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Hello Friends Of EarthTR125.0121

While I was reading the various posts on the forum something sickening occurred to me. But consider this for a second. We all know what the Titor story has simply created, yes, an ever increasing group of people claiming to be timephasers from our future. To the best of my knowledge there had been four in the past six months, claiming such a thing. This not only alarm me but makes me pose the next question,
1. What would be the implications of such claims?

2. What if a true traveler from the future or past for that matter actually arrives and tries to communicate?

3. What if we are being lead on, with all these claimants, by some hidden corp to actually vilify our minds so that we begin to procure a response to such claims?

Well, that is that.

As for Chronohistorian, well better luck next time. The future, not even a thousand years from now will be as you describe.

As for Hora_praewhatchamacallit, well the RA you speak of actually exists, it is also called akasha by the ancient ones. And yes, only a select few can visit it.

Until later becomes now.
What fascinates me here is the community's ability to work together to get to the bottom of such claims. Rather than a few people in a secluded spot in the country at a loss to figure out whether this is a hoax or not, there are all kinds of people from all over actively coming up with new information or asking very good questions.

Funny thing about your post, however. You are correcting Chronohistorian and confirming Hora. So, are you next in this line of traveller claimants? Or how are you aware of this information you seem to be so sure of?
Re: the rule of observation


When I first came to this wonderful forum, these was a house divided. Most every single member was being politely attacked by one of its members, a very important and bright member that is. With the exclusion of one of its members the remaining few struggled to keep it a whole. I for instance happened to observe and ponder about such observations silently.

About validating hora, well I have been thinking about that all day. I should have not said that, maybe it was not the proper thing to do. For that I am sorry. Nonetheless there is such a place, even if hora is another fraud. And that is the important part. The reality of theat place has gotten from an unconscious state and into the collective consciousness of lifekind. That is remarckable.

About me being a claimant. Nope, everyone who knows me from the forum knows that I have never made claims. At least not false ones.

Ah...yes. Chronohistorian if you are from the future, and the possibility lingers within the confines of this reality, why can't I peruse into the intricate secrets of our future...or past or alternate timeframes for that matter.

Until later becomes now.
Re: the rule of observation

timeline79-that is impossible and even if it wasn't the time guards would have stopped you already.

Transient001-it is illigal to take someone to the future or the past that hasn't been granted permission from the time guards.

creedo299-I came in here because I was being talked about
Re: the rule of observation

Hey Transient,

I remember quite clearly when you first visited the forum. There was a certain kind of magic in the air. It was very inspiring for all of us who took part. At the time, I was destroyingangel. I also had an earlier avatar as sonofbabylon. I wasn't trying to be deceptive. I couldn't retrieve the sonofbabylon login so I simply changed it to destroyingangel and played the part for a while. I really had to step out of character somewhat, but I tried to stay as close to my original avatar as possible and still take another poster to task for the many attacks he was making upon people who were genuinely trying to share information openmindedly. Basically, I am a very truthful and honest person so "playing" the role of destroyingangel was difficult at times because I generally do not like confronting others on their behavior. It got hot and heavy there for a while. I kind of sense that you are "laying back" somewhat now just like you did back then. You have a great deal to offer to this forum and I, for one, would like to see some of that magic return. There are quite a few intelligent people here, presently, with some very good ideas--notwithstanding their personal backgrounds and beliefs. This should not be about "proving" anything but about narrowing the gaps between us and finding common ground, sharing ideas no matter how "out there" they are, and coming to conslusions on core issues. I am glad to be "myself" again. I am now Zerubbabel which really means son of babylon in the Hebrew. I'm surprised nobody picked up on it because there are so many inteligent people here who are well versed in Hebrew, math, science and, yes, religion. I am looking forward to having more intensive discussion.
Re: the rule of observation


In order for your time guards to stop me, they'd have to violate my free will. That's impossible.

One man's impossible is another man's improbable. If I did encounter your time guards, the best that they could do is attempt to intimidate me into forgetting about the whole nonsense. I'm still able to make my own choices.

How would you feel to know that your time guards made the situation "worse" by attempting to influence me? Their interaction made the impossible possible. I played along with their charade long enough to get out and resume my walk-in.

Re: the rule of observation

Sorry to reply to my own post, but had a question for Mr.Chronohistorian.

Are you able to communicate with the person who made your quote in your signature?

Ask them where they got it...

Re: the rule of observation

How is it impossible? The best that they could do is take you back to the future and inject you with "choice memory syrum" and manipulate your memories so you know only what they want you to know. It isn't painful and you would never know it happened.

Chansy Smith was the head of the Time Guards. He was responding to an increase in attempted time alterations
Re: the rule of observation

Zer of EarthTR125.0121

Yes I do remember you. We had great conversations back then. Profoundly intelligent ones and altogether inspiring. However, As you already know, the principles of the Prime Temporal Point were too farfetched, to the opinion of many here, so I simply decided not to talk about it anymore. Instead I tried to achieve a common ground with the forumsters by trying to define the constitution of the universe as we see it, but again to no avail.

So now I simply observe and join in whenever I think it convenient. Nonetheless I will prsent you with a question. Have you ever conceived the tree of life as a sphere? The middle pillar is joined by it's opposites Kether and Malkuth, 1-10, there you have a circle. Then by expanding daath with your will you create the other circumsference, thus getting a sphere. A very important sphere that is.

Now about the future ,Chronohistorian, well there is a technique, as ancient as the stars themselves brought to us lifekind as the burning fire Prometheus delivered to the people that is known as timephasing. By timephasing you arrive at certain point, actually a certain point that is all points at the same time and space from where you can catapult your conscious form into whatever reality you desire.

Your so called time guards might know of this but to the best of my knoledge none of us has never been intervened by any of the several temporal regulatory agencies.

But what strikes me as interesting is the many inconsistencies present in your story. To begin with mankind, at least on this green planet, does not achieve the ability of space flight farther than our own solar system at the date you are presently forwarding as your date of origin. They achieve that much later and yet you claim to have been inside star cruisers and that your people commerces with Andromeda. That is as ridiculous as me being accepted as a true time traveler.

When I ponder about your reasons for being into the forum I think, this chap is brainstorming for ideas, ideas that many of the people of the forum are nurturing for this kid, so that later on he could use them in a story, a report or even more sinister a sci-fi book.

Anyway, best of lucks. May your people help you sooner than 2012.

Until later becomes now.
Re: the rule of observation

Chrono of EarthTR125.0121.

you would be amazed by the many things I have been a witnessed to with this non-existent way of timephasing.

Until later becomes now.
Re: the rule of observation

Tran' I don't know why this guy just doesn't leave here and then get beamed back to his time?

I did realize his trail that he left through time travel, grabbed Sarah for a safety guide and made it to the future, were I found his portal.

What does this guy want and why has he come back here?

Oh' and a question I want to ask, is the big fissure on one of the Hawaiian Islands, that is island long.

By now in your time, this part of the island should have fallen into the sea and caused a tremendous title wave.

There are not plans now, for a cable system, across this fissure, when there should be.

In other words, fixing this crack, big fissure the length of one of the islands is possible now, if they started now, that is.

You my superior here Tran, so I'm bowing out and letting you take over.

I did my job.
Re: the rule of observation

boweling out? Now that sounds pretty gross! And TWO extra letters do not permit the excuse of a typo! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

They're trying to change the mind of 100 people. OH NO! /sarcasm

Seriously though, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. So far, I haven't seen any.