"The future ain't what it used to be."

This is unfortunately not the BBS I thought it was


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I am leaving the BBS, for good. The constant spamming and random incoherent posts are not really worth wading through.

A BBS is in big, big trouble when an obvious spammer and troll can go to 740+ posts in 2 1/2 months whilst other posters of similar vintage are still at half that total. I have PMed, reported and complained because otherwise there is no basis for challenging the misconduct. This has resulted in nothing happening. I am a bit too busy to want to "unwind" by wading through a load of rubbish.
If Chronohistorian and the other lesser spammers continue to dominate this board, the board is misadvertised. It is basically nearly 100% outright fiction, and should be promoted as such.

I am fascinated by time travel but there is precious little normal discussion of it on this board.

I also admin a BBS of my own with the help of a team of Mods, and although we are extremely easy going on post content we would not remotely tolerate ANY of the Chronohistorian thread hijacking. Nothing calms these idiots down like a ban in my experience.

Good luck to everyone who is currently staying on, have fun.

see you around.

Re: This is unfortunately not the BBS I thought it

Shame, I was enjoying discussing things with you. Still, I can understand where you're coming from, particularly if you're coming here to unwind. You've got to do what you've got to do, after all.

Well, stay lucky.