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when people talk about time travel, why isn't the topic of travel through space brought up as well. the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, are all moving through space at a pretty good clip. the earth is in a different point in the universe than it was 20 years ago, or even yesterday, for that matter. if someone wanted to go back in time, say to dec 7, 1941, wouldn't they have to physically travel to the point in space where the planet was on that day? and then pinpoint the exact spot where they needed to be, so that they don't end up 20 feet up in the air, 130 feet underground, in the middle of the ocean, etc.?
If time travel were ever to be possible, it seems that this would be a more daunting task than the time travel itself.
You came to the right place/time! This has been discussed. See the earlier thread: Time travel without Space travel. Here is one of
the replies I posted with some good info on how fast Earth is moving through the universe...

If you go to this page:


you will find the best estimate I could locate for how fast one is traveling through space by just standing on the earth, i.e. 370

If you go back in time (say about 10 years, and why would you make a time machine if you didn't plan on going back at least that
far? enough to buy a few shares of the most underpriced stock) then if all you did was travel back in time, when you got back, the
earth will have moved:

370km/sec*3600sec/hr*24hr/day*365days/yr*10yrs = 117 billion kms !!!

Now if you can't go faster than 370km/sec (or more like 740km/sec) it will take you 10 yrs to get back to earth.
Re:Re:time and space

Yes... You are in the right place for this issue and will find me to be one who is in virtually total agreement with you.

Down the board is an exchange between myself and a "Jon Formet" regarding the "Three Body Problem" which is at the core of this issue. I won't go into his particular methodology or manner of conducting himself in the discussion, you can see that for yourself. Suffice it to say you no doubt would have found yourself eventually at the same point of frustration in trying to explain it to him as I did. I finally gave up on it since it was turning into a diatribe on his part.

You MAY have to hit the "PREVIOUS" button on this message board itself to see the thread. It's a page or two down by now.

Enjoy and welcome.
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