time as a form of radiation

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We all know that whenever things move, however small, they make noise. So, what if time is a frequency or a form of radiation released by atomic motion? When this radiation released from atoms passes through an object, it ages. This would certainly describe why time passes differently in space because of the absence of atoms, but how far can this "freauency" travel? Perhaps this sound is too small for us to detect, even with the most sophisticated equipment. So, based on this theory, when we witness the passing of time, we are just "listening" to the sound of time.
Hi Chris,

I dont really think time passes the way we think it does. its subconciously disguised by our senses and the elements that gravitationally govern our earth.

I think frequency is "time itself!" We are not seeing time pass we are "listening" to the sound of time pass. Very good analagy! I never thought of it in this way. But I think you hit on a high note!

This site was refered to me by WanderingSoul regarding frequencies and the study of Cymantics. Give it a look even though you may think its insignificant to what your searching for.


Also read some of my previous post such as post #24 (feb 6th) under Internal VS External Travel. I have some interesting sites regarding frequencies.

However as you know I'm CAT I've been around 9 times. I am against time depredation and convoluting. I stand in the waking hours for Humanity!!! Read some of my past posts for a glimpse into my insites.

Thanx CAT, I will look into your resources that you have offered me. It is important to know that people take what I say seriously.