"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Sunday Experiment


Pamela posted this to me on another board...


Maciek has inspired me with his thread called"It might happen on Aug. 3rd 2002"
I decided to do a little experimenting of my own. I will call it "the sunday experiment"

His sounded like a fun idea ...........
Since "tis the season for time travel" spring and fall.
Keep in mind day light savings time begins on Sunday.

I invite any "time traveler" (John or any of Johns group included also of course )
to meet me on Sunday April 7, 2002 at 12:00 (NOON) at a place I will disclose
on this web site at 5:00pm same day.

Since I am going to be there anyway I myaswell do an experiment.

At 5:00pm same day I will only post the place to meet and that is it I will not post at that time if anybody showed up at noon or not. If this web site gets interferred with because of temporal shifting (heheh) then I will post the meeting place as soon after 5:00pm as possible.

That way the temporal traveler will be well protected because noone will know where the place is until 5:00pm. long after he/she/ it? is gone. It is a very public place and I will meet you at the top of the stairs.

The passphrase (you got to have a passphrase!! ) upon meeting will be for you to look up to the sky and say "Is that a rainbow I see?" to which I will respond "I believe it is the season." John on the other hand has to identify himself further by whistling a few bars of the song he wanted me to remember. I wonder why he wanted me to remember that song anyway?? (scratching head...) anyway it serves as an identifying item.

On Monday morning April 8, 2002 I will post the results if any. Confidentiality will be assured if needed.

Sunday April 7, 2002 at 12:00 NOON
at the top of the stairs

place to meet revealed Sunday at 5:00pm.....same day.

....do you think anybody will show up??

I will keep my eyes open!

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I don't know if she's being serious about this or not but... it sounds interesting
... Any guesses on what the results will be??

RE: The Sunday Experiment, re thank you Pam.

Dear Pamela, I can not make it Sunday, however would care to extend a formal thank you any way.

The machine that I have is not put together, as of yet.

I have the parts, however not the assembly.

Thanks for the invite, Love, best wishes, Dan
<<I invite any "time traveler" (John or any of Johns group included also of course ) to meet me on Sunday April 7, 2002 at 12:00 (NOON) at a place I will disclose on this web site at 5:00pm same day.>>

Are you not yet convinced with what Darby's told you about John, as you stated you were?

Do you really honestly believe that your old buddy John is going to show up on April 7th?

It's more likely that an ex-girlfriend will show up for my birthday party on Sunday, then a Time Traveler showing up at the top of some stairs, like some cheesy out dated Titanic fantasy of yours

Other then that, good luck to you on your little experiment

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I can let this out of the bag, as it is an old issue and I really don't care.

John Titor was real.This guy was a real time travler.

All they don't have put togeather is, as to whether he was from our time line, or another parallel world?

I know Totor was real, as I am the one who helped him with the Maxwel Equation and where to go, in order to get the parts for the burnt out boards in his G.E. unit.

He had to get back and even the time travel police had wanted this.

So they didn't put the guybosch on the issues of what he needed.

There is a lot I don't understand about John Titor.However' I do implicitly trust Pamela and think she's a very good person, as well as somewhere in there having a heart.

If she said Titor's okay, then I'll believe it.

As for Darby, well anyone can see that he is playing both sides of the proverbial looking glass.

It's an invite for a party, for TTs only.

Ya got a machine, or a time displacement unit, then go.

If not then stay home.

To Titor>Say him not ham-bone, da man he not come.

I say yo ass, is grass, but da hey, is you com-in muther-fuck, is when you come, da' man gotta be there??!

:It sucks, when dat bro no be there like he say!

Hey you four-square an come yo do be there muther??

Best yo ass be, I got my peice muther!

The following is lingusitics of the future and I have no appology for it.

Pamela, Dear Hon' If you need a couple of thousand, or the keys to my auto, they're yours.

Ease upon the reins just a bit, would ya TTA?

I'd just like to point out that this is merely Pamela's experiment, as I am not involved with it in any way. I don't think that it's such a bright or meaningful idea anyway...


This sounds like a ripoff of something called "August 3". Although the specifics are different, Pamela's experiment is no doubt inspired by, and attempting to copy, the August 3 experiment. The man conducting the experiment has a web site, but I'm unable to find it again thru search engines or going through old e-mails. If I find it, I'll post it.

I suppose he'd be flattered if he knew he was inspiring copycat experiments. His idea was very thought provoking.


You are correct... That person's website is: http://www.bobbysboxofpain.com/ - that is exactly what I trie to say. By the way - there's also tis legal document that invites time travelers to visit you, I can't remember that site
. Pamela asked me not to post this on the TTI board, but I did anyway. Just forget about this post

Hey Maciek, you said:
<<Pamela asked me not to post this on the TTI board, but I did anyway. Just forget about this post>>

Then you should have abided with her request. I think you should apologize to her. It's only fair.

For you allowed the TimeTravelActivist to set her straight for the one-hundredth time on this and many other BBS's. Hehe

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I agree TTA, howevber I have the strange compulsion to go over Pamela's, house and drink tea.

We,...must, ...go,...over,....to,....Pamela's,...house,....and....,drink,....tea...!!!!????
Your a dick and a couterfit Mac.I knew this well from the start.

In reference to Pamela' try (My name is Shania Twain, and your invited over to my house for a party).

Have you read the second CD cover?

Well it's this crap all over again.

The expression you should have used, is Arrrgh!, not arrgg.