Thought and manderings


Temporal Novice
imagine you stand in a new place somewhere you have never been before,But you realize you have been there before hence dejavu?So how do you figure out this feeling?I have a small theory,The moment you step into this new place you have never been before,a few thing's happen with time,First you have been there before but a little farther in time and when you reach the point you realized you have been there before!!you were in contact with the future you,I believe from the point in time you are reading this there is another you in the future but time wise
and a you in the past thinking of the future you?hard 2 sort out a little but we live in the the future and the past we can see the future if we look to the future because right now some one in the past is thinking of us in the future.....
I find your thoughts interesting. How-ever, I find the concept of time travel confusing. If you consider time as a linear dimension, then to travel "back" in time you must overcome the inertia of the time going "forward". It would seem to me that the best way of traveling "back" is to step outside the flow of time and just let it go. Eventually, you will arrive at the "time" you want to be at, and you just step back into the time flow.
But, with each solution comes an additional problem. When you step outside the time flow, where is the Earth going to be when you try to step back in?
Any clarification would be appreciated.
By the way, I think Teplar was thinking about wormholes with his infinate spinning tube theory.