"The future ain't what it used to be."

time breakdown


Temporal Novice
Im seriously wondering what makes people think that if you are moving faster than another object, you are somehow ageing slower then your surroundings. What is the foundation behind this idea. When didnt anybody ever think that light wasnt constant. Regardless of your point of view, disregard the fact that you are moving in relation to a surrounding that is built upon the metric system, or what ever system you use, ie, an idea...it is still a structured idea that cant be structured. There is no such thing as time becuase it is not a computer program, like most people think. time is a perfect example of how conscious we are not.
This is all from Albert Einstein's theories ( i think thats how u spell his name). They have proven it by putting a clock on objects moving at high speeds. If you want to know more look up his theories.

The only thing that is real is now and before, the future is always changing.