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Theoretical Physics Of Time Travel


I have a complete theory about time and time travel but I can not find any theoretical physics journals to get it published in. So any information on respected theoretical physics journals would be very helpful. My email address is [email protected] please email me if you have any information. Thank you.
I can not talk about it because I want the credit and it is not published yet so if anyone has any information on respected theoretical physics journals it would be apprectiated.
Mail yourself a copy of the manuscript. Then it gets date - stamped and you can prove that you wrote it before a certain date.

After reading some of your other posted statements it is clear you are a person of high intelligence. So I must ask what are the errors in EINSTEIN'S theory of relativity? OK OK I'll give you a hint they do not involve TIME!!
To get the credit I need it published but I will take your advise and mail to myself then I can post it here.

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