This guy has a great book on parallel universes


Temporal Novice
Recently I bought a book from on parallel universes. The author was Fred Alan Wolf, and his book is called Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds. It really is a great book! It tells what a person traveling into a black hole would see, and something about how the future affects us right now just as much as the past does. I recommend that you buy this book!

Here's the address:

Also, I must thank rgrunt for what he said about me and madslick in THE ACTUAL WAY TO TRAVEL TIME. I would've thanked him there but the thread was closed before I could respond.
Hey Crono!
I have that book. and it is very interesting.
my book is all highlighted in certain places so I can easily referrence when I am piecing things together.
you might also want to read. "hyperspace" by michio Kaku.
it is written in the same manner as "parallel universes -the search for other worlds."