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Three Dimensional Time

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Please tell us more about three dimensional time, there might be concepts about it out there denominated with other terms.

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Well Transient, it goes like this:

Stephen Hawking theorizes such a thing as "Imaginary Time". Even before I stumbled across his theory, I had been plugging imaginary temporal values into Einstein's Equations.

We found that it was possible to accelerate an object to speeds greater than c m/si or the speed of light in real meters per imaginary second.

Not only that, but a strange thing happend as the object passed c m/si. The mass began to get smaller... the faster it went, the lighter it got. it almost seemed that it was necessary to spend energy to slow an object down once it had passed the speed of light. So, once we get past the light barrier, if we want to go faster, we have to spend less energy.

I want to post some mathematical proof of this, but I since I moved, I can't find Einstein's equations. I'll have a look for them on the web.

Back to three dimensional time tho.

A Black hole is born. *BOOM* It starts sucking up matter. Where does it go? Well, it goes back in time before the "origin" of time and gets deposited in what I call the great goulash. The great goulash the condenses into the big bang singularity, the singularity breaks down and the universe is recycled.

The strange thing is, it has all happened already. Nothing we can ever do will change the ultimate fate of all matter in the universe: To be sucked into a black hole and recycled to opposite temporal coordinates before the origin of time.

What do I mean "before the origin of time"?

The origin is the point in time at which the proverbial "big bang" took place. The moment at which the universe decided that it was, and therefore, is and ever shall be.

The origin of time is the intersection of the axes of original and real time. Original time is that temporal dimension that governs the creation and destruction of the universe. We, as "real time" creatures are "stuck" at original time zero, which means that every moment of our existence, the universe both created and destroyed.

but we progress forward through real time...

The universe was "cooked" before the origin of time, and "served" at the origin. We are still feasting so to speak, and we will always have enough to eat, because the more we "eat" the more the universe cooks and serves.

It's perpetual motion at its finest. The universe can never be destroyed.

Then again, what good would an original dimension be if we could not use it to serve ourselves energy whenever we need it?

Well, space is three dimensional, why not time?

That is where the imaginary temporaral dimension comes into play.

Euclidian devices have not yet been able to tap imaginary time, however it is quite possible that our brains influence it.

Have you ever noticed, that sometimes, if you really focus on doing something, the right people just seem to magically show up right when you need them?

What of Radionics? If you "amplify your brainwaves" you can influence a sample of mold to grow faster than another sample, and even influence other causes in your environment.

There is something to this universe that physical machines are not capable of probing, and we may need to focus on developing psychic abilities to probe it.

I'm speaking of metaphysical matter, energy and imaginary time.

Using a third dimension of time, we can begin to do things that were previously only possible to God.

For instance: Money troubles got you down? Don't know how you'll make rent or where you'll get your next meal? FEAR NOT! Here comes the Imaginary temporal dimension!

Just take a small sample of gold into a perpendicular universe in which imaginary time is treated like the "real" axis... Take the gold back in time over and over and over again until there are five, ten, even a thousand copies of the sample at the origin of the perpendicular universe's time. Then... turn on your special wormhole machine that will open a portal back to our universe at the time you left, and the time you entered, which is the origin, put all the samples in your shopping bag and come back a much richer person!

Use the same method to fuel your car, your heater, your airplane, or space craft and enjoy the fruits of your own perpendicular universe today!

Now if we could only just figure out how to make an object execute a temporal 90 degree turn...

So where did I get this idea for three dimensional time?

well... Superstring account for 26 dimensions. That doesn't fold very well. add a third temporal dimension, and you have Three dimensions broken into three qualities, each of which is broken into three qualities. 27. Three cubed.

There's more to my theory, but I need to make contact with someone who can help me with the Math.
Friend Swiftinfo

Truly interesting.

However do tell more about the 26 dimensions of the superstring, I did not quite followed you on that last topic.

Now, about the universe being multidimensional I do agree on that one. Nonetheless, according to my own calculations it amounts to only 16 dimensions supported by ten folds of space-time. Picture it as a large, very large lattice of energy, conformed by ten main colors being but these permuted in a way as to yield sixteen possible combinations of coloring shades. That is what we call our space time. The Prime Temporal Point from where you exit perpendicularly towards a destination. You could learn more about this in the thread of this forum titled The Prime Temporal Point.

I also agree with your concept of having to be a little more metaphysical with the physical. It is exactly what scientist did with newtonian and quantic disciplines, they found a common ground by employing....yes super strings theories. To finalize, let me tell you that temporal mechanics has got to deal more with the convolutions of our minds than we give it credit for.

Until later becomes now.
I'm not familiar with the mathematics of superstring. All I know is that "one side of a particle exhibits properties akin to ten spacial dimensions, the other side appears to have 26".

It sounds to me like your 16 dimensional theory only accomodates light, correct me if I'm wrong?

I believe that our minds are a crux of physical and metaphysical energies. To amplify the electromagnetic radiation emanating from one's mind is to influence the metaphysical properties of it.

If Physical and Metaphysical energies tend to "mirror" each other, then by changing the metaphysical properties of mass, length, temperature and electricity, one should be able to influence the propogation of a metaphysical object's physical counterpart.

Such as turning water into wine.

Here is how I account for 27 spacial dimensions:

Three dimensions of time. (real, original, imaginary)

Three dimensions of length.

Three dimensions of mass.

Three dimensions of temperature. (opening the possibility of NEGATIVE temperature, go figure)

Three dimensions of electricity.

Three dimensions of length(i).

Three dimensions of mass(i).

Three dimensions of temperature(i).

Three dimensions of electricity(i).

That gives us nine fundamental "space systems" each, the properties of which can be represented by three dimensions.

9(3) = 27.

Also, in recent calculations, original time seems to be more of a spike, a peg if you well, holding all of creation in place, and is not usable by any entity, which is why superstring theorists may have failed to detect it.

Original time is kind of like a monarchical figurehead. It doesn't really do anything, it's just there to provide some sort of cohesion.

Hmm.. that thought gives me pause. There may be more to supergiant stars than we realize. check my thread on black holes in a bit.