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Okay, so I'm still new at the whole time travel gig. I don't even know what the theory of relativity is! I'm writing a book though and I've got some questions ,and I would like to know what other people think.

1. How impossible would it be to find an element ,with a null field ,that exsists outside of time?

2. What would happen if you split an atom with a null field?

3. Is it theoretically possible to time travel, and teleport at the same time?
Meaning can you travel back in time, but arrive at a different location than where you left?

Anyway...tell me what you think=)

Sure Matt, Have you read my posts?
*Time Zero
*Not Your Average Construction Projects

And you might want to read others posts here, as they have contributed a great deal of information as well.

Most of the information one would require for a broad range of topics, have already been posted(& more is yet to follow) which leaves room for more open discussion pertaining.
shadow, and razamatazz...

You guys seem to know your universes.
How bout' a second opinion on my theory!?

Hey Matt!! I think I may know where you're going with this....... Your looking for an element to build a craft with, and to power the craft you are going to use the nuclear fission of this element to power the craft to achieve Teleportation and TimeTravel at the same time. While the likelyhood of the existance of this Element is, in mankinds limited capacity, highly improbable, the onle place that you could find such an Element that you describe is in the deepest most pure part of a Black Hole.......

Have A Great Day!!!!!!!


Thanx draco2=)
Okay tazzy-boy here's the skinny...
Let's say I found an element that exists all througout time, but doesn't travel through time. It would be like a toothpick through a deck of playing cards. the toothpick is through every card, but it's all the same toothpick...get my point? The null field thing doesn't really matter right now, I just want to know how illogical it sounds.
anyway...get back to be.
The following, is an excerpt from:
"The Tamashii Project."

"In the short time between absorption of a photon and its emission, many electronic rearrangements can take place and cellular events via electro-magnetic phenomena. As cells die, they are forced to give up stored photons as coherent, monochromatic, energy sources with properties similar to laser light." (The Novosibirsk Group)
]#1) "How impossible would it be to find an element"

Slightly impossible.

]"that exists out of time"

I think you mean 'throughout time'. In my 'book' all common matter exists throughout (all) time. It is the observer that exists in thin slices of 'now'.

]#2) "Split an atom with a null field".

This is often called 'Alchemy' try a different board.

]#3) "time travel and teleport at once"

I don't know. I hope not, things are complicated enough already. Arthur Dent and Ford Perfect set the standard for such adventures......check them out, split-a-gut.

If you are looking for material to create with, you may find the following site of interest.

There is a great deal of blending of science and spirituality.

Much of the material presented tries to close the circle between science and spirtuality... *little smile* Each needs to decide if they are successful. There are many links throughout so don't forget to check out those as well.

Be safe and dream sweetly.


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*chuckling aloud*

I just checked the link and it would appear that the Meru Foundation has taken exception to the use of some of their thoughts...

is also another exceptional link.

Once again ... Be safe and dream sweetly.


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thanx homies...
I think that, between the philosiphising, the theorising, and my pointless bantering, i've gotten all my questions answered.
If anybody else has an idea, I'm still takin' suggestions.
by the way...if I ever get my book written
I'll try to send you guys a copy.
you've all been a big help=)
thanx matt
null charge.
having an atomic number of zero.
no electrons,
no protons,
just a's that?
Is a 'null field' null in and of itself, or does it also lend atributes of nonexistance to the things around it? To wit; can a null field cause the IRS to "not notice" ones nonpayments? Could it be used on a vicious dog to the effect of having it not care about its urge to "find bone". Better yet could it make them go away altogether?
Hmmm. But a nucleus is a collection of protons and/or neutrons. A hydrogen nucleus is one proton - take that proton away and you don't have an atomic number 0, you just have nothing. Unless that's what you mean byu a null field - literally nothing. In which case it's kind of pointless to talk of doing things with the null field, as it would be as if those things were happening spontaneously.
Matt could be talking about a collection of neutrons. The only question would be what would keep them all together. The strong nuclear force keeps a normal nucleus together but then again without like charged portons what would be pushing it apart.