEING GIVEN AN ILLUSION, THAT WE LIVE IN AND ACCEPT AS PROGRESS, AS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE BEING SHAVED AWAY EVERY DAY AND WE THINK, OH, IT'S A GOOD THING THEIR DOING THIS AND THAT FOR OUR SAFETY AND IN OUR NAMES!!!! It's time for people to get their heads out of the sands of ignorance and disbelief and get pissed off about what's really going on in our name and in the name of the Human Race!!! We all have Free Will and Free Spirit to decide what best for us as the Humans Of The Planet Earth!! You choose what you will, but just remember who's providing your choises for you.......... HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Draco
RE: The \"ROSWELL\" Paradox

Dear Everyone,
I do enjoy the cellular phone, for it is quite a nifty little device. However, I do see why the government would cover up such an accurance. For the simple fact that a radio broadcast called 'war of the worlds' was aired round the time the radio first came out and resulted in wide spread panic and pandimonium and the death of several individuals thought to be martians who were just walking through the bushes for a stroll. I suppose also that if all this technology was available that the goverment would be wise in insisting that it was a hoax so that the soviets wouldn't bother wasting there money to send spies over to steel our secrets. If one finds billions of dallars worth of gold in ones back yard it is wise that one tell no one lest thy neighbors come and shoot you and your family to still your gold. Such technology would have ensured the dominance of our country for a long time and the ability of our country to police the world and keep order. It would be wise to share the technology with the world by ontroducing it slowely so that it would be inconspicious. Perhaps it is to rapid for keen observers such as yourself but for the most part people buy it. And the few who don't are not a threat for most people think that people such as those who see past the smoke screen are just fanatics or crazy. By human nature they do not listen to this kind of rambling at first. But after a while they do listen and open their minds to the possiblility and then eventually accept it as truth and do not care. They say "yeah I think the government is covering up the rosewell incident". And then go about thier day to pay the bills and buy some groceries...etc. As for the hiding of the technology I think it was a wise decision for this kind of technology if tossed carelessly over to the rest of the world could pose a threat to international security as well as national security. After all even at that time I am sure that the government had very little clue about some of the technology and how to operate it safely. They were wise in learning the technology before buiding it and sending it to the grocery stores so that we kids thirty or fourty years later wouldn't be born with extra digits. If you really do want to find out the truth heres a littles reverse psycological manipulation trick. Make a theory and toss it out there. watch peoples reaction to your theory. The more people insult and ridicule your theory the more closer to the truth it is. You can use this technique as a compass to guide you into knowlege of what is actually accuring by using the proccess of elimination. This works for almost anything. You will find that if eighty percent of the people react violently to your theory your theory is probably extremely correct. This is because any desception of the subconscious would be directed at the everyday average itelligent population. And one cannot direct a deception at the top 20% of the population without detracting from the affectiveness of a deception directed to the lower eighty percent do to contradiction.
RE: The \"ROSWELL\" Paradox

Isn't that little voice inside your head your conscience? Or maybe just aliens trying to communicate to us telepathically. Anyway that subject about how if that spaceship thingy at Roswell hadn't come down proves how fragile the timeline can be. In about half of all parallel universes it didn't come down, and so, as you said, we haven't advanced since the 50's. In others, it did come come down and if it was an alien spacecraft, then in yet another half the government had decided not to cover it up for whatever reason and who knows what would have happened after that.

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RE: The \"ROSWELL\" Paradox

Progress? What progress. If you were to time travel back to 1950, what would you have to give up? Nothing good for sure.

VonNeuman invented the computer in the 40's. The transistor is stupidly simple, a high school kid would have cooked one up in science class sooner or later. Maybe the Aliens should have brought some fresh air with them. That we could use.