"The future ain't what it used to be."

"Time" Changes Everything



\"Time\" Changes Everything

Well I wish this site prosperity. I however,
am slow to change a good thing that works.
I suppose that someone like me might have
found the older board "easier" and more
friendly to new users. I didn't want to
"register" in another group. I just wanted to
discuss views, ideas, and methodology of
something so strange as time. I Should have
seen the commercial racket coming.It always does...in time. It starts off as suggestion
and quickly becomes practice. Farewell my
friends...It seems that all our ideas in the
old forum have been lost...like tears in rain.
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by "commercial racket", Keith. Please help me understand.

I'd like to remind you that the changes to the new message board system were announced before hand and you had time enough to make your opinions known (bet you wish you had a time machine now, huh?

As for the old messages... I'm looking into a way of recovering them so that - at the very least - we can search them and read them (this due to the insistance of one particularly vocal member of the community).

RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

Here's food for thought. Suppose, you were able to go back in time and meet yourself as a child. Also suppose, you're able to pick a specific date to visit(example: your 10th birthday party). Now, your present self will remember the events that took place at that party and obviously you did not remember seeing an older version of yourself at the party. Now, you go back in time and show up at your party. Your younger self will see his older self walk in and the older self's
memories from the party will automatically change. Wouldn't it?? Also, what impact would a change in memories have on someone??
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

Forgive me for my outbursts. But, I hope that
we will be able to list the old replies and topics that were formated in an easy fashion.
I'm just slow to change...in time. there was a good following of messages that followed
a string like that of history. It was beneficial to be able to reply to statements made several months prior. I'll keep checking
the postings of course. It just seems to be
less fluid than before (sorry). I was surprised to see how quickly the sight changed. I'm sure the bugs will get worked out...over time. But the site as it is seems a bit cumbersome and the postings awkward.
It may not have been so inviting if this were
my first time.

RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

If you don't have the memory of seeing the older yourself on your 10th birthday, that means that the younger yourself wouldn't see the older yourself even if you traveled back to the 10th birthday!
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

You have a point, Ray Li. But, if I remembered the events that took place at my
10th birthday party and then traveled back in
time, would my memories change the moment I
walk into the party? Or, would I still be able to remember them as they occured before I traveled back in time? I guess what I'm asking is would I be able to remember my party from 2 different perspectives? Or, would one memory wipe-out the other?
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

You have a memory doing something because you did do that thing. If you didn't do it, than you would have no memory of doing it. By going back, you are creating, a new dimension, new world, new what ever. You are not changed, but when you get back, you will be in the new world(etc.) you created, instead of the new one

RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

I used to have a simular question of this paradox. What if I solved time travel went back and somehow convinced my self not to pursue time travel. In that instance I might not create a time machine because I talked my self out it. But, I believe that the world is more than phyisical. There is also a Spritual
Realm that is the next plane. These are perhaps the visions of what a person remember seeing in afterlife experiences that they believe to be a classic vision of heaven.
But, on this plane time is irrelevent. There is but one time the Here and Now everything else is speculative. And, I believe that the coexistence of these two planes is for the purpose of third dimentional experiences which is impossible in the fourth dimention. But, for this experience to be practical and efficient it would have to extract every possiblity in every instance. Other wise our Subconscience selves would be rolling dice whice I believe would be inefficient and not worthy of the effort.
So say the Man goes to his 10th birthday party and meets his younger self. Now the 10 year old boy has memory of meeting his older self. But, unless you yourself had this same memory you would not. There would be two alternatives. As it should be. Something to note in this instance is that you may be surprised to find that in this reality your 10th birthday party might be different than you remember it being. Or it could be exactly the same, the only difference being that an older you is present. Something that I try to observe is that there is nothing a person can do or not do, that I would be incapable given the same situation there in. Therefore when another person is in joy or in saddness, is dancing on stage or is a seashore hermet, I feel that experience through a higher conscience that is not only shared, but, by the most accurate definition is one and the same. But, this is not time travel it's dimention travel which would also be a fasinating experience. Getting back might be a problem. But, by the time you journeyed to hand full of other worlds your entire thinking of your own world might change. And, you might not want to find your way back because of the infinite possibilities. Who knows the experience might change you more than you change it. You might have been destined to have met yourself at the party which would mean that we could throw free will out the window. But, I believe that in a functional universe free will is really an illusion determined by your reletive position. But then everyone would have to accept there existence as something more than it is. Are we ready?
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

Try not to get absorbed in the so called time travel paradox. Sit down and use your basic philosophy. Ask yourself what needs to happen for time travel to work.
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

First you must prove that the incident that you lived out is still "saved" somewhere else. Then you must discover how to get there. And then, whether or not the risk is worth it.


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RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

Trying to prove saved information is jumping ahead too many steps. Using philosophy, you should start at the beginning. We would have to agree on what the definition of time-travel actually is. So that is my first question for all of us;
What is the definition of time-travel?
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

I'd like to make a comment on what happens when you go back and meet yourself. But I would like someone to explain it to me please! You are in your adult body in your own dimension of time. on a road driving.ok, it happens, you time travel-now you are in a dimension where your younger self is. she is a little girl inside a white house. you drive up to the house to see another car parked infront and you see a man walking up to the door. you are observing this in your car. nothing happens until the door opens and you observe the little girl.upon observing -a strange thing happens ,all of a sudden your spirit is pulled like a vacuum,like a magnet toward the little girl and for a couple seconds you are right there inches from her between the man and the little girl. wether in spirit or body dont know.must be spirit. you hear the man say. "Im so glad you are safe now. " and then just as suddenly you are the little girl,you are looking through her eyes. the adult body you came there in is gone. as you speak "who are you?" you have memories of going to the door to open the door. My question is: I dont think you can be in the same place- having two bodies in the same dimension because you have only one spirit.the spirit tends to go to the body of the dimension you are on.I dont understand this- does anybody else? but also nothing seemed to happen until she was observed by me. any ideas??????????????????
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

Hi I'm only 15, so excuse me if some of the stuff your talking about may confuse me. So Pamela your theory is that if you went back in time your spirit would go from your present adult body, into your past self's body? If this is your theory, what is your question?
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

actually, what I was saying is if you as an adult go on a time dimension when you are younger. since your spirit cannot be in two places at one time for some reason. when you observe your younger self. something happens-Your spirit is sucked or vaccuumed to the body that rightfully belongs on that dimension.what happens to the other body??the adult body -I donno it was just gone for the moment. my question is why would this happen? why cant you be on the same time dimension as your other self? and talk to yourself? and would the answer be because of your spirit not being able to split? Im looking for answers myself.
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

The type of time travel you describe is not possible with the physical laws that govern the universe. However multiple realities that are parrallel in history but at a different point in history is quite feasible. If you met your "double" in the other dimension it would be very much like the reaction between twins. However you're two separate individuals with two separate but identical spirits and bodies. There would be a mental wave connection but that is all. That is why a paradox is impossible.


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RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

Very well stated Doctor. I would like to add that in my opinion the Spirit has no variance
of time. The Spiritaual realm is timeless. Therefore even if you were to break the laws of known physics and travel back to see your younger self the parodox would not lie in the
Spirit. The Spirit holds no bearing on place. That is it's never separated and is never confused nor split because it is able to be many things and in several places at once. It fact the Spirit is in ALL times and ALL places if only through a connection in that those events and places transpired or existed anywhere in the timeline. The parodox would only lie in the physical mind and in physical matter. But, this is impossible. The Spirit however need not time travel because it is not subject to it. To the Spirit our entire life and existence is but a breath of warm air and but a moment. But it's difficult to understand down here in the world of the living.
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

When you deal with timetravel you are not just dealing with physical laws which only apply to this physical dimension-unless you are only dealing with a physical object.
If in timetraveling we only move one material object from here to there then we are dealing with physical only and the object will move freely to the different places it has been before. those are based on natural laws. physical laws.
But if you do this to a human being, it has a spirit,an aura with its own properties,only housed inside a physical body. different laws need to apply because you are wanting to move the spirit with the body.which is not part of the same dimension.
If you place a human on a physical object and direct them to the same place timetraveling using only the physical natural laws they will most certainly not end up at the same place at the same time. why ? because of the spirit,the aura whatever you want to call it.

TO KEITH: when you say that a persons spirit is able to be several places at once. how is that possible? are you saying if I timetravel and go back to see myself I will see a twin of myself and the spirit in me and the spirit in her is the same spirit?
Let's say someone was to shoot her with a gun right there and then. Are you saying part of me would be in heaven and part would be on Earth? or the whole spirit would be in heaven-then how can the body on Earth live without a spirit? Does that mean spiritually we are all really in heaven and Earth at the same time? If this is true why are we trying to timetravel at all? we are already at all places at all times. Im trying to understand this concept but I just don't get it.
RE: \"Time\" Changes Everything

Yes, in that instant if your younger self were shot and killed a part of the Spirit would be released. It is possible to for the Spirit to be both in Heaven and Earth. Parts of it already are in both places. It's hard for a living person to understand because by our nature we spend our entire lives trying to draw lines and barriers as either one or the other and build our characters and values on those self made boundaries. But, this in my opinion is in vein because what we call a contadiction is only a ballance. When you release yourself from these ideas and boundaries it all becomes clearer. One way of doing this is through meditation, projection...and ultimately death.