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Hey everyone,

I'm new to the forums, but certainly not new to the whole time travel idea. I've been thinking about it for a few years now (I'm only 19). I've come up with a few basic ideas that I'd like to get feedback on. I hope these ideas are as interesting as I believe they are and I hope you'll all be inclined to give me some feedback.

I've come to the conclusion that you can indeed travel back in time and forward in time. However, there are many aspects of this idea that need to be explained because my idea of time travel is not the ideas that are generally viewed when a person says "Time Travel". I believe that time travel is done in a molecular level and not through the actual travelling of time itself. We are conscious of time, as is everything around us that ages with time, but time, for now, is un unreachable dimension for us. Therefore, my perception of time travel deals with how one could travel in time using current knowledge and methods that we know are plausible and have some scientific backgrounds.

Moving forward in time is explained easily and has been proven. The best and most well known example is travelling at great speeds in a space ship. We know that a person who spends a couple hundred days in space travelling at great speeds ends up being a few years hunger than what we would expect here on earth. Therefore, he has physically travelled to the future. However, it should be noted that this travel is physical, and nothing more. Why is it physical, however? Well, I think of small molecules. Molecules have the ability to travel from one place to another in incredible amounts of time. Why is that? Well, I believe that the less affected you are by gravity, the faster you're able to move around because of lack of resistance by natural forces, the main one being gravity. Therefore, traveling at great speeds up in space allows you to escape the forces of gravity much more than on earth at regular speeds, as can be proved by the lack of a gravitational force in space. Therefore, your body is able to travel amazingly fast from one place to another in regular earth time under such a condition, making your physical body age slower than time. I hope this has been explained well enough for everyone to understand what I'm getting at. It's kind of like the different time zones on earth, a person living in a different gravitational force will experience a different perception of time physically since the body is able to move faster than the regular speed of time as we would perceive it on earth.

Travel to the past is also possible, but not in the completeness we believe it to be. I'm sure everyone has read the theory on wormholes. They have such a massive and dense gravity that time is almost non-existent inside of one, thereby leading to an instantanious transport from one end of the wormhole to another. With that in mind, we think of how a clock on top of a skyscraper goes faster than a clock on the surface of the earth. The closer you get to gravity, the slower time goes. Therefore, it is my belief that places like the Bermuda Triangle have a gravitational distortion. Maybe gravity is more dense in such places. So if one was to travel instantly from a regular place in the world right into the Bermuda, you could find yourself observing time as it was 50 seconds ago around the world, but only for as long as you were in that AREA of gravitational distortion. As soon as you stepped out of it, you'd go back to regular time. Many people have the misconception that once you travel to the past then everything moves to the past with you which I believe is wrong because that means that molecules would be rewound ALL around you EVERYWHERE to match your perspective. That doesn't make much sense to me. It makes more sense to me to believe that there are only specific areas where a person can experience a time shift to the past and can view that area as it was a specific amount of time ago, and possibly if that person were to stand on the edge of the area he/she could view ALL the surrounding outside world as it was in the time frame he/she is in since light reaching into the distorted area is also slowed down.

That's my theory of time travel in general. I know, it's nothing that leaves us with the hope that maybe, just maybe, we can travel infinitely forward or backward in time, but I'm trying to think realistically on this with the current knowledge we have as humans. Maybe years down in the future we'll come up with some new stuff. I've got many years to go (hopefully) before I die to see if this will be the case.

As an added side note, if I was to accept the general idea of time travel (that one could travel infinitely into the future or past), I do have a concept on that. Many people think that if you were to travel into the past and kill your grandma you would never be born thereby never having existed in the future thereby never having gone to the past, etc... we all know the age old grandma paradox. However, it's my belief that once you physically travel to a period of time in the past, you're stuck there. Whatever happens in the future has no effect on you in the past. It's as if you were completely seperated from all other time periods than the one you are currently in. Therefore, killing your grandmother would indeed change the future because you would never be born, but once you're in the past, you're in the past, period. You can always go back to the future (or present) and find yourself non-existent there too.

Of course, these ideas have already been basically expressed by many scientists and theorists so there's really nothing new in these ideas. I've just simply added my own interpretation of things.

Anyways, these are just a few of my ideas on time travel. As mentioned at the outset, feedback would be great. Thanks everyone,

Re: I\'m making thought on time travel.

About' Korraldos and Flecia'

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On Flecia on the twin kerr charge hole radii:

I feel what precious little darling Flecia has done, is follow the very big guys to the edge of this black hole view, in his little spaceship, however does not realize what lies before him.

A twin kerrs, not there Flecia"...?

I mean it's just not there Flecia...What your seeing before the window of your little space ship, is an indentation of a factor which is represented in space-time, as a non-localed part of the universe.

Because twin Kerrs do not give an exact local radius, there are not technically there.
Nor is either the approximation of their exterior shells.

This is only and always a guess of approximate locations of the outer boundary shells.

So if you take your little T-1000, press Unidrive, a registered off-world *trademark; travel to a back hole that have only a singular central defiantly...Know also that these are referred to a singularity?

If you hit the event horizon at such an n angle, what is going to happen, is that you should relocate to another part of the universe.

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No n, or uncertain angle, on a positioning of your ship?
This is to an approximation wave, as given of by the semi-steady state of the Kerr Newman.

So gravity may not be a key factor, the exterior T wave of time however might be the part that you in your space ship might be concerned about?

If you get a T-max wave supercharged signature, then what would happen since Kerr Newmans are non-localed?

One of two things will always happen.The hole will close and go elsewhere, as this representation is similar to a slippery bean, within a piece of well oil cloth.

Or possibly the hole could explode?

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What stopped Einstein, was the possibility, that entire masses, within times space time reference could spontaneously generate themselves to other realities.

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So the twin kerr newman, would be a phenomenon that is always lazea'queious to space time and would always remain this way, till its own factor for some reason was no longer.

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Kerrs, nor singular black hole densities are not there.

The technology is well known, however this was said at be the behest of Bartsuiack who write scie articles, concerning the 85 Hawking investigative group, Horowitz el al, in book> Thursday's Child, section and part on recent black hole discoveries.

Old stuff, really darlings!?

Now you're talking Kerr Newman's, which is always not only considered a shifting M+ locale, however a T+ shifting locale.

Why Felicia, you could want to get a mod hairdo, hit a T+ wave near a Kerr, get transported back to Roman times, and end up looking like Rodger Daltry, in his Tommy Rock Opera performance, with a curly do, singing Et Tu, the Kerr is blue and I LOVE U.

I love you Felicia, you're always my main buddy, girl!

NOTE, The terms M= and T+ mean respectively one, that M is considered stringged space, however with the attachments of fabric within.So this information means that supposedly empty space, is and was never really empty to begin with?

The term M mean a kind-of mass, however with the plus sign attached, means stringed space, on a miniature quantum nonfluxed, or fluxed basis.

T plus flows the logic that since the wave surrounding Kerr Black holes, is always under wave flux nonsteady state tension, that values of time, are never threaded as steady, so the term T equaling time, with the subnote of the plus sign, means Time at a variable value, also could be written as T+,- values.

djb physics, 3,03