"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time does not exist



Time does not exist, there is only "change"

No past, no present, or no future. These things only exist in our memories and dreams. It is an entirely subjective idea, manifested by us to simply explain and sophisticate the word "change"

It is futile to want to travel through time in a scientific manner, because "time" does not exist. We have already achieved time travel in the most important sense. To travel into the future we change our surroundings. To travel into the past we change our memories. History is re-written, events are altered to suit our needs. Science is developed to explain the origins of things it becomes law. Our hope to journey through time is simply a need to fulfill a fantasy, nothing more.

Because it is based on this the idea is inherently flawed, but there is more...

If one were to "travel in time" They would in actuality only be changing their surroundings since the concept "time" is not real. Only if you were "god" you would you be abel to time travel. You could change the very fabric of the universe to follow patterns of choice historical events, and even the memories of everyone in it, but you would only have re-shaped the universe to your desires, not actually traveled in the false concept known as "time"

Simply because we can remember and record events does not create a universe with the concept of time. This is the only thing that which we have based "time" upon, and yet another reason why the idea will always be a farce; a fantasy.

We strive to think around what is right in front of us. This however may not be a completely bad thing. Allot of good may come from our determination. And we may someday in fact be able to shape this universe to our whim. But understand that we will never travel back or forward in "time". Anything we do, and any changes we make will be permanent. To change something is to destroy apart of what it once was. To fulfill a wish of past time travel is frightening to me, because of the things that will be destroyed in it's wake.

A puzzle that does not exist cannot be deciphered. It can only be solved by those who are desperate, or are mad. Those who wish to pursue the dream of "time travel" may be the end of us all.

The grandfather paradox, bucket theory, parallel universe and every other theory is snuffed out once you realize that time travel is not possible. And not because of the infinite energy required, nor a greater universal power aimed to prevent such a thing from happening, but simply because there is no such thing.

There is no time, there is only change.

I welcome your thoughts, though I suggest you read my post again to make a constructive response.
joe, I tried to tell them this before but they don't believe it.

The past can only be traveled to using your cellular memory.It

cannot be altered because it does not exist anymore

physically.the future has not yet been created so it cannot

exist either . We create our future with our actions. Change our

actions and we change the future. I personally don't believe

that the bible code has predicted events. I believe some force

is making these events happen. God was always telling people

what to do , what to name thier children, where to go. when to

say this or that. I think this being who thinks he is god is

trying to control every event that is important in our society.

Maybe when we find out who this perpetrator is we will be able

to stop him and start creating our own future. I would suggest

you read SUMMONED BY DANA REDFIELD. there is spiritual warfare

going on. The forces are using us as pawns in there game to

control humanity. THE GOD GAMES MUST BE STOPPED. There is only

one way to stop them CLAIM YOUR OWN POWER. thats what happens

when you call forth your will, your higher self, It would be

very dangerous to call on any god at this point. they are just

waiting for you to join them in this holy war. Once you give

your permission to assist any god they will do with you as they

please. Using you as a pawn to shape the future to their wishes.

universal law allows this because you have free will. They

cannot stop you from joining any group whose intentions would be

to use you as a puppet. They do this through mind control. What

do you think Osama bin Laden is being used for. When there

through with him they will throw him away. The whole planet

needs to be weened off their God fantasy. Their nothing but a

bunch of aliens. The only ones you can trust are those that help

you claim your power. their only motivation is in seeing humans

become Galactic citizens and taking responsibilty for themselves

and their planet.


You are absolutely correct, at least with respect to time not being an entity of itself. Time is only an illusion, created by our limitation to linear perception. We, as 3-spatial entities, rely on virtual particles to communicate properties from one mass to the next. force, momentum, etc., are all communicated via virtual photons, and at the observable level, normal photons. This is according to particle physics, which has been validated for years. What we see as time is the jump from one energy state to the next, the jumps seemingly spaced apart by the planck unit for time per reference frame. Now, you can actually change your rate of passage through "time", with respect to an observer in a seperate reference frame by changing the local density of virtual particle flux (changing the local curvature of spacetime), but in your book that is really just a change in environment. HOWEVER: in order to go as far as you do, in that time travel is impossible, you have to ask yourself what reality truly is. is reality really only what we measure with our instruments? Are the events that happen in our everyday life exclusive to us in this reference frame, in that going anywhere else in spacetime (jumping from one hyperspatial frame, relatively speaking, to another) can not yield any reality similar to what we ourselves experience right here, right now? Sure, you can look at it as if "time travel" is just an illusion. But considering the fact that environment per se may very well be just an illusion in itself, and that what we know as reality might possibly be just the intersection, or coupling, between 3-space and (4+n)-space (mind and body!), "merely" changing our environment can be as objective as actually travelling from one place to the next! so, at least in my view, time travel is actually possible because what you call "changing ones environment" can be to me "creating ones reality" to an extent where "recreation of previous reality" becomes nothing more than a technical difficulty!

I admire your post above although I wish it to be true!

One must look at the physical laws of evidence that nature has supplied and is offering to us, and what visible forces are evident in our enviornment at the present time.

I have seen and witnessed things in my life that cannot be explained, that defy every thing I know and believe in. There is no doubt in my mind that time travel is possibe. I believe it but in the same breath I condemn its workings.

I agree full heartedly your comment saying <<A puzzle that does not exsist cannot be deciphered. It can only be solved by those who are desperate, or are mad. Those who wish to pursue the dream of "time travel" may be the end of us all.>>

How could one explain a miracle?

When one miraculously gets healed from a deadly illness that science has no explaination or account for how this could happen? Is it all in the power of the mind or it there other forces at work here?

When an animal is laying sick on the side of the road and a veterinarian comes to the aid of this injured animal and being so much more intelligent than the suffering animal can comprehend. Takes the animal and applies all his/her medical training and heals and cures this animal. The animal might look at the veterinarian as being G-D. Much in the same way there are unexplained forces that come to our aid, perhaps when we are praying in church or laying in a hospital bed sick. One has no comprehension how far our thoughts or prayers can travel or who or what can hear them? Perhaps it is G-D/Angels/Aliens/Time Travel Doctors. We cannot see this invisible realm with the 5 senses that we have, but we can slighty detect something with the 6th sense.

So therefore if these other entities exist in other realms and can have some sort of interacton or connection with us. How can we deny Time Travel? In a sense isn't it already happening if what I say above is true?

I believe our government has already harnessed this ability!

Look around, observe the enviornment, watch the News, relive September 11th! I think the evidence is undenyably starring us in the face!

G-D help us all! May we live each day as if there is no tomorrow!


I'm so happy, thanks for the time spent in these replies. First of all I'd like to respond to Clara.

I had no idea such texts existed on the subject. As arrogant as it sounds I thought I came to this conclusion on my own through study and research. I only disagree on you with one thing though; I believe it is possible to predict the "future" A simple example would be is how we predict the weather. I believe that some may be born with an innate affinity to mathematical knowledge and can predict events, and some truly gifted people might be able to see far into the "future". I'm sure some of you here have already had "visions" of what is to come, even though small.

Richar18 I completely agree with you. Well as much of it I could understand =)

CAT I'm going to pick apart your post, but don't take it the wrong way.

"One must look at the physical laws of evidence that nature has supplied and is offering to us, and what visible forces are evident in our environment at the present time."

That is a vague statement, and it's hard to understand that point of view without reference. An elaboration I would be grateful for.

"I have seen and witnessed things in my life that cannot be explained, that defy every thing I know and believe in. There is no doubt in my mind that time travel is possible. I believe it but in the same breath I condemn its workings."

As with the previous statement some detail would help your argument. But don't get me wrong, I DO believe in miracles. (The dictionary term anyhow) I would love to hear about the things that have happened to you and the things you have seen. I promise I won't beat them down either; I would just enjoy hearing them.

"When one miraculously gets healed from a deadly illness that science has no explanation or account for how this could happen? Is it all in the power of the mind or it there other forces at work here?"

I agree with you on this but do not see how this has anything to do with time travel CAT.

Thanks again everyone, I look forward to more replies. Keep in mind my goal here is to re-enforce my beliefs as shallow as it may sound. But I AM open minded to your ideas. I want you all to keep something in mind;

A strong man does not look for ways to change the future, he creates his own.

You said;<<I would suggest you read SUMMONED BY DANA REDFIELD.there is spiritual warfare going on. The forces are using us as pawns in there game to control humanity.>>

Your right about that, and Time Travel is their means by which they govern us. Exploitation of our race, to serve them for their higher purpose.


Clara, please spare us with this double-sided facade. You try this from time, but always seem to go back to your New Age ideals of it being okay to be GOD's. In essence that's what you basically believe in your New Age doctrine, and you know it.

<<There is only one way to stop them CLAIM YOUR OWN POWER.>>

How can you say that the only way we can be of help to this unseen force is to claim our power? When you know, that by doing so, one must give up and sell out to your Aliens and Masters. Clara, you're being hypocritical, can't you see that?

<<thats what happens when you call forth your will, your higher self, It would be very dangerous to call on any god at this point.>>

Clara, be consistent. And prove with better reasoning that by doing so, this will guarantee us protection. For it's clear for anyone who's read your past posts, they will see that when you speak of calling forth your will, you mean the Aliens will. And following in their plan for us, not our own. In that, making your above statement of claiming your power sound nothing more then just like everything else you've said. A hypocrisy.

For how can one truly be free, and you are asking for them to call on his their power, where it would mean tht one must sell out first?

It doesn't add up. Truth is not subjective Clara, it's objective, and your beliefs are blinding you of the reality of what accepting Time Travel and the Alien Agenda will mean for us if we do.

<<Using you as a pawn to shape the future to their wishes. universal law allows this because you have free will.>>

What is that suppose to mean? I think you got it backwards. In your attempts to sound human, you still haven't quite got it right.

How can someone change your life and twist your will to their side, and say we have freewill? That's absurd Clara. It doesn't make any sense. It just doesn't add up. But to you, anything you say does, doesn't it?

I'd hate for more people to think this is standard reasoning, for it reeks of fallacy and generalizations.

-TTA<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">
RE: =)


The very fact that one cannot predict the future especially by computer modling is proof that forward time branches out into oblivion. It is reverse time comming in from the future, to a local point that creates matter.

Matter is but 'bear tracks' in the woods of time. You for some unfathomable reason feel the need to deny the existance of the 'bear' that makes them. And you base your denial on the fact that you can see all the way to the bottom of the footprint.

Look around. It may be closer than you think.
I did not say you could not predict the future. I only said you

cannot physically travel there. while you are trying to build a

machine to get you there others are traveling in light bodies to

possible futures. These futures do exist energetically. What do

you think Native american shamans are doing. YOu do not need a

machine if your DNA carries the code of a light body. You see

science and spirituality will merge. Your brain is the computer

that you can program to take you beyond this world to see other

worlds and the future . If you see a future event that just

means it is a probable future. It is not written in stone. You

may change it. The trick is to discover the key which will allow

you to create your own future. beings from other realms are

teaching us this but it is not easy. You must be deprogramed

because everything we know is wrong. in order to travel you must

use your energy body. Robert Monroe of the MONROE INSTITUTE has

written a book that teaches you how to do this. You can only

change the future by your actions now. If you are having

horrible nightmares about the future then that is the direction

you are headed. you must change your reality or maybe even your

location on the earth until the nightmares stop. Your higher

self aways sees ahead and knows whats coming so I would suggest

you stop ignoring it. There are also celestial bodies that are

out in space. Someone who is in space will see these bodies and

there future path. This may also seem like someone is predicting

the future but in reality they are simpley watching planetary

movments. clara
RE: Time does not exist to JOE !

Well Joe,

You asked me what are the physical laws that I am talking about?

There is so much I really don't know where to begin?

I think I will start with something that I witnessed many years ago starting in my youth something I will never forget as long as I live! I'm 34 years old now.

I was in an apartment complex courtyard with a friend of mine. We were bug collecting (as silly as it sounds, I think I was around 12 years old.) I had this clear glass cookie jar that I placed on the cement sidewalk and took off the lid and placed it to the right of the jar. I noticed this Big Beautiful White Butterfly, so I went and caught it in a net and when I went to put it into the jar I noticed the lid of the jar was missing! My girlfriend was on the other side of the courtyard and nobody else was around to have taken it or walked by to kick it. So I called my girlfriend over to help me look for it. (meanwhile I had to let the Butterfly go!) Me and my girlfriend both got down on our hands and knees and searched the sidewalk and grass for the clear glass lid thinking the sun was playing tricks on our eyes and we couldn't see it.

Well, we never did find it! So we started walking down the sidewalk back to my friends house through the courtyard, and to our amazement we both saw this Ghost/Angel/Time Traveler, whatever you want to call it? Run across the courtyard and infront of us and jumped through a glass patio door! it was "strikingly beautiful!" It was a female with long hair and it was powdery white with sparkling blue swirls inside it. Whatever it was I felt had taken the glass lid to my jar in attempts to free the butterfly.

Who really knows though? All I know is that me and my friend had seen something strange out of the ordinary! and the glass lid went missing!

At that point in my life I realized that whatever I saw was in another realm and yet it had the power to have some sort of physical contact.

This is just one of many bizarre things that I have witnessed in my life, there are many more! But I will now jump several years into the future when I was 25 years old and saw 2 people dematerialize before my eyes which I am not at liberty to discuss but is the sole reason why I am on this forum!

You asked me what does the Miracle story have to do with Time Travel? It bears witness to other entities that are unseen to the human eyes and senses. It is the interaction between the space where we dwell and where the dimensional spirit realm exists. And their interactions and connections with us.

Joe, I am not here to promote Time Travel. I am solely here to demote it and to claim its wrong doings and dangers! Not only is it morally and ethically wrong but it is a crime against nature and humanity!

You may ask me how I know this and I will tell you because of the interactions that I have encountered with the other dimensions. And that was the STRONG AND DIRECT message that was relayed to me many times counterintuitively told over!!!

Read through some of my past posts. I talk about scientific things and dreams that I've had and other things that I have witnessed and most recently come to understand the Double Digit Theory and its control over man kind! But beware some of my past posts may be intolerable to your taste. I just can't let some people get away with fraudulent behavior. I fight for humanities dignity and I must expose this threat and its dangers! As far as I'm concerned anyone that wants to Time Travel is a adversary that I must bring down!


P.S. Clara, You state in your post above that one can change their future? I ask you what proof is there and how do we accually know that our future has been changed?
RE: Time does not exist to JOE !

you change the future with every act. I was living in florida

until my guides let me know I was in danger so I moved north. I

know the reason I was in danger and listened very carefully to

what they were telling me. It has to do with planetary movement.

If I were standing in the street and a bus was headed my way I

would take action to move out of the way. I have also had things

stolen from me in order for them to get my attention. I was

gardening one day and my box of fertilizer came up missing . I

looked everywhere for it. something said go to walmart and gets

some more I ignored the voice and a few minutes later it said

louder go to walmart and get some more. I still ignored it and a

few minutes later my son came out of his room and said mom lets

go to walmart. I told my guide ok I guess you need to tell me

something. so I went to walmart. We shopped around then I got

this feeling I needed to leave. It was getting dark so we

started home. On my way the voice said look up ahead and to the

left I did and there was this billboard. It was a billboard

advertising war relics the word WAR was written in very big red

letters. I was shocked. this message had a triple meaning which

they later told me. 1st there is spiritual warfare going on
2nd there would be physical war because of
3rd the battle would be also fought in my
mind and the only weapon would be my
ability to control my own thoughts.

monitoring your own thoughts is your only weapon.

I became use to this kind of communication and it contines to

this day. that is why I am going to montana at the end of the

month. As I have told you before they don't fight with weapons.

weapons became obsolete to them long ago they fight by using your

mind. You are the chess pieces on this board game and if you

don't wake up very soon you will be captured. The game must end

and you must become the chess master. you see my guides let me

know they are there. I am aware of their presence. the ones who

would use you as pawns do not announce themselves. so are all of

you really sure that what you are thinking is your own thoughts

or someone elses. this is a very dangerous game and it seems to

me you are the soldiers. soldiers usually give up their lives

for the commander. clara
RE: Time does not exist to Clara...

You know what Clara,

You might be right there in that respect, that it could be possible that the future could be changed by spiritual guides or Angels watching over us. The future may not be set in that respect and they may have some extra ordinary power to give us leway. But they are in a sense the Time Travelers and still in control making things happen. And by them interfering they are causing gaps in the fabric of time and not realizing it they are forsaking all the rest of us! Because if its not some poor Joe Schmoe that suffers "your" concequences it will be the next Joe Schmoe! Somebody has to take the downfall? Jesus was a prime example, he suffered for us all!

And about being a pawn! Even in the game of chess after the game is over, both the pawn and the King go back in the same box! If you play nobody wins and Humanity looses! Bottom line!

Clara, can you think of another way to win?
RE: Time does not exist to Clara...

Cat its all about what you choose or allow. My guides only tell

me things. It is up to me what I do with the information.

children often do get themselves in trouble. I would hate to

know that my child was trying to figure out this world without

me there to guide her.Since I have seen and done more than she

has. If she spoke to you she would tell you that I never tell

her what to do but I do tell her about the mistakes I have made

and also about the mistakes of others and she is very aware of

the consequences of certain behavoir. Yes you do have free will

but so do people like osama and Hitler. why do you think God

never stops them. Are they evil or just blind. what would it

take to get them to remove their blinders. they would surley

have to face the very thing inside them that makes them hate so

much. Stop blaming Jesus, time travelers,aliens or anything

else. Yes they do exist and yes some do manipulate but like I

said the only way to get rid those that do is to monitor your own

thoughts because its your thinking that they use to destroy and

make havoc. If everyone changed there thinking they would not be

allowed to stay here they would desolve completly.sota like the

wicked witch of the west in the wizard of oz. It seems my guides

love this movie they are always referring to it. I don't see

where Jesus told you to do anything. You choose

everyday .Sometimes you choose poorly sometimes not, thats life.

You aren't a sinner you just occasionaly make mistakes. Jesus

only came here to tell you to love and forgive one another.

humans attached all the other crap to the message. Its not his

fault that you choose to stay in the dark. Jesus isn't coming

back to save anybody but he will show you how to save yourself.

does he exist? I think so. but you had better be ready to look at

yourself if you call him for help. He only works one on one.

This is your life and he bothers no one unless they ask. oh ye he says stop this worship stuff he doesn't need to be worshipped. He doesn't need any building or crosses or even a bible. He is free and goes anywhere he wants and talks to anybody that would desire a conversation. He is a friend and he is my friend clara
RE: Time does not exist to Clara...


Take your hands off your ears and stop saying Nah Nah, Nah Nah Nah, I can't hear you! because I know you can!

The real reason why your box of fertilizer when missing (as stated in your post above) Maybe you have a short term memory deficite and misplaced it?

And besides why are you investing all that money into gardening when you are only going to pick up and move again and have to restart all over again with a new garden just because you feel the alignments of the planents are off.

Your efforts are as endless as your posts!


P.S. Clara, How could you continually keep picking up and moving from state to state with your children! Get some stability in your life, if not for you, well than at least for your kids!
RE: Time does not exist to Clara...


did you see my last response (to you in the other thread)? Anyway, I just wanted to let ya know... I saw something in one of your posts a few up in this thread. what I saw was that you have the ability to respond in a charming, non-insulting way. I actually enjoyed it! but you now seem to be attacking yet another, Clara, who by no means deserves anything of the sort! Why can't you COMMUNICATE with people instead of putting them down unless their views are exactly the same as yours? youre not going to get many people to even TRY to understand where you are coming from, much less get them to regard your warning if you keep proceeding in this way. If you are truly in this forum to help, dont you think approaching it from the heart would give the best result? With compassion for others resulting in win-win conversations, you can much more effectively share information, and eventually come to an understanding. I guess I Just thought I'd let you know how you are making people feel- its up to you to care or not!

Tunnel vision

Not everything as black and white as you'd like it to be Shadow. My reference "predicting the future" was very vague because thats as far as it goes. My thinking is a little more advanced than to limit myself to thinking so idealistically. A prediction can be made with ease, theres no way to argue this fact. Just as I was able to predict someone would flame me to re-inforce themselves and what they beleive in.

And as for your bear it can be shot, and it's tracks covered. The very ecosystem and the life housed within it can be earsed as well. Do you see what I'm getting at here? Examples really don't do much for me, they leave way too much open.

Thank you for sharing that, the things that have happened to you are very amazing. I just want to point out, NOT argue with you that perhaps the things you've seen had nothing to do with traveling in time? I think they might have been but by no means an expert.

As for your previous posts I'm new to this forum. This is my second post actually.

I look forward to getting to know the interesting and intelligent people here.
RE: Cat

Interesting Theory Joe, I don't have anything else to say. -.-; I think it could very well be real, but who knows right?

~Uyoku >^.^<
RE: Cat

I never said I was moving I said I was going to montana on vacation, You just assumed that. The fact is we were doing it for our daughter who might want to go to college there. If she wants us to go with her we will. You see my husband is retired and we can do anything we want. I can do gardening out there just the same as here. I live in the now whatever pops up thats what we do. I may stay here and I may move. I know whats best for my children and if moving is best thats what we will do.