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Blair I think your gonna like this,

Twice in the past week, I've been sleeping and suddenly awoke, only to roll over and check the time, 11:11, has happened twice, and a third time but there was no clock around but I'd bet it was 11:11. And it wasn't like I wasn't tired these were nights when I was in a heavy sleep.

I couldn't find your post on this subject, what do you think it means? If anything?
almost everyday for the past couple months, something at a certain time tells me to look at the clock, and multiple times it's been 4:44. Occasionalaly Ill look and its 1:11 12:12 11:11 etc.. but 4:44 the most. What's it mean, probably nothing.
I've had strange things like that happen to me too. I ask people what time it is and I always end up with the same time every day, which is probably just dumb luck. But something weird has been going on lately. I guess you could call it bad dreams but i've had dreams about airplane crashes and strange things like typhoons, nothing that is a nightmarishly scary, its almost forboding. I've also had a bad feeling about wednesday (which is my birthday) this week for some odd reason, don't ask me why though because im not even sure.
If you go back to the start of my posts you will read the 11:11 topics i have placed here.

Thank for your responce Keven!!

I don't won't to repeat myself it will interfear with the new posts that people are placing here and i dont feel the need to fill the pages with my past post!!

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I hope you will enjoy reading my old posts for the first time!!

concerning 11:11 12:12 12:34 etc, this is my theory
there are BILLIONS of people on this planet, and only 24 hours in a day. every time someone looks at a clock there is a chance it is 11:11 or any of the others. its not because something special is happening, its because its probable to happen. your average person is going to look at a clock a lot of times in the day, and not remeber ever instance, only the ones that are peculiar. why remeber the ordinary? so you have billions of people who dont see 11:11 and some who do, the only factor here that makes it seem like a big deal, is that the internet makes it so easy for those people to get together and say 'hey we have similar experiances' i bet if everyone got together that remeber seein 7:14 a lot would claim it to be special too, 4:20 anyone? its just luck of the draw, and thats my skeptic opinion /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
I often look at a clock, and it reads 12:34 - whether it be AM or PM. But I dont see anything spooky in it. I conject it is merely a result of your internal clock, and your subconcious desire to see a repeat of the 11/ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif11 pattern - ergo, your internal clock (a very real part of our make-up) is keyed to do just this.

It's like a case of counting the hits and discounting the misses. When you see 11:11, you automatically take note - our brains seek out patterns - but if it is a different time, you take in the time in a broad understanding but forget the exact time.

In searching for understanding in our lives we accept the things that proove our theory but reject the things which threaten it. The same could even be said for disprooving Titor. The bombs begin falling in 2015 and people will still be saying that anyone in 2000 could have predicted this happening. It's just who we are - we don't like being wrong.

I nearly always wake up about 2 minutes before my alarm clock rings. I don't think I'm psychic - I just think I have a very astute body clock - afterall I have been waking up at the same time for years!

Old info:

Each timeline is constructed so that there is a prominate fifteen minutes to an hour before, to a fifteen minutes to an hour behind, as this timeline functions.

Each variant from invasion from other timelines, forms a certain, not certain and alternate timeline, depending upon how that innervader has infracted.

Hello Im a time traveler everyone see me, of course is going to cause a great change within that timeline and then that timeline will not be that timeline, however some other timeline all together.

Because of the cause and effect of the tag ahead and lag behind, affect to characteristic of timelines, they are easy to find, if one has an event localizer.

This is recorded by frequency, as each timeline worldline, has its own assigned frequency.

So starting from point A to B, might involved round about trips, if that time travel, does not possess sufficient technology to do a straight time travel through, in order to get from A to B.

Oh Pamela', lovely Pamela,

She had said that John had started from a point in time, however had to shift to other worldlines in order to get to his destined time.

She is right, however also said something different.

Pamela is not a politician, however knowledgeable of Boolean elements of the sets of and not nor and then, with respects to how timelines function.

Prose>I said I loved her as I held my hand to her soft white face.

You love me?, she whispered back.

You know I must go, but I will, in some way, be with you always.

The element of love in time travel, is ever lasting as it is universal and knows no boundaries.

I sat there in my vehicle, hit the switch, everything that I knew was her faded and I was now to other places.

You tell me, what is fair, or right about time travel?
You think that's weird?

One time I was reading a Stephen King novel (I forget which), it was late at night, I was alone in my room. In the story, the main character looked at the clock and it was a certain time (I forget when, say for the sake of argument 1:37 A.M.). I suddenly had this very eerie feeling/goosebumps, and as I slowly turned to look at the clock it was the exact same time as it was in the book!