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Recently a swarm of people have made posts stating that time travel is not possible. I doubt anyone who has thought of time travel does not know this opinion is out there. Until someone travels through time however, we can not prove the possibilities one way or another.
The purpose of this forum is to discuss possible means and applications of time travel assuming it is possible. It helps nothing to crowd the discussion board with claims that time travel is not possible. You will not convince people, and even if you do, they will still probably ponder the wonders of time. Simply because it is fun. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
So I would appreciate it very much if we stayed away from making repetative claims that time travel is not possible, and focused on differant possible ways to travel. To point out a possible problem in a time travel theory is one thing, but it's not helpful to simply declare it can not be done.
This board is very amusing. I am not sure why people do not have the ability to open their minds to the possibilities of science. I can ensure that time travel is very possible and has already been accomplished.
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Maybe what the person meant by "has been accomplished" was that "Time Travel has been accomplished by some entities somewhere and somewhen".

Indeed time travel is very plausible. I can say that it has not been a secret anymore among Modern Physicists and Intelligent Ordinary People that Theoritical Application of Time Travel has been proven to be plausible by experiments of the physical concepts behinf Time Travel.

The Practical Application of Time Travel is also possible. I mean, I must concede by my own deepest knowledge and desires in Physics, that I know how to traverse time. The only problems occured, however, are those of monetary and energic problems.

Someone who said, say, and will say "Time Travel is doubtedly possible" must be someone who has not achieved undergraduate level of physics.

Cheers, mate.
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I have just realized that Both of you are actually the same person trying to be different persons.
Look at your Internet Protocol Address (i.e.

Why would you do such thing?

I joined this forum to have an intelligent discussion with people all over the world on the idea of Time Travel as I have a solid background on this area.

I apologize for any inconvenience expressed by this message.

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Will Time Travel find a way to down load memory of the human mined.
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One thing I found interesting was John's mention of CERN and micro black holes.

I read on that this was not possible, or would not happen, blah, blah, negative...
In fact, even an "expert" Doctor to convince everyone that John's physics are wrong went on-and-freaking-on about black holes. How they will not or should not be created on Earth and so on.

(Sidebar: Anomalies, for which I have tried to register about 6 times and they won't email me a password to a legit email address - the elitist @#$%^$%^ - oh and members who won't respond to nice emails for help even when they say they will - hmmm...Da__y are you there? Yeah...riiight!)

Well, guess what...not only is CERN going to make mini-black holes, but "At such extreme energies, physicists hope that matter will begin to give up some of its deepest secrets, such as how it acquires mass and how gravity arises from quantum mechanics."

So gee, we don't know everything...including the so called expert. Read what John actually said about the whole thing. Then read some of these:

I think it is funny that the "expert" stated that we should never create a BH on Earth and how dangerous. I like this quote "But wait", I hear you say, "Has anyone considered that creating artificial black holes might not be the best idea?" The idea of creating black holes in the laboratory has to give one pause. I mean, how can anyone resist the urge to imagine future headlines like "Artificial Black Hole Escapes Laboratory, Eats Chicago" or some such thing? In reality, there is no risk posed by creating artificial black holes, at least not in the manner planned with the LHC."

I think it is so nice when experts have it all figured out, like dinosaurs. We even had evidence (unlike the BH issue) so lets theorize...they were big so they must have moved slow, they were like an reptile so they must have been green, but large like a hippo, rhino, or elephant so they must have been grey.

Hahaha - now just since I was a kid, we have made leaps in our knowledge about dinos. Anyway, I am sure the skeptics will abound, but my point is made.

Hmmm...and where in the BH issue is the chaos theory? We could be very surprised. They smartest theorist ever? Mr. Murphy! His Law is right all the time, even when you plan for it.

~ Global
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In March 1994, Scientific American published a paper by David Deutsch and Michael Lockwood which concluded flatly that nothing in the currently known laws of physics, prohibits such excursions. In fact, the burden of proof is now far and away upon the doubters of time and dimensional travel to make their case that such are impossible. A number of the great minds in contemporary physics -- including but not limited to Nick Herbert, Kip Thorne, Frank Tipler, Fred Allen Wolf, Michio Kaku, Steven Hawking, and Paul Halpern -- postulate that time travel can in fact be achieved. It can be said conclusively, proven beyond any doubt within the framework of contemporary science, that parallel dimensions exist -- probable realities, apparently infinite in number; our familiar 3D time/space continuum is but one manifestation.

Fundamentally, it is our consciousness which in some way literally brings into being the dimension or reality we experience, manifesting it from what are to us realms of infinite potentials. This was demonstrated in a mathematical form known as Von Neumann's Proof, developed by Hungarian-born physicist Janus Eric Von Neumann and published in the 1930's in his book "The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Physics", known even today as "the bible" among quantum physicists.