The Spiral Dancer


Chrono Cadet
During a very intense time of meditation, I had an experience or possibly a vision. An ancestor of my husband, from 300 years ago, was chanting for him, and I saw and heard him. He stayed with me for a few days, and before he left he told me this story.

There was once a young man who was a very good dancer. He put all of his passion of life into his dancing, so much so, that when he danced he paid no attention to anyone or anything around him as he pounded the earth with his feet, and felt the drums and songs of the people. there came a time when this young man was dancing like this, and so he paid no mind to his sorroundings, feeling the music and passion of life, expressing his heart and soul, he danced and danced until he strayed from the people of his community, and was lost and all alone, and yet still he danced, still hearing the pounding drums and the song in his head, and he pounded the ground so hard that he circled and circled and dug a huge hole into ground.

Finally, as the sun rose, the dancing awoke from his trance of dance, and realized that he was in a deep dark pit, so far down that he could not climb out or even see anything but the small hole of blue sky above him.

The dancer feared being alone, so he panicked, and began to claw at the soft earthen walls of the pit he had created. But this only made the hole deeper and bigger, but still, in a panic, he tried to climb out. Finally, as the sun set and he was in still, cool darkness of the earthen hole, the dancer sat in the depths of the earth and cried for his family and friends to help him, but they did not know where he had gone to, and no one heard him.

As the second day's sun rose, the dancer lost hope for rescue, and decided to continue to dig, deeper, deeper yet, down through the center of the world to reach to other side, for he could no longer stand to be burried in the earth. It took a full day and a full night, but on the third day, the dancer reached the other side of the world. He climbed out, relieved to be free of his prison of earth. But when he spoke to the people there, no one understood his words, and he could not understand their's. The world looked strange and confusing to him, and no one was there that could could expalin the strangness to him in words he understood.

So the dancer struck out, spiralling concentrically from the hole he had opened, greeting everyone he met, seeking someone who understood his words, till finally, after many many days and years, he came to people who spoke the words of his people. And he knew he was close to home.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding