"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Smoking Gun.......


I am very excited because I just became aware of The Disclosure Project, a non-profit organization headed by Dr. Steven Greer which presented their evidential testimonies of 21 former Military and Intelligence individuals with formidable credentials to The National Press Club on May 9, 2001.

Of course, I did not hear anything about it at the time, because the media has not covered anything having to do with aliens or UFOs in any serious manner.

Go to www.disclosureproject.com to see Dr. Greer introduce his panel of whistle-blowers to The National Press Club and lots of other video footage and information.

I have always been interested and have thought it was probably true, but I have also thought there was a lot of fuzzy extra stuff out there as well. But this has eclipsed my .0005% doubt that I had remaining.

In addition, Dr. Greer has some very wise insights as to how disclosure of the presence of visiters here on terra firma, and the craft that have been recovered can help humanity in it's struggle for the future: By freeing us of our fosil fuel dependancy and the resultant harming of our world. Very promising stuff, and Dr. Greer just might be the leader to help legitimate the subject of UFOs!

I am now proceeding to write my congressmen in hopes that others will do the same.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding
Required disclosure impure thread:

Space and time travel combined>>

Also concerning student at TTI in discussions on subject matter, as posted in TT area only, relavent disclosure date, 12/13/2002 required under MOP's, proper, disclose disclose.

Tried at this point, to send thought wave to self activaition controls placed upon console.

Have no concept if this now know emergency sent thought telepathy signal, will activate ship's old ion engines, or enact ion singularity, in order to bring ship, in whatever condition it is, to this point in time?

Student and association with student was of utmost inportants here, as this student was begining learner, however had displayed remarkable traits of adaptability, so indicating student might have past knowlege of event signatures??

The problems stated here, are time distance and of-course, the universe always moves.

One in one thousand chance of signal being recieved by past ships locals placement.

Remember how pannel is laied out.

Can not get over how amaizingly accurate Lucas was about begining of old series.

Required disclosure, to TTI law in line with good MOP's request for full disclosures as TTI is also a telling post to some if not many.

Note other notes, most Earthpeople here on terra, do not posess, or have any idea of any kind of acclimations towards any types of aliens.
This is a pittifull condition, where infact most time if outright contact is for some reason achived, the contactee uasually goes into a state of social shock.

Don't think for a second that this situation is not calamitious to me, due to my practical expierence baseing.

Believe the proper Earth slang termage is, or goes, "Lord love a duck"?

Words disclose authorize DJB djb.

privacy act, sealed
Other notes noted at this time.

Please note, that in this era, I am not only adept at understanding some aspects of time travel, however have an instructor's base in some E.T. famialirizations.

The problem now, with finding students who both want to learn are young and in most cases humanoid, here on Earth, is attitude.

I am checking out at the supermarket and observe a young singer by the first name of Avril, who is wearing a spiked wrist braclette.

If you hit someone in the face with this, it would do certain damage.

I have also noted within TTI, that some of the young students that I have talked to, have extremely cocky attitudes.

The sad news is, that with what I know in my studies about space beings as well as offworld affairs, attitudes such as these do not prolong one's life, when encountering true off-world beings.

Some of these beings, weigh into the three quarters tons, if not five ton range. Or' are mean, don't care for Earth humans or are armed with beam weapons that do horrible things to the human body when discharged.

I have determined that NASA's teaching of said astronauts, as told here only, is a carefully placed dog and pony show.This is to where astronauts, by Tim Beckley s publication, UFO UNiverse, have been in attedance at some earthling abductions by alien beings.

To my way of thinking, this is similar to a an already raped woman reporting to a hospital emergency room for a rape test and the attending physican says, "Yes you've been raped and then rapes the complaigning woman again.

These jokers have to be known for what they are doing outside of this system and somebody out there has to know.

So you don't always get good quality in e.d.u.s, from the space agency.

The phenominon of combativness among the young, might be from the overpopulation phenominon, which causes a type of hopelesness among the young, "a type of active depression".

I'm wondering if these lots of young are teachable and they understand that when you make off-world contact in the real, that some of these aliens are indeed dangeous.
A wrong move made by any neophyte space travler, could be dangerous if not fatal?

I had watched the remake of the very first Star Wars Episode One. These were the inteviews placed before the film began, of the re-releace of the very first of these movies.

One of the actors, who I can recall which was in the very first of the Star Wars series, said of the George Lucas script, that, "This script was like nothing I have ever seen before"!?...

I think this guy may have seen through the loosely covering veil, that indeed the Star Wars episode, was indeed a telling from another time.

As an instructor that touches two or more bases at this time marker, I find that the young are not always trusting towards adults.

This might have something to do with how the young are exploited as sexual fodder, placed upon the web net enterprises?
Hense there might be a self appraisement issue, with people who use the young and how they trust more adults?

Other notes on Royality as said in a time past and the present.

From what I can tell, royality in the times placed elsewhere, were not only benchmarks of quality for both men and womane of their kingdoms, however could handle themselves quite well.

This ment at times, knowing how to pinch-hit on a set of controls on anyone starship, be it big or small.

I find now, within the collection of population that I observe now, that there is a certain ignorance about both aliens and where these aliens might populate themselves, within outerspace.

I hope that all students don't continue to adopt the attitude of Avril.

If you ever get out there and by chance happen to get lucky in busniess, a punk attitude just does not cut it.

Death in the form of a broken neck from a beast twice your size, or a horrible death via a ray-gun that takes up to fifteen minutes to kill a person, is just not the way to go for a junior space ranger.

I'm well read on this subject, however I have also attended a few bars and taverns in my time.

I know when to shut-up and when not to push it.

I'm sure I can say with reference to the world out there, you know off of Earth, the same rules apply?
Please note Creedo 299

Please note that expert Creedo 299 holds and indepth knowlege on most alien phenominon.

Creedo is not permitted to say anything about any kind of possable alien contact to him, as part of his advisements, as a proposal.

Required postings also tell that Creedo 299 is well versed within others worlds ways as well as technologies.

Thank you for your attention, required posting.