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Time for contact


I have read some very interesting postings and feel contact with time travelers or advance races be made. The wars on this planet is obviously going on because many of these leaders have the "ME" complex and forget the massive universe that hovers around us. The only way to stop war is to give these war hounds a new field to explore. I believe a council here on this timeline be made to greet and learn from the advance children of the ONE. We can teach the children of this timeline the basics of time travel and star travel, and regulate any government involvement. These meetings can be in a secret location with a very private council. We will be observers only, not to interfere with the past nor the future unless it means the total destruction of our race. If there is any one out there who is serious and can validate who they are, please feel free to contact.

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Yes' what you have said is valid, however in a great sense this has already been done.

What you do not realize, concerning the said human race, is that there are many different levels of control, concerning how the human race here on Earth is managed.

There have been qualified letters written to many presidents, leaders of many differing lands, with the promotion of opening Earth as a place where any extraterrestrial race can do business, as well as commence.

To my knowledge all of theses attempts have been thwarted by those who are in control.

The equation of beneficial sorts of reptoids, as opposed to predatory sorts of reptoid humanoids, is not even realized.

If you want to try, then have at it?

However go into the higher centers of power and start talking a lot about extraterrestrials, and see where this gets you?

Proof letters letters, Dear Mr. Presidents> Fo, Clint Bu, (privacy act) The position of offworld ambassador, may be best opened as an option, etcetera, sent sent sworn, dates dates/ttiforum/images/graemlins/devil.gif
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Thank you my friend,
I currently work for the Government at a very TS facility. I am fully aware of the corruption and lies that is within our suppose free government. I have seen enough to know that the government will dispose of any oposing threat and will not tolerate pests. The many secret programs the government has been involved in began somewhere, and someone still have this information. I request a meeting of the minds, a council be formed of all races, genders, and free spirits to discuss and formulate the new era. Time Travel and Star Travel are based on the same theory, with private funding and the staff of true scientist with the motivation of Telsa, we will succeed. Be open and free for what seems difficult is easy to obtain.

Things are not what they seem.

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Friend Key Master of EarthTR125.0121

Your proposal sounds quite reasonable except for one tiny detail. The concepts that you are reffering to should be discussed under very strict measures of security. At this very moment what guarantees us that we are not being overlooked by government officials. The very topics that we feels so free to discuss here, are topics of a very delicate nature, that most agencies would not take likely. These topics you are talking about could be discussed here with you, many have already been studied by the people of this forum, but we can do it all over again just for peace´s sake. By the way my friend where in what State is that supposed Top Secret Base at?

Until later becomes now.
Re: Greetings

Hey Trans,

It’s been a long time, how have you been?

*<<many have already been studied by the people of this forum>>*

Come on, let’s be fair :D I only study those who pose a threat of sanctioning Time Travel, as would any good TTA would do.

*<<By the way my friend where in what State is that supposed Top Secret Base at?>>*

That’s quite clever… But maybe you’re the secret government agent you’re warning us to watch out for?

It all makes sense when you think about it; your constant emphasis on “observance” of individuals and numerical location “TR125.0121” sounds pretty secret agent like to me

Care to explain your self?

Re: Greetings

My friend,
I knew in time you will respond. I thank you first and foremost. I do come to this forum in peace, my dream of restoring MAN's relationship with the Higher Council means everything to me. This forum like many others are regulated and monitored all the time by the government. Remember the original history of the internet, and why it was created before the fancy browsers and Microsoft. 'There are no secrets' The council will be formed and the trust will be regained.
We are running out of time, and the many scientist, rebelled agents, and peaceful beings that view this forum should come together in secrecy to restablish contact with the Higher Council.

This meeting will be the 'Meeting of the Minds'only! We pose no threat and will use our knowledge to build the relationship back up with these observers. Man is doomed if this doesnt happen soon. The last war in the holy land is about to commence, the beast has lied to the world and the war has begun, the chosen people look ill in the beast eyes and his plan of peace is filled with hidden rage and hatred.

The fire will be released to cleanse this timeline, what can be done to cease this. My friends, I know this sounds a little extreme, but if you ever had that feeling that something just isnt right and why MAN's technology is limited, it's because MAN's evil will keep him out of the heavens. Thousands of years of war, death, and betrayal has written MAN in the great books as a race not to be trusted, feed on them as you like, treat them in anyway you feel. A traveling salesman, these were the words of a man who was sent on a dictatorship mission; this mission failed.

I wait...I watch...I listen

Re: Greetings

My friend?!?!

You knew in time I would respond?

I do recall responding to Trans, not you Key_Master!

But it doesn’t matter, for the TimeTravelActivist (me) knew you would want to respond to him anyways.

Seeing as how you’ve heard of me, and recognize that your putting on quite a story about secret government agents.

It’s only natural for you to fear the TTA
and his wrath.

Haha j/k… You sound young and ambitious. Reminds me a lot of my self and how the TTA used to be in his youth.

Ahhh yes… the TTA has grown up quite a bit (unfortunately). He’s learned much, and died much as a result. All that reminds is this damaged and ruined soul, but still kicking /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif. Check out my descendants journey around the archives if you can find it.

Good luck on trying to accomplish what I still can’t seem to accomplish, and that is bringing people to agree on a cause.

Re: Not a government agent ever

I have been doing okay, thanks for asking. But please do not go around implying I am a gov op, no I am too old for that. I simply observe, as you already now. I have no hidden agendas or the like. I do not wish to interfere, I simply observe, catalogue and report. You know that. The temporal reality markings I employ arte a requisite. You see, there are many variations, many resulting realities and they all have to be categorized in one way or the other. We do that. We gaze at the many worlds that are all around us, undetected by consciousness, because of the limited and linear structure of most people´s awareness. We observe the many droplets of life clinging to the ever expanding Prime Temporal Point as primordial fruits would to the primordial tree of life. We seek to learn and follow it´s sixteenth dimensional paths only to come back and share our findings with our own.

You would be amaze TTA of all the beauties that are waiting for all of your kind at the other side of the continuum. Worlds whose landscapes are so glorious and breath taking that one would think of them as pieces of one of the Heavens. Races so gracious and enlightened that one would regard them as angels and creatures of the divine. Of cource there are also places ridden with deep gorges borne out of war, races so despicable and low that could actually be deemed as the plain manifestation of evil, places so dangerous that onew would only dare to glance at them at a safe distance. And all those places we observe, as I observe here, to later on catalogue and report it to others, to the ones that would be engaging in future travels, so that they would not be endangered when they actually accomplish that which most people dream of.

Despite all, We could say we have had our share of fun my friend. I hope to hear from you soon. And what do you think of our new friend that works on a top secret military facility and still has an uncensored internet connection. Could he really be a representative from the Great Conclavinaculum, or would he simply be a good guy with a large amount of good ideas in his head. Whatever the case let us say that he is more than welcomed here.

Until later becomes now.
Re: Not a government agent ever

Quote, Tran 001>"TTA or EOT
I have been.....cetera"

The second name, think it's all one in the same, however E-OT?

I mean is this second name to be translated to E-ot?

I mean ot means zero and Eeeeee, is something you do when you see a yuckie.

So is this Eeeee-ot.....?

What are you trying to say, Tran001?

Strike three times on the stall floor with your hoof, if this means yes? /ttiforum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif