"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Sixteenth Dimension


Friends of TR125.0121

Pamela I posted this on the Prime Temporal Point but for your benefit I have reproduced it here on this new post. So picture an X to the third power function where its x values begin from 0 to infinity. It will give you a rudimentary graph of several curves. The lines in the graph is the whole of Temporal Prime, the points in the graph are then alternate temporal realities each created by its predecessing point.
Each segment where the graph is to disappear out of the paper is either an alpha or an omega point, depending on your actual point of reference. The place where the graph is actually traced is the continuun of space time, which curves the line as Earthan theorist have proposed in Earth TR125.0121 subjective past. And finally the mid point where the lower vertex of each of the curves do not touch becomes then the Prime Temporal Point. So with no lines crossing this null space there should be no way to reach it, right? well that's where you should think it twice.
See what contains the graph, not just the plane and the its x, y and z axis but the actual piece of paper. This piece of paper in sixtheen dimensional thinking is the only way to get from one point in the graph to the middle or PTP, from where you may access any of the other points without having to traverse the lines that make up the curves. This because the PTP envelopes the continuum and this one envelopes the graph.
Its a lot much more complicated than this, but I hope this simple example help you understand a little better about the Prime Temporal Point
Cat proposed that it could be reached at least theoretically in consciousness, well my friend it seems that some of you are starting to understand what this is all about.
Finally Friend CAT if my mathematical example was of no real help I will use another analogy that you might understand.
Picture yourself as being in the lower sephiroths of the Tree Of Life. Each of the ten sephiroths are the actual realities, containing each an infinite number of sephiroths which are facsimile realities of the parent sephiroth. When you begin to ascend by an effort of Kknowledge
(Chokmah) and Understaning(Binah) you reach the continuum, the sephira of Kether (Crown or Will) which is the First Dimension. No what? Well start to ascend higher into the conformation of the AIN SOPH AUR which is the Second Dimension, then the AIN SOPH which is the Fourth Dimension ,then the AUR (which is Light as you correctly identified previously) and is the Eight Dimension and finally you will find yourself suspended in the Prime Temporal Point, the Sixteenth Dimension, where nothing is but everything has the possibility to be. From this non-place you can access pretty much of what is out there to be and not to be experience by mortal consciousness. I hope I did not get to Kabbalistic with this other explanation

Now friend Pamela to answer your question I shall pose an allegory, can you dive in the ocean without equipment?
It is so with the Prime Temporal Point. You may enter this realm of non existence, but with limited time phasing intervals. On the contrary should you possess the right equipment, you might be able to time phase to farther destinations and visit alternate realities.

However being still very limited, a being with such capacity could enter the Timestream but would only travel so far as his/her consciousness would allow, meaning that it is very difficult to actually achieve control of an actual destination without some chronotron tracking device.

Regarding if I had been there I can not really answer that, I am a transient observer, however I know of people that traverse the myriad multiverses in this honorable way.

Hope to hear from you later on...until later becomes now.
"however I know of people that traverse the myriad multiverses in this honorable way."

Who are these people and with what purposes do they traverse for?

you say with the right equipment....what type of equipement would you need?