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The fabric of our beings, and World can be looked at and explained through science. But the answers to the questions that we seek may not be able to be answered through science.

technology (computers) has progressed through the invention of the single chip. And from that computers have evolved to become smaller and smaller, yet more and more advanced. But the fundamentals are reminiscent in some way to the chip we once designed.

Imagine the reality we would live in right now if something completely different was introduced? Would we be closer to the key to time travel? Computers have evolved the same way we have, but at a much faster rate.

IS there not a time when we could eveolve to the bear maximum of evolving?
How far can you expand on a single idea?

We look at time travel through these limited eyes... Techonology is our creation and we control its evolution, and yet we feel that there is answers through the limited resources we have.

The answer lies in organics. The subconscious mind is immensely powerful, and yet not one person knows how to harness the power of it. Dr. Joseph Murphy,DRS,PH.D, D.D, L.L.D stated that the subconscious mind has immense power and that it has the capability to travel through the fabric of space - both forward and backwards.

Can a computer, however progressed ever hope to control the fabric of space and time?

Science is nothing but a ruler. It can only meausure things up according to itself. What it can not do is change the meausurements of the being itself.

Also, on a pejorative note:

If we were a bird on a tree, and a human tried to explain to us the way to time travel, would not the bird be able to build and ultimately travel through time?

The answer of couse is NO. Simply because the birds mind is to small to ever comprehend the quantam physics involved in the precedure.

No matter how you preached to the bird, the bird would simply be interested in doing its day to day. Even if there were a way to communicate directly to the bird.

Could this analogy not be reflected unto us?

In conclusion however, I firmly believe that time travel is possible.

However, to discover the key to the whole problem, we are going to have to search through different eyes.

Travelling at the speed of light? All the other theories that I have heard throughout my existence, have so much weight put on them even though they are merely theories. Do we have faith in them because they have been created by the most intelligent minds the earth has ever seen?

The greatest minds at one time stated that the world was flat. The same faith was applied.

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The answer lies in organics. The subconscious mind is immensely powerful, and yet not one person knows how to harness the power of it. Dr. Joseph Murphy,DRS,PH.D, D.D, L.L.D stated that the subconscious mind has immense power and that it has the capability to travel through the fabric of space - both forward and backwards.

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The photon belt makes it's cyclical journey towards earth's solar system, and returns to us every 26,000 yrs. The last Timeline that this was experienced upoun our planet, was during the fabled "Flood" of NOAH. This "Photon Belt" is now upon us, and is predicted by NASA Scientists to enter our solar system, and reach it's peak impact of interaction with our planetary electromagnetic grid lines by 2002.

Now, I would like to inject another thought here which connects together about your statement posted above this email. Ever heard of the "Annanahki"??

The "Annanaki" are mentioned in Zachariah Sichen's books which speak of a Twelfth planet called "Nibiru" which later colided with another planetary body which broke off pieces that formed our earth & moon.
these Annanahki were supposed to be the aincient mythological Greek Goods which gave many of their secrets to one of our oldests sects of priesthood known in biblical times of the "MAGI" these Magi were one of the same as the three wisemen that brought Gold,Frankincencse & Myr to the birthplace of Christ while an infant.

These anicient Magi priests had to divide up into groups, and form additional legs as they spread throught "Pangia" some latter became "Druids" over what is known today as Europe, others fled to the Celtic regions; Scottland, & Ireland, and the ones that travelled to Egypt, became the priests that instructed how to build the Pyramids for the peoples Pharoh Kings.

The Stone Temple builders of King Solomon's Palace & Mines originated from the Magi's, the Freemasons originated from branched off sects of the original Magi's and so forth. (is a picture forming in your mind that makes some logical pattern here?)

The secrets of the Annanahki is that they return to our earth every 36,000 yrs. and this event takes place shortly after the return of this Photon belt that visits us every 26,000 yrs. The Annanahki's are believed to be responsible for the seeding, and genetic exchange of information of our population, and one of the secrects they are believed to give to mankind is how to cook Gold in an inert gas, and heating it to 5600 degrees, which transforms the chemical properties of the Gold into a "White Powder" substance that is rendered non-toxic for larger consumption by the human body. The human body is known to contain "minute" particles of minerals within the bloodstream at any given moment. Increase this amount in the smallest increments can make those high levels of minerals "Toxic" however when you cook gold as mentioned, it creates the Food of the Gods AKA "MANNAH" this Mannah has the ability to turn on certain genetic "Switches" within the human genome system, that once turned "on" they remain on, indef.

The effects of Mannah interacting with your genome system have been demonstrated by claimed research to have the ability to increase the body's ability to interact with the "Third Eye" thus allowing one to have incresed levels of psycic abilities that we have, but the current environmental conditions have retained a suppresive electromagnetic dissruption of experiencing these features all of us humans, carry within.

REF: Luke 17:21 "And niether shall the people say no more, "Lo Here, or Lo There" for the Kingdom of God, is within each, and every one of us."/You"

This is what was intended to potray how "GOD" was supposed to create Man in his own "Likeness" meaning "God-Like" we all are madew of the same carbon based elements that exist within the entire cosmose, however what gives us this "God-Like" power is that spiritual energy that resides in us all, and it is this universal, or unified energy, or soul that comes from a collective Divinity. The Magi's gave this secret out to create Manah for humans to use this infinate force to enhance their phsycic abilities to move larger objects by gathering in a circle, and joining their collective thoughts to tap into telekenetic forces to move them with, as well as communicate over distances, have photographic memories, which explains the carefree attitude of recording, by books, or libraries. These secrets needed to be safeguarded against allowing this information to be placed into evil minds, and evil hands, to proliferate, or extend a hostile takeover, as Mannah in the hands of evil could bring forth much destruction upoun humanity. (
You would not think it very wise to throw out your pearls before swine, would you?)

As President/Founder of TAP-TEN Research, this is one of our objectives, to use this "Mannah" that the Annanahki's gave to Moses, and use it under controlled conditions to be ingested among our members while continuing to work on our research projects, and one of them just happens to pertain to the creation & development of an overunity/free energy Homopolar generator to give something back to the world that it's purpose is to benefit humanity, and it's survival for the impending "Come What May"