"The future ain't what it used to be."

TIME:as exsplaned in my game.



In My time traveling video game(the one im making, not playing mind you)We meet a man who tells us how time works.
I thought id share what i wrote:

Time is the measurement of Exsistance between events.All time travlers do not go to a Random point in time. Instead they go to major events that either:
Make a big impact on the timespan chart(to be later exsplaned)
Are important to the traveler
Are significant in the Future or Past
Birth and Death event
Wars or Armageddon type events
Life changing or Thretning events
Aquiaring or losing something.
As you can see, time records alot of data, and if the storage for this data wasnt infinate, you would only be able to travel a few minutes in time either way.Acctual Time travel can be accomplished in two ways:
Wormholes, and Post Lightspeed Disintigration
Wormholes are the more common since we cannot travel past the speed of light just yet.Before we look into how wormholes work, i should exsplane the Timespan chart.
Do you remember the grid you use in highschool to do positive and negative numbers? Imagion a Huge Version of that streching Infinatly in all directions.
All Events that time records are here represented by colored dots or Points.
every color tells you what impact the event had on the timespan chart.
Negative impact=red
Positive impact=blue
Neutral impact(or No impact)=purple
Now every event has a color and a place on the chart, how do we distinguish the events?
This is for wormholes.
When two or more events exsits within the same area(witch is a big area) a Wormhole is created between the two.However, there are limitations:
Positive events can only hook to Negetive events.
Negative can only connect to positive events.
Neutral can connect to Either one, but ONLY one.In order to travel through a wormhole, you must go to the point where the event on your end was first conceived.Then you will travel though the worhole to the time period the other event was at.Do you remember the Zero in the middle of the chart? apparently it can connect to any other event, but the event that created the Zero event(as its called) is still a mystery. All we know is the event is a Negative one.
As for Post Lightspeed Disitigration,here is how it works:
First you must travel past the speed of light. Then you will be traveling on the Timespan Chart itself.The only problem is after your on the chart, everything that is not an event disintigrates. During this time, if the disintgrated particles happen to catch a wormhole, the partical and any other particles that were part of it are put into the wormhole to travel.

thats just a small portion of what i have writtin, but please give me your responses on how i did.
PS sorry about all the spelling mistakes.
im not a very good speller when i type fast
Vertigo, I see you're thinking clear. The goal is to gather ideas of all of us. In my case I'm just trying to cooperate, picking a little bit here and there. "Together" we might be able to assemble the puzzle.
This is just something i wrote to be in my game. Im sure its not true. So what the hell are you talking about?

just kiddin. i dont care if its false, it took me a week to write.

i dont really care as much about what time really is as much as i needed information on how to make time traveling seem more realistic for my game.
You're right! from now on I won't care what the hell others might think. We simply have to play "our own game", and forget about others until they realize it. This is exactly what Shadow told me before. The positive way for me "only".
I didnt mean to offend you(or bring on that long string of indirect insults you said)
but you take this thing alittle TOO seriously.
Loosin up a bit man, have some fun here and stop trying to coach us into answering the questions of the cosmos.
This is simply a board for anything related to time travel, not discovering how to do it in general.
If you dont like me posting my one dream on your serious board, dont F'n read it.
Then be a part of it(AHHH WONDERFUL logic)
I just want everyones opinion on how i did writing it.
To Vertigo

What do * I * think? I'm glad you asked.

I think it is illiterates like you that make software what it is today: imbecilic.

And no, I'm NOT joking.
Shadow my respect to you and to all. It's just like the way dob told me. I was flying too high. I should listen to him earlier. But I want to make clear that my persistence wasn't with the purpose of insulting anyone. That's the wrong side to see it. Probably looked like an ignorant. I recognize it, as I want to be one more friend to debate. Dreaming is not bad, does it.
(this is after the post: Please look last post at: A Different theory)..."You're definitely putting bridges for me to cross" I won't fall. "Not in the sense of friendship" (a little wisdom to myself) Guys you're definitely reading "THE BEST BOOK EVER WROTE" "in pieces" Hope entertaining....your conclusion (listen to this): Look he doesn't give up, he keeps on going. He's CRAZY and DAMM I don't have to do what he tells...you're saying NO to yourself. Don't believe it? Is the TRUTH, do what you want with it. ah! I'm progressing thanks to you "somehow"...Am I throwing this to somewhere?...my agreement won't make you suffer or forcing to do something. You know what it'll make you? "It'll make you TEACH ME" "I WANT TO LEARN FROM YOU AS FOR ME" if you don't find sense for what I ? just wrote, then I WILL LAUGH AT YOU FOR REAL (listen to this again) YOUR "YES" COULD BE SILENCE, so I WON'T LAUGH...."not the END" (+) Did you get the meaning of being ETERNAL "little childs" (not an insult this includes me too) So where are all this come from?: "THIS COMES FROM YOU AND ME" whether you believe it or no, "I'm not conscious of what I'm doing, and don't know either where this comes from" BUT I think it comes from "life" (the real one) don't you think so? AND whether you believe it or not: "I DON'T HAVE A JOB" (this is for real, not joking) What happens IF you stop the march?: "YOU WILL STOP TOO" any hopes of survival? Where does that MARCH go?: "IT GOES TO WHEREVER YOU WANT IT"
Dymenzionz, my friend, and by saying my friend, I really mean it. Why so friendly? Because I want to learn from you, and I don't feel ashamed for that. I=YOU don't you find something alike? Do I have any reason to be afraid of you? I believe none. I haven't tried to stop you before (just an example) but going with you. You can't see here my real name, but what does name means for you? "Name means IDENTIFIED and identified means not together" did you get my message?... I'll keep posting FRIENDS and if you want it TAKE IT "it's free". You can also criticize it, "I will learn from my mistakes". what do you say? ah! almost forgot: I see progress..what do you mean?: "I mean you to look at me from the begining". I need you to move...move where? : "MOVE FORWARD"...a brain wash?: NO, the "TRUTH".
The above message is the "TRUTH". "Got to keep traveling, and, and, and I don't think to stop in good fate"
ah! If you'll excuse me I'm gonna take a bath and eat something...running late though. Then later I will post a post called: THE FORMULA OF LIVE and I don't think you'll read it, but, but, but I still BELIEVE IT. By the way FRIENDS..how beautiful!...uh, anyway I was saying that "we are winning"
Why I haven't get any replies?.....You see THE POWER OF THE MIND.......IT IS THE SAME POWER I=YOU HAVE. I "suggest" I=YOU use it.
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