Temporal Novice

It is through the Law of Vibration that the mind exercises its power over the body. Every movement in mind is a vibration and this is mind in action.

A vibration of fear immediately modifies every atom in the body. Every life cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of cells.

With this knowledge we can change the vibration and produce the condition we desire to manifest in our body and circumstances. We use the power every minute but are not aware of it, thus producing undesirable results.

When we are in accord with the intelligence of the Universe we produce desirable results, and this should not be difficult now that we have gained the wisdom what will help us to understand ourselves. We will cease to produce the unpleasant and disagreeable sensations we so much rebel against.

A great contributing cause to these conditions is the misconception that we are endowed with separate independent self-existence, and this fallacy reacts throughout the world today, and it is this ignorance that must be dissolved away in the individual mind.

The paramount ideal pursued by all is the acquisition of wealth, with the result that the well-being of the less fortunate is a very minor consideration; all being absorbed in the competitive struggle for existence and in which by common consent the less fit go to the wall. Under this system many unfortunately live solitary lives deprived of sympathy and kindly consideration from others similarly situated.

Our inner state is the guide to our outer physical state, that is, when we understand ourselves better and the cause of our troubles, we will participate in an associative mode of living, opposed to the fallacious conception of the separate independent self-existence we now maintain.

We will be in keeping with our inner state of being in the Cosmos which is waiting to be expressed in our outer state or condition in time, in which we now live. As time goes on mankind will get to know itself as a Cosmic Unit in a united Whole.

Our present state will be gradually abandoned and replaced by the realization of sharing as an associated unit of life, in the Life of an integral living unity, in which solitude is forever left behind and replaced by the stimulus of comradeship, in pursuit of common aims and ideals.

Indeed each consecutive stage in our ascent inwards or into higher modes of being, is a state of identity which is accompanied by the entrance into the conscious sharing in the experience of an expanded manifold; a manifold of which the integral units become consecutively spirits, angels and even gods as the unit-self rises higher in the modes of being, ever uniting in the expanding and enlarged unity of each state; and in the experience of the whole of whose integral units we consciously participate: the combining composition of the manifold being in each case a mighty and still mightier self.

This interesting fact, which no modern speculative thinker has yet advanced, is the model or archetype plan upon which this expansion of an integral manifold takes place, in which each unit enjoys reciprocal interchange of experience with other integral units, and is illustrated in the identity of the self known as man-woman in whom a manifold of experience is united without ceasing to be a manifold.

Thus the Infinite, in all His glory and perfection of the whole, becomes the consciousness of the unit.

This is illustrated in man-woman, in the functioning of the self-conscious life through the integral neurons of the brain, through which the manifold of experience is held united in identity - these neurons exchange their content of experience reciprocally in reflection, their total experience is synthesized in the identity of the finite self.

The unit of Life uses the brain and the nervous system to express itself on the physical plane, each organ is a group of cells independent yet united in the whole body, each cell is independent yet united in the organ. This is the microcosm in the great Macrocosm.

But the same principle applies in the Mighty Selves referred to, in whom the integral units are living self-conscious Angelic-selves. Their manifoldness is also united in identity without ceasing to be manifold.

The finite-selves integrated in the Solar-selves exchange their experience reciprocally. The whole of their experience is synthesized in the identity of the Solar Self. The Solar Self which comprises the Solar Angels will be referred to later.

Not only does the Mighty Solar Self comprise all the selves who descend as neucloids into the earth and return made in the image of their Makers, but also all selves who have evolved in connection with the other planets in the solar system. Yet the unit-selves who have ascended from this earth come to share consciously in the experience of that manifold.

This great Cosmic scheme which I am showing you is reflected in the unit-self, you and me, while living of this earth.

The Grand Scheme of the Great Cosmic Architect, which includes myriads of Universes, will be ours as we progress; this alone should turn our eyes away from the petty things of the material world, thereby enabling us to do greater things for mankind while living here.

Now each of the Solar Systems is associated with a Mighty Self, comprising all the integral selves of that system in its identity. As each unit-self is ascending inwards from state to state, it passes ultimately from our Solar System to that of its interior, parental Sun and System, and comes to constitute a relay-link in the Life Current between the two, and thereby comes to share in the experience of the selves constituting the identity of the parental Solar Self.

What conception can we form of the vastness of the knowledge thus embraced and which becomes available to every entity comprised in that self!

I feel that in this lecture we have sufficient for us to grasp for the moment but as we progress, I am told, we will see a plan so immense and wonderful that the mind of man can only partly comprehend, but as information is conveyed with regard to the process of self-manifestation by the Infinite Self-Conscious Life in and through its finite selves, it will lead us to an apprehension of the possibility of forming a conception of the all-embracing Infinite in which we live and move and have our being.

The fact that the mind can apprehend it is proof that such is a fact, although it can not completely comprehend it. Our Spirit, soul and body in this plane correspond as the microcosm to the great Macrocosm. This will give us a feeling of greatness that can not be obtained through any other source. Logic is like Euclid, it leads us to the true plan. The question is how far can we go.

Einstein's mind was an expression of higher mathematics of the Universal Mind and in this Course our minds become the expression of the Cosmic realities, for our minds are but a rudimentary mode from which higher and more intensified modes ultimately develop.

We are the reflection of the mind-consciousness that permeates the whole Universe, for the finite self remains undifferentiated as to the Life itself, the Reality within.

"If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you unto myself, that where I am there ye may be also." John 14:3.

Here the Christ spoke, revealing the oneness of all Life, the Inseparable unity of all units in the One Life.