"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time in Perfect Symmetry



As the clock ticks 8:02 PM on Wednesday, February 20th, 2002, time
will (for sixty seconds only) read in perfect symmetry.

It will read:

20:02(time), 20/02 (date), 2002 (year).

It is an event which has only happened once before, and is something
which will never be repeated.

The last time read in such a symmetrical pattern was 10:01 AM, on
10/01, 1001.

And, because the clock only goes up to 23.59, it is something that
will never happen again.

This is also known as "The Year of The Mirror"
WoW! This is truly Amazing, I will make every effort to be especialy
observant of this historic moment in "Time"
On Friday, February 22nd, will also be a first in a long time where time will also read in perfect symmetry: 2:22 a.m. and 2:22 p.m.

A two-way mirror that would supply one perhaps with a 2 way trip?

All 2's will cross this point in time, and be lined up.

What can be the significance?

(2:22) Time, (2-22) Date, (2002) year. And canceling out the zero's makes it 22.

Not just is it George Washington’s Birthday, Drew Barrymore’s, and Jerry Lyn Ryan’s. But my soon to be wife’s birthday as well.

Something to think about
and watch for any thing important on that day. I know I will.

<(2:22) Time, (2-22) Date, (2002) year> will also be symmetrical, but the date I mentioned earlier <20:02 20/02 2002> only consists of 2002. This only happens every 1001 years (i.e. year 1001, time 10:01, date 10/01). But a date of the type that you have suggested also has not occured for a very long time.

Maybe these exact dates and times will have some signifigance.

The only way we can find out is to wait. I will also watch for anything important.

-- Maciek
Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to the year of the mirror?

Maybe its a time where we will be able to see time travel for what it is? The answers will be staring back at us like our own reflection in the mirror.

I wonder if this time has any bearing on the star constalation on this day?

Infact it does...I looked in my sky and telescope magazine under the celestial calendar and it says that on February 20th 2002 Saturn will disapper behind the moon and will reappear 60 to 75 minutes later.

The moon passes 0.2 north of Saturn, 7 pm EST.


I did not imagine that this moment in the year of the mirror would be the exact moment for a celestial event.

Maybe this day in fact does have something to do with time travel. This day could be the last key to unlock the answers of time travel. Or it could open some doorway into another dimension or time.

-- Maciek

This is incredible information! The more I thought about it I started to think of other times and events in history that had an impact on the alignment of celestrial bodies and one came to mind. (I'm sure there are others and this could be a whole science by itself!)

But the one that comes to mind is when I at a museum, in Haifa Israel. They have documented evidance (traced back star alignments) that the bright star that was seen in the sky at the birth of Jesus was indeed a solar eclipse when two major planets (dont quote me on this.) Jupitor? and Venus? where lined up behind each other causing it to look like one big huge gigantic star!

I also hapen to know that when a solar eclipse takes place stange things hapen such as the GPS Satalite that keeps the Chronological clock at the exact time can be effected by the radiation of the suns rays. The planets alignments can also creat a gravitational pull on our oceans and cause a sudden change in temperature causing an eclipse breeze, birds roost and cows walk back to the barn here in Wisconsin. I even heard many people can be effected emotionally.

And if you know anything about Ham Radio it can effect the frequencies and cause bad transmissions and loss of contact. Depending on the strength of suns rays hitting the earth at certain angles and times of the day. Its very complicated to understand, but in order to become a certified Ham Radio receiver you need to pass a test to be a rocket scientist!

P.S. An eclipse is the hour of the Shadow. Maybe we should ask the Shadow? (on this post) The Shadow knows what evil lurks! He also hapens to be very connected with Global Consciousness and keeps a watchfull eye on worldly events and there correlation with numbers and dates.

Just a question, but what is it with you guys and your love of numbers being the same? they're just numbers given to certain things by man, nothing more. It's really not the year 2002, it's somewhere in the billions for the earth, and around 6000's for the human race in general.

It's nothing more than numbers...

.evals a saw ot I htat dnuof dna ,ekowa I neht
Fantom, Whats your shoe size so I could figure out your brain capacity?

The numbers are math!

Mathematics is the science of quantities, forms by numbers and symbols. Mathematics is the universal language. It not only pertains to our earth but to the universe and the rotation of the stars in the heavens and to the passing of our seasons.

Without math and numbers man kind could not communicate. When one looks up to a big building in auh and marvels at its immense size, acknowledging that one man alone could not have accomplished such a great endeavour without the streangh of quantity!

Looking down from the great heights of an airplane over a city. Its easy to see the bigger scheme of things. It may look like a computer chip and the roads and rivers and lakes seem to resemble veins that run through the human body!

Check out this web site on sacred geometry:


Even chemical coundpounds are are broken down into numbers. Without math and number our pharmaceutical companys would not be able to manufacture medicines.

Each birth and dealth in this world has a fluxual influence on the atomic structure of earth. Every living thing matters (including trees!)

Mathematics is the universal language.

ok mathmatics is a universal language. I think the aliens are

sending us numbers because that is the language we both can

understand. Didn't you guys see Close Encounters. Maybe they

don't want to talk to our corrupt government. Maybe they did and

our government told them to go away. so now they are coming to

us. Why does the government continue to tell us they don't exist.


They have made it very clear to me when they are around. When

this happened to me I do beleive the government found out and

started harrasing me. I think they found out when I attended the

mufon meeting and signed my name to the guest list. That is when

the harresment started. The man I told you about that I had to

use the pychic self defense on told me he worked for the

government. they are the ones who sent him to try to destroy me

but it didn't work. You see I have my little friends showing me

signs when I am in danger. Its just a matter of me paying

attention. I will tell you that dogs don't like these people and

will act very strange and may even growl at them for no

reason. I have 3 dogs and 3 cats 33 ha!. get this they will

never be violent or argue with you because they don't have to

they will just mind f**k you. So when you read about all these

gov. people getting upset beating people up or giving them drugs

I think it bullsh*t. There methods are far more sinister. Its

black magic and the only way to defend yourself is with magic.

you have to use magic to protect your mind. protection not

revenge if you use revenge you are using black magic and my

little friends will not protect me if I use black magic. They

will be gone and I will be on my own and thats not a place I would like to be. Am tired will talk later

cat, cat, cat...

when will you realize that all that crap about "math is the universal language" really has nothing to back it up but what humans beleive to be true. I personally think that the human race is doomed intellectually, spiritually, and physically. each generation gets stupider, and stupider, and stupider. Until we must start again.

It's funny. "scientits" have enough time to sit around, pondering with mathematics, trying to figure things out that really have no use, when they could actually be doing something (heaven forbid the government help its country).

Maybe math is the universal language. But I can garuanty that the human race has it all wrong. (we still think that things cant be measured using negative numbers!)

oh, and my shoe size is 13

You are one stuborn scientific scapegoat!

You do have a point though! I played loosers Bingo and won!
(If you dont know what Loosers Bingo is, The one who has the "less" numbers covered wins.)

Nice shoe size! You are inbetween Michael Jordan and Danny Devito!

I wanted to tell you have I felt when I went to the college

yesterday. We went by the vetinary hall were they teach people

to be vets. I've heard its harder to get in there than medical school

WeLL I was thinking we have all these highly trained people

dealing with animals but the most loyal animal to the human race

is the dog who is treated so badly. I've lived in the appalachian

mountains for 4 years now and have never in my life seen such

cruelty to animals, especailly dogs. It makes me sick. That is

another reason I thought I might move to mOntana I heard they

were more concious of the eviroment and the humane treatment of

animals. I could spend a lifetime here trying to help this

community solve its animal problem but it would do no good. They

are totally blind to the suffering. It literally doesn't affect

them. All these vets going to college and the dog and cat problem is never cured.

That is problably one reason I distlke religion so much. This is

the bible belt and there is probably a church on every corner

but they treat animals like sh*t. If there praying to God every

sunday why doesn't it tell them to be nice to animals. You know

what I think I think there god has no more sense then they do.
ok I've said enough lets get back t

3 Dogs and 3 Cats! thats allot of animals under one roof! I would hate to see your food and veternarian bill!

Well you certainly have your work cut out for you! Including your daughter and your suspicions with aliens manipulating her to some degree.

Besides my sisters monstrosity of a dog! I also have a pooch of my own. She is a Dalmatian and gives the most unconditional love! She thinks she is a human. She sits right along side of me by my computer and watches me type away! She puts her paw right on top of the mouse pad to get my attention.

There is allot of research being done with animals, dogs in paticular because of their extra sensory perceptions. Dogs can smell chemicals put out my the human body to detect cancer and heart attacts. Its truly amazing!!! But of course we have those geneticist who want to incorporate that technology into humans.

Allot of creatures that are in the ocean use sonar frequency
waves to hunt down food and detect objects in the water. (Like Dolfins and whales.) They send out a vibrational sound frequencies that bounce off the object and the frequency sound waves bounce back through the water and back to mamal. (FM)(Frequency Modulation) This technology is truly amazing!!! They have evolved with this technique and technology and we have learned it from them on a higher scale and apply it to our top secret military planes and TIME TRAVEL!

Well look at that the answeres where right there all along staring us in the face! The only problem is, its just not the animals that are being manipulated and youthanized to advance technology! Its us by our goverment and the Time Travelers/Aliens!!!

How did the topic change to cats and dogs? Half of the messages on this forum aren't even about time travel, just mumbo-jumbo like this.

-- Maciek

What do you exspect I'm a CAT!

An intellegent person can "communicate" with all walks of life and would not feel demeanored or lowered in doing so!

What do you want to talk about, the Einstein Rosenberg bridge theory?

What do you mean, an intelligent person should try to talk with a cat?

-- Maciek
AT-TAC, Well aren't you the cats paw! thanks for clarifying intellegence!

You can scratch my back anytime! I might bite out of affection thought!

P.S. Cats were worshiped as G-D's in Egypt! Cats are also very intellegent for "themselves"! They also happen to be good hunters and have excellect night vision they can see those time travelers sneeking up on us!

Are you actually a cat? Of course you are not! You are a human being! Why don't you try to act like one?

-- Maciek

Why dont you tell that do the Eagle that stands for American Freedom!

Oh, and why dont you tell that to the U.S. Blackbird that protects our skies!

Or better yet my favorite the U.S. "Tomcat!"

The reason why I call myself the CAT is because throughout my life the number 9 or anthing with a 9 in it continually comes up pertaining to incidents and occurances that have happend in my life. My life is counterintuitive and I've been around 9 times!

No, of course I'm not really a CAT! Duh?

But I bet your not far from a paramecium brain!