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It has been proven that time alters with velocity,the faster an object travels the more it changes,take for instants the fact that the universe is expanding ,and the further away we look the faster its doing so.This in turn means that time on the outer stars is different to time on earth,they are traveling away relative to the earth,if thats the case what is the earth traveling away from? its as much a part of the expanding universe as as any other body, its the earths velocity that governs its time ,... back to what earth is travelling relatve to and the big bang... if the theory of the big bang is correct all matter is travelling away from a central point,the further away from it is the faster stars are traveling,it follows then that the closer a star is in space to the point of the big bang the slower its velocity,so time across the universe would be different depending where you are in the universe ,to have velocity you have to be moving relative to somthing for the universe this means the big bang,i put it to you that time changes relative to the big bang ,not only that but in the direction of the big bang,if a space craft were to travel towards this point its time would change more significantly than if it were for instants in orbit around the earth,I put it to you that time not only changes with velocity it it also changes with direction,time travel has to be done in the correct direction.
Re: Time and Direction, For Carl

Dearest Chris'

There are problems with the big bang theory, as this may not be a true scientific assumption?

The true age of the universe may be infact in the trillions of years of age, not a mere billion.

It is convenient for the powers that be, to say that the universe is only a few billion years of age, as this claim asserts this false scientific postulate, well within its power grasp.

The postulate of age discrepancy involving ghost veil nebulas, from older than 17 billion years, as told by Wendy L Friedman, and her husband partner of the San Diego Carnegie Observatories, had started a fight, as to the probable age of the universe.

I find it odd that the Hubble can gain a telling distance of quadrillions of light years away, in the counting of star systems viewed, however the age in math triangulation with distance age, is only a few billions of these years in age?

If one is viewing star systems within the trillions of light years away, then what is the method of travel, in order to get these stellar masses away from Earth's view?

Do you see what I mean Chris?

The direction of travel of the universe, which is a very correct postulate of yours, stipulates another postulate, by sound vibrations in space alone.

That by the 1970s Bell Lab's experiments, that the wall in distance of this universe, then this discovery means, aside from all of the supposed differing dimensions, that the universe does have a definite shape and end.

If this is again verified by your assumption Chris, then what would be this shape?

I feel the answer is spherical.

After one penetrates the wall of all differing frequencies of the universe, there is still nothing but stringed space, as supposed empty space, is still full of matter-like energy structures.

Then the second postulate comes to us as we have left the spherical dimensions of the universe and this is, in distance travel, what would be the distance to the next universe?

If you can determine this postulated question, then you can easily derive vector, or direction.

What your looking at is distance in more than a mere few quadrillions of light years.

What your looking at is distances to the next universe, in equilateral time distance, within the mathematical googolplex, which is an arbitrary numbers; which when stretched written, can traverse an entire town?!Say if the numbers were say expressed-printed on a spool of cash-register paper.

This would be a number of light years equal to at least three miles, within written distance numbers.

Very good Chris, keep on thinking and say what you feel.
Re: The Great Barrier

Friend Creedo

The idea of the universe having an ever expanding wall is quite fascinating. In fact many individuals with whom I have spoken have reported that this is a fact. Outside this wall what is found is nothing other than a vast array of immensely large universal oval shaped spheres. The interesting part of all this is that there is no physical barrier that separetes our universe from the others. In fact they look much like compressed galactic cores. From afar they must look like spiraling galaxies, all hovering within another large structure, a hyper-universe.

Until next becomes now.
Re: And this barrier is.......?

Quote from Tran 001>

A.>The idea of the universe having an ever expanding wall is quite fascinating.
In fact many individuals with whom I have spoken have reported that this is a fact.

1.>Outside this wall what is found is nothing other than a vast array of immensely large universal oval shaped spheres.

2.> The interesting part of all this is that there is no physical barrier that separates our universe from the others.

3.>In fact they look much like compressed galactic cores. From afar they must look like spiraling galaxies, all hovering within another large structure, a hyper-universe.end quote Tran001, thank you!

Creedo 299 replies>Where unconventional science gets interesting:
Subject A. I did not say as to whether this wall expands, stays the same, or is diminishing in size?

The conventional realm of science would simply stipulate that Bell Labs should retake their measurements, ENHANCED, over what they took in the 60s and 70s.This measurement as part of the resonant said big bang leftover sound, to where by sound only had imaged the wall of the universe by vibrational resonance?

The unconventional science says, that by in the text offered by Randolph Winters; The Pleiadean Mission, is that this universe as said in many differing dimensions, does have a separation end wall.
This said from the rest of SPACE only, that their ships had imaged past this wall and reported back, that which diminishing distance, the known universe is represented as a sphere.

>There was no mention of the large proto-ovoid structures, as noted by your associates, however this MAY be possible?

2.What is not understood, is that the end of the universe by Bell's information states that by only sound imaged, that there is a wall to the end of this universe, which ofcourse would have to be a scalier event?

3.Three I won't venture beyond the second point discussed, as this is a distance that must be traversed by at'least two witnesses?SORRY

Now here is the conundrum:If the universe itself is constantly at motion as a unit and does as we know have a definite boundary, then all parts inside of this said supposed universe, are either inflational, or they are at a neutral recycle phase, or they are diminishing in size?

What is never factored in modern day science albeit conventional or nonconvetional science, are these two known factors.

That black holes, through their boundaries veneer layers, take matter and energy from one scalier component of the know universe and place it by their actions to another.

2.That white holes, as described by Marcia Bartsuiack, in Thursday's Child, a book about black hole dynamics states this fact.

>That in order for the universal energy constant to be balanced, there must be the utilization of a white hole.

This is a superfast temporary hole, that appears in numbers.And at an estimated average speed, at one one thousandth of a second appearnce. In this report to any large gravitational mass, such as any planet anywhere, there is the exhausting or both matter and energy, to a proximity around these bodies, albeit for only a time space, or less than a second.

Furthermore, the apparatus of white holes, differing from worm holes, are thought to be the main secondary appeasers, of matter and energy redistribution, throughout the entirety of the universe.

The white hole appears in swarms, as lightning does, all of the time.So within this pretext of appearance, in a rapid set fashion, distributes both matter as well, as energy. So know the functions of any supermasive object, such as pulsars, dwarf starts, and black holes, functions within a balanced universal equation.

>>Not an exact quote from Marcia Bartsuiack's works, however what she had meant in intent from her very well, founded from the Hawking sub-investigative group on back hole mechanics.

THE question belies the fact, as to whether an inflationary universe is present, among the other factor of the entire universe itself traveling.

Very simple question since some time had passed since Bartsuiack had published here book,; is the nature of this universe we are in, inflationary, standstill with motion in spherical encompassment, or a ponteial collapsing negative equation?

The two factors in gross telling and these are that black holes as well as other supermasive celestial object are recyclers of matter, along with white holes as being an additionally spreader of both matter particles and energy.

I ask simply in the face of both conventional and unconventional science, have these two factors been figured into universal expansion, same state, or potential collapse dynamics?

According to the Big Bang theory of cosmology there is no central point where an "explosion" occured. The Big Bang occured "everywhere" and all points (on a sufficiently large scale) are receding from all other points. No particular point in the universe is given any special location or consideration insofar as being the "center."

Maybe a little reciprosical statmentment by Darby, however what Darby blends is a probable primary genis point from the entire universe and a certal local, that you Chris, can base your motion theories to?

Say forinstance that the universe was spherical, or some other shape, then there by simple coordinates only, be a central point to localize yourself in?

There are beautifully illustrated text, which show the locations of galaxies, then clusters, then super globular clusters, which starts to take up distance.

What one must do in the scientific range and this is old information, is to localize Earth's vicinity, by the Bells Lab's edge of universal wall, with some sort of other apparatus, such as gravity wave, or strength or amplitude of wave, apparatus; this would be to truly localize just where Earth is in this traveling show we call the universe.

>Darby' Here is a bowl of pasta salad and some leftovers from the party that you can take home.
Re. Chris

Chris, what tenant I think you have to go with in reference to cosmologies in this forinstance, is polarity, giving a possible secondary sense of direction?

In the sub-Halking black hole investigation group, what had come about with scientific representation of black holes, is that black holes had both north and south points, to them.

In some respect, this would mean at-least an up and down reference, although one can not really say, gravity wise, that there is an up or a down in space.

To polarity investing itself as gravity one can.....?However to a readily definable up and down, so this coordinates a universal XYZ axis, well' this remains to be seen.

I suggest the intro to the movie, Search For Spock, which involves friends trying to return a lost friend, that they find through bravery, fool stupidity and sheer dumb luck.

>The introphase to the movie, shows a three dimensional representation, via a advanced computer imagery, of what it is like to fly in space?

>In dealing with super-beings I would like to quote what a later proponent of the 24th century, by Star Trek rules, had said about the latter part of the 19th and twentieth centuries.,


Cuda writes>Then it came to my mind, as if in a dream that it was the wimen of the SUVs, which were spawned from the four by fours, in the late 19th century who had been responsible for Earth's horrible eugenics wars, that were to come.

It was the everyday parents, housewives and officer workering males, wanting that more perfect smile for their child, or a riddance of a genetic disease, which was in-part responsible for the rise of the terrible Khan, the Siek Tribed Indian, who was a laboratory made model of perfection.

These wars were Earth's most terrible. However, in time, it was common sense and a fine understanding of the overpopulation clause and final space exploration, which had unraveled Khan and his perfect band of followers.

In the twenty-fourth century, it was a James Tiberius Kirk.Kirk, who along with a old dominion stile Earth Southern doctor, a Leonard Mc Coy, who had thwarted a new genetics threat, the genesis weapon.This weapon which could have again played havoc to the galaxy, if it had fallen to the Klingon Empire?

I find it stimulating being a quarter Romulan myself, the extent that Earthlings, within their self enforced dumb-luck scenarios, will exercise the bounds and practice of friendship?

Most in houses of Romulus would have simply said, "Spock is done, be rid of his spent katra and light the pyres and be on with it"!?

To a truer light, as to the likes of which I can not understand,. all of Spock's fellow crew members, had dearly risked their commissions.Furthermore standings in their stations and everything that they had ever earned or owned, to bring Mr.Spock back.

The Old Vulcan tenant of philosophy states, through T-Planahoff, that in>> the adjustment of keeping one's friend, there are sometimes duties, which rise, where the keeper, or the one who hold the friendship dear, must risk all. _+This is in order to maintain this friendship.

I as a twenty-fourth century historian I am often astounded, to the lengths that some beings will go, in order to keep a friendship going, when otherwise, this friendship would have phased.

This by hot Vulcan order of logic, is improbable by the constraints placed on and within Vulcan physlosphies; but in the finally analysis concerning the quality known as friendship, is never the less true.

Ving Cuda, Cestus 7 worlds, scibe histor 24th