the universe on a subatomic level


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"On a quantum level, if I understand it correctly and I may be totaly wrong here in which case I ask you all to please excuse my ignorance in advance, matter seems to exist as both particles and waves, it has the potential to be both, and how it ultimately behaves is determined by observation." Could it be possible that reality at a subatomic (or quantum) level may be determined by our own consciousness? For example, and we have discussed this before, people say, "Time flies when you're having fun" and surely it does seem to fly when having fun, or, "Time drags when you're trying to get through a tuff day at work." Could our consiousness actually be effecting time on a sub atomic level? I know we have thrown the idea of "time particles" around and discussed the possibility of their existance but if they do exist I'm thinking that perhaps our consciousness has some type of control over them.

The universe may be a set of probabilities and the world we experience day-to-day is just the most probable. We might all harbor the ability to manipulate our world in ways we have never imagined. This could lead one to believe that there's no such thing as the paranormal at all, but that "paranormal experience" are just a scientific reality that we do not understand yet.

Any thoughts?

Perception of Reality. The pereception of time slowing down or going faster is merely that, a perception. The clock itself is doing neither. It still is operating at the same rate no matter how we perceive it. I dont think in this instance our conciousness is effecting reality. Whether we perceive a square table as square or as a diamond shape if looking at the table from a different angle doesnt alter its true form. It becomes a definition of terms.

One event that I have thought about is the reflection of a tower across a body of calm water. No matter what point we stand , we will see a reflection. This means the reflection exists at all points of view, regardless of whether or not someone is there to "see" the reflection. A reflection is the refraction of light particles and they must exist at all points in order for us to see the reflection from all points of the compass.

I do believe that we can influence matter with our "will" and this is just the ability to focus our energy to that of another pattern and adjust it. I believe that all of creation is a type of reflection and that because we have consciousness we have the in-born ability to alter or manipulate the components of that reflection.

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The following is a description of a practitioner of Black Magic. I found it interesting that the primciple element IS the manipulation of energy....

If one was to look into the description of a chaos magician, the terms also indicate manipulation of energy, dark energy indeed, but manipulation all the same.

This is an exerpt from this site...

(When a novice magician becomes angry they are often fuelled enough to cast a spell in the heat of the moment which leads to the destruction of their target, hence the tales that are often told afterwards of a magician being so furious that a person's life was brought to ruin. Accounts of magics fuelled by hatred and negative passions are the essence of Black Magic, and the basis of the use of the Dark Ethers. This emotional firebrand is the means through which many magicians find their release. It is a way, in psychological terms, to vent themselves in a meaningful way. Unlike other venting techniques, though, these power manifest in the form of destruction on a target or targets. They can be used to influence the mind of a sentient target through inundation, to destroy the animate or inanimate target by inducing a concentrated charge of entropic force, or simply as any other energy to manipulate things around them in a more subtle way. The old saying "The best defense is a good offence" is the rally cry of the black magician, and their methods often revolve around this philosophy due to the proactive nature of the dark energies. The ease of influencing and controlling dark ethers through the use of hostile emotions does not mean, of course, that this is the only way such effects can be accomplished. Ultimately, it is an orientation toward negativity that is the black magician’s source of power, and thus, the cold fury of ruthless concentration or even the detached callousness of a dispassionate predator can accomplish equivalent results, although the tendency of most people to be capable of utter malice only when emotionally aroused makes intense passion a popular method.

By channeling their own spite, hate, anger, or even a simple will for destruction (which may or may not carry the previously mentioned emotional baggage) into a sentient target, the black magician actually has a curious ability to replicate these feelings in a human target with results somewhat reminiscent of demonic oppression. This ability to recreate spite, or any other variant of bitter feeling, can leave the black magician in a very good position. By eliminating the competition, black magicians can often seize rare and unique opportunities that would pass by the average person. Much like the politician who wins office by default, due to all other candidates dropping out or other such disqualifications, the black mage can truly seize the day and tactfully maneuver hirself into advantageous situations. Such a skill is undoubtedly the reason this art will never die out, and a defining ability within this caste.

Turning to non-sentient targets, the black mage remains undaunted, not needing to balk at many of the trivial things which bother the average person due to a keen sense of bringing a quick end to the discomforts of life. Enhancing the decay process of obstacles or using other variables under their control to crush adversity, even the smallest things in life bend to this overwhelming power. The specifics of where this power is usually applied remain foggy due to the different needs of the individual, but the point remains that, for a black mage, the issue is not a matter of "what shall I do?" but rather "what shall I target next?".

In this caste, more so than many others, Ripple Effect is something to be mindful of. Like throwing a rock into a pond, a disciple of this art must be wary of what they target and how powerfully they decide to influence the target. A rock thrown a fair distance into the pond splashes only in the middle of the pond and sends out waves that have all but dissipated by the time they reach the shore, but one thrown with too much force or too near to the edge will splash back. Not to trivialise this awesome power with examples of rock tossing, perhaps think of it more like setting dynamite. Regardless of the example used, however, this is also a facet of using the dark ethers that a black mage must consider: how will the spell affect the caster in the end?

Finally, consider that it is wise to remember that simply because black magic relies upon a perspective of negativity, the black magician has no obligation to pursue particular aims or goals simply on the basis of these goals seeming to be destructive. The dark ethers are a tool for the magician to wield, not a master or even a philosophy, and certainly not a religion. The black mage, finally, is cautioned to recall that only that which is already null or void is free from the influence of entropy, so ultimately the black magician must develop at least to some degree a capacity for complete detachment in order to avoid experiencing degradation as a result of contact with the dark power.
The problem we have with the quantum world is our concept of space time comes from the actual relationships inside the infaitly small.

Yes it is true, matter is both particles and waves. The strong force dilates time and curves space. Yet when particles interact of a like charge this process is reversed. Particles of the same electrical charge seem to create space and time. It is the interaction of this paradox that creates the world we live in.

The gravitational field strength is inversely square to the distance. The magnetic field strength is inversely cubed to the distance. Magnetic field strength decreases much faster than the other fields. The magnetic field is diferent from other fields because it is polarized. That is to say thier is a nouth and a south pole for all magnetic fields.

We must ask our selves how the universe recognises the concept of a positive and negative charge when we know that fields consist of nothing at all. I believe the answer to this puzzeling question can be found not in the dimention of space but the dimention of time.

The magnetic force is the strongest of all forces. Timespace grows or shrinks around particles or bodies depending on wether they are interacting with a body of similar charge or oppostie charge. The point is the dimention of space is not being directed by fields but the dimention of time is also being manipulated by fields. The Grav Strong and weak force all move time space in the same direction, all these forces are atractive forces. The magnetic force atracts and repels objects depending on charge. Also particles such as the nutron are completly unafected by the magnetic field. This itself is a profound concept. The nutron interacts with all other fields with the sole exception of the magnetic field. Yet light which has no electrical charge interacts with the polarized field.

When you put your hand on a wall the negative charge in the electrons of the wall and your hand repel. The polarized field created by the like charges creates timepace at such a rate that you may not pass through that wall. It is believed that sailors who participated in the philidelphia experiment where witnessed walking through walls and doors. Also the ship itself was said to have vanished and turn up at a certain navel dockyard many miles away. This always seemed odd to me, if they broke a hole in time space by accident why would this ship turn up at a dockyard? If it was an accident why not in china or on mt everest any where. The simple aswer is that the ship never moved, timespace moved around it. The ship moved through time in that its history or future converged with our present. Instead of the aldridge being in the presant it was tranported to its future or past. And of course its future or past would put it at a convinient place such as a navel dockyard.

This is probably why the sailors could also walk through walls. You see someone because the electrons reflect the light frequency. The visable spectrum of light vibrates faster than that of our world. The diferent rate of vibration means light does not pass through us but bounces of us.

I still have to think about how all this works. I wish albert were around