"The future ain't what it used to be."

Thought Manifold and Treshold to Immortality


There very well might be a state in which our every thought can create a new universe in the multiverse?

Would we then be "responsible" for setting up the "Laws" of this new reality?

Could someone reach a such a state of sublime understanding that the offer of immortality would be within their grasp?

What would you do?

Re: The Order of the Swan

Dear Persephone

There is actually an order of mystics, that through the use of meditational techniques and several taumaturgical lore are capable of creating their own universes. It is supposed that they undo the universe around them and then once in the un-universal void they create. They then set up the laws for their own universes and in fact become, according to their beliefs, in masters of their fate.

I was first drwan to this group, because the way they seemed to go about in their rituals was a lot like traveling backwards in time. If they were actually doing this they could have been inserting paradoxes in out own time line. Fortunately, they were being more symbolic in this rituals than literal.

Until later becomes now.

While I have problems with the concept of the multiverse, I do believe that there are different dimensions which could be construed to be what we would conceive of multiverse. As far as our thoughts being capable of creating dimensions or multiverses, it brings to mind the Apochyphal writings, especially the Book of Enoch. It states that there are multiple dimensions and our thoughts are VISIBLE in them like a cloud would be visible in ours. The fifth dimension is supposedly the realm of the dark forces or fallen angels which were cast out of the heavenly realm and because they reside in the fifth dimension as opposed to our four dimensions, they also have the added "gift" of being able to see for short periods in the future. This would certainly explain a lot of things.

Imagine being able to see another's thoughts, especially those whom you consider your enemies and usurpers of your authority given to you at creation. Add to this the ability to see for perhaps a few hours, a day, or maybe even a week into the future. You certainly would have some definite advantages over your enemy. You could tell what they believe in, circumvent those beliefs and peer into the future to see the outcome of your efforts. Unfortunately, you would be ethereal in the fifth dimension so you would be limited to deception, insinuated lies, create doubt, and stir up passions to effect the ends you foresee. Very formidable foes indeed. However, there is one drawback to their power.
They cannot stand and flee from prayer to God. It has a power that totally dissipates theirs, and a literal power from another dimension flows into the fourth to add to the power of prayer. It dissipates doubts, takes scales away from the eyes, gives assurance of right objectives, places light upon the truth and brings peace where once was anger, greed, hatred, frustration, and worse of all--loneliness. We become assured we are not alone. While this may all sound very religious, it has practical applications to wage this war which we are all battling with alien forces who are bent on our destruction because we have inherited that which they have squandered. It really is sad that so many people believe that this is a weakness to be avoided at all costs and a delusion of weak minds. They each have a spark of this divine power in them which enables them to do limited battle with these alien forces, but without the benefit of foresight and knowing the mind of our enemies, the battle is only delayed until those times when are defenses are down. The enemy has had patience for milennia, working on each generation who believes that they are progressing when, in reality, they are degressing and devolving into mindless hate, deception and lies. The very life-force of our species is being depleted. However, their time is short and events are drawing to a conclusion and so they are said to be stalking like never before as roaring lions, seeking to destroy the remnant which has held true to form. If not for the remnant, the race would be lost. The Bible is far more than just a religious document. It shows the true battle that was begun in a heavenly sphere and has outlined its history down to this time. It reveals the weapons of war, and outlines the pure science needed to outwit and out maneuver the enemy who has every understanding of its existence but does not have access to it because of their uncorporeality. They can create manifestations to make us believe in lies to have us follow aparitions as the only means of our escape. They take many forms all over the world and the last deception will be a genius of sorts to lead us down the path of self-destruction. It all sounds like religion, but it is history and science. Listen to your thoughts. Are you giving the enemy any advantages? Do you sometime wonder how your trials and tribulations can be so perfectly tailored to your lifestyle and to the things which you believe in the most? Someone may be listening who bears you ill will!!
Dear DestroyingaNGEL,

These dark nether-forces sound very meddlesome and dangerous. I don't know, I think I tend to view things more diplomatically. I belive, if I am understanding you correctly, that these unseen beings only want to be acknowledged, and understood.

Maybe, they have to share our space, and we do things like destroy our planet's habitat, that makes them uneasy and pissed-off. AND, they do not understand that we do not "officially" acknowledge their existence as a species in our governments etc. Because we are plain as day to them. They do everything to accomodate us, since we are obvious to them. And they do not understand that we only sense them sometimes, and that we tend to dismiss what we sense that is not imperically evidential.

Is this what you are talking about?

Is there a need for a sort of "ambassador"? Maybe with more communication these things can be worked out. Maybe that is what the scriptures are teaching? Maybe.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
Re: The Order of the Swan

Yes, Transient friend, I am sure you are speaking of the same teachings of which I refer to.

It is strange how these things can play out. And it can be oh so very difficult and overwhelming. But it is good exercise. Makes you really clearly distill your ideals and your path to the future.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.