Time does not exist yet "time" travel is half done


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Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

"Time" is nothing but a comparisson between
the "velocity" of diffrent energy transfers,a
"quality" factor;if there would be no energy transfers(ET), if everything would stay still, there would be no "time".
"Time" travelling would involve,having selected a material subject, EITHER slowing/
stopping its ET (inside the subject) until
the surrounding ETs (the rest of the world) get to the desired status(moment)(this would be travelling "in the future" and it`s already done by freezing things),OR reversing
all surrounding ETs but the subject`s until
the desired status (travel "in the past")wich
is impossible...
Therefore the time travel can be done(materially) only to the "future".
Concerning the informationally time travel,that would be another topic.
RE: Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

Decibelus: welcome! You speak like the one who know the answer, that's cool! But! How can you be shure that time-travel backward is impossible?
RE: Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

Yeah decibelus, a good question! You have to wait. Think that scientists already have clues, now they have to combine them to come up with the solution.
RE: Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

Ah decibelus, if you need to comment further about this, you can count on me.
RE: Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

Time: the interaction between an entity and its environment. No environment, no time (but also no entity). I think that all "things" are actually made up of disturbances in the vacuum "particle" flux. each particle comprising the "vacuum" (the particle flux) being a difference in density of a probability background which permeates all existence. Densities manifest at an infinite rate non-locally, but at a finite rate with respect to (and pace governed by) the scope of the observer. These densities are all mathematically like when looked at from the "omega point" or point encompassing all manifestation. This likeness arises because each density can be described by the golden mean ratio, in that they are fractals of the probability background "Structure" that, depending on the scope of the observer, exist as certain types of "particles".

As stated earlier, these particles are mathematically similar, the extent of the similarity based on the scope, or frequency bandwith of the observer, becoming infinitely similar (exactly alike) with infinite bandwith. These particles do not exist in time on the omega level, because of there likeness to "one another". time is the interaction between one particle and the next, constituting a transfer of energy/information between the two intities, based solely on the difference between their previous states. Depending on how far in either direction from ambient (with respect to the observer) the difference in states are, the greater the "jump" through time (the greater the CHANGE in state of the interacting objects). These "particles" are what make up matter/energy, by the simple fact that their states are different than the ambient, therefore popping into "existance" to an observer who's scope includes that interactions frequency.

Particles are not actual entities, but processes, or interactions in the background probability structure. Time, when viewed in this way, is nothing but the change in the state of a particle while it interacts with another particle. for macro objects (those lying close to ourselves on the frequency bandwith) time seems continuous because of the countless interactions between ourselves and the particle background.

The scope of the material observer can never exceed the speed of light in frequency (the frequency can be no smaller than what is allowed by the planck length). The particles that exist on this higher frequency are not observed by us, and can be said to be in another "dimension". If one could remove the "curtain" of virtual particles that exist on our level, then one would precipitate to a higher dimension described by a frequency spectrum shifted by Nc in relation to the previous dimension.

The particle's that exist in our dimension are what contribute to our existing "in time". the more we interact with these particles in relation to someone in a different inertial reference frame, the faster we pass through time in relation to them, and vis-versa. A curvature of "spacetime" is simply the change in interaction with ones background in relation to ambient, and is such a mechanism that constitutes a change in "passage through time" for an entitiy in relation to another, outside that curved spacetime. Curve spacetime enough, and you can precipitate to another dimension because of the inability for the transfer of information between you and your previous environment (energy/information transfer must now exist at faster than the speed of light).

That is all I can write for now, but I am sure I could give a whole lot more info on the way I see things, if "time" permitted.

I'll be back
-Brandon Richardson-
RE: Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

I am sorry,I can't afford to access the web
so frequently,that's why I didn't answer to
your comments... I promisse I'll do that soon
(-er or later).
English not beeing my tongue,"Celibi time
traveler" could you be more explicit concerning the nature of the comments you want me to make?
RE: Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

decibelus, sorry if I cought the wrong impression about you. Maybe you were saying your statements as a conclusion with no hopes of "discovering" true or false. All I can tell is that if you don't want to share ideas I'll understand as respect. Once again, sorry for my interference. I believe I didn't offend you as speeding up the process. But if you change your mind I'll be delighted, "not as a coach but as one more". Anyway I'll keep on traveling!
RE: Time does not exist yet \"time\" travel is half done

(Celibi t.t) (Again, my bad English)Of course I want to exchange ideas...my "statement" was the topic to begin from...