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the time-space continuous theoreme


Temporal Novice
I think that the time-space continuous´ graphic is a trydimensional graphic,so if we change one of its parameters we can travel around time.I think that change one of this parameters its imposible, because I think that if we want travel on time we need to travel as fast as light (300000meters per second),and this is quite hard.But if we travel as fast as light we could broke the time-space continuous and we could travel on time or travel suddenly on space.If we explore this theory that says that the shortest way to travel from one point to other point is 0,we can imagine what I am saying (about the suddenly space travel).To prove that the shortest way is 0 we can take a pice of paper.Then we write two points in this piece of paper, and we watch that those points are separated. Afetr that we broke the paper (we also can bend the piece of paper)and we put two points touching one with the other,so we paste two points and the distance from one to the other is 0. the same happens with the time-space if we travel as fast as light.

Note:sorry because I am from spain and my english is extremely bad