Thoughts about time


Temporal Novice
A few thoughts or hints your choice, when you think of time imagine it like this. An object is made of atoms. Imagine one of the atoms within the object existing in the past,present and future as a vibration or frequency all at the same time. From this view point one can see how the past and present or future are connected or are one in the atom just at a different spectrum or vibration or frequency and magnetic field as well. ,,,,My explanation or wording may not be the best but you can be sure there is more truth here then you might think. <Added>.. If one imagines an atoms location as say like a string that travels backwords in time and forward in time and at each point in space along that string the atom had a different vibration then one can get a glimps of the atoms relation to the time line. What many have a hard time grasping is how the atom can exist in the past or future and in the now all at the same time in the same place or space within the atom itself. The way to explain that is beyond simple paragraphs but there is a quantum connection and the atom does exist in the past,present and future all in the same place and space within the atom through time. More added later perhaps.