"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Time~Travel Series from Bill Hamilton...


Is it possible to travel through time? Is it possible to jump, shift, or displace objects or people from a position on our current timeline to some position in the past or future? Many of us have either read science fiction stories on time travel or have seen movies depicting travel through time. We have also read of the paradoxes associated with traveling backward in time and altering events that would produce paradoxical consequences.

Our biological clocks tick just as the clock on the wall and everything seems to move forward in some inexorable dance and we can't seem to reverse it, step out of it, or jump over it. We are in our own body time machines: Our hearts beat, our lungs breath, and our bodies sync with numerous circadian rhythms. We seem trapped in time, unable to move freely through a dimension that enslaves us unlike the dimensions of space that we move so freely through.

What are the possibilities of moving through time at a faster rate than time? It doesn't seem very hopeful. Most would dismiss such a notion as impossible.

Here is how one person describes the physical process...
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Time02112 - Few days ago I was watching a program on tv, about dealing with "how to get old in a positive way...". A men, very old, says something that sounds like that:

<[ Our bodies are "time-containers", we accumulate time inside us, we can do it faster or slower, but it's indeniable, we get older and we have to die... >]

That touched me very deeply, I never heard that before, we are "time containers", I knew that stuff, but know from that very point-of-view.

Even if you go in the past, or in the futur, you're always going to your futur - getting older. What occured during our out-of-body experiences proved that once you "evacuate" your material body, you're free to travel into space and time - this could allow us to "see" more stuff 'from the outside' than if we would have do it 'from the inside'... - Lives eternal life outside, and only one inside. (Is that a bridge to religion?)

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