"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time in Perfect Symmetry

Listen CAT:

I am not going to put up with people like you insulting me constantly!

I post on this board to share our interests in time travel, not to argue with losers like you.

I am not and idiotic person and nothing is wrong with my brain.

Your brain probably isn't far from a embryonic brain!

-- Maciek
ok guys be nice. We can listen to everyones opinion. Yes we all have funky brains every last one of us is dysfuntional. I just learned over the past couple of weeks why me and my mom don't get along. She ignored me when I was little and she's still doing it. It made me so pissed at thanksgiving we got in this big blow up fight. Its 3 months later and were still pissed. I think everyone in the world is pissed off at their mom or dad. I think that is our problem in a nut shell. We all need inner child therapy. I went to an Indian sweatlodge there was a girl there using those tarot cards quess what card she drew when it was my turn, INNER CHILD. so my point, you guys get some inner child therapy so you can stop calling each other names.

To be honest with you, I really don't feel like calling other people names but I just cannot allow someone to be rude to me. I just want to have an intelligent conversation.


We can either set out are differences now or we can continue with this - your choice.

-- Maciek

I'm letting you know now, they call me Edward Scissor Claws!

I also have a CATapult of a tail!

Ya sure I'm willing to let this one slide and consider the source! But if you try throwing me in the water, Your gonna see a new form of marshall arts immerge!

Just stay clear of my cat nip, or I'll call in the big dogs!


P.S. I'm not up on my vacinations either! I'm late on my distemper shot.
another good thing about montana is that they dont have any sales tax when u buy stuff....


<<I personally think that the human race is doomed intellectually, spiritually, and physically. each generation gets stupider, and stupider, and stupider. Until we must start again>>

You're right about one thing. About starting again. That is why time travel exists. The future is the eraser on the human pencil, which is the past.

We live and create the past, and they edit it out and add revisions to it to create a great masterpiece in the end.

But enough of my interpretation of what Time Travel is.

Do I sense a grudge with humanity?

How old are you again, 16?

I know teenage years can be tough; the TimeTravelActivist was once your age.

Perhaps if you talk about what's really a matter, and why you feel this way towards humanity, you can understand why. And perhaps see that maybe it can be saved regardless of its inadequacies, then sell your self out to your explanation of starting again.


<<There methods are far more sinister. Its black magic and the only way to defend yourself is with magic. you have to use magic to protect your mind.>>

Experiencing these numbers is black magic, and there is no one to protect us, but to uncover their plot and get everyone involved in stoping this menace.

It has been bestowed upon us physically the ability to detect and uncover their plans, we are humans that have advanced and are capable of fighting back, not accepting it and rolling over at their command. We who are being manipulated and exploited by your "friends from the sky" have the capacity to save or doom them.

Which direction do you think you are taking for humanity?

In rolling over to their side, you and your other fellow new age brethren are ensuring the demise of humanity ever becoming independent and truly free.

You think the government is the only place to give out free grade "A" bullsh*t? Your Alien Masters "friends from the sky" who you believe are "protecting" you (& us), are the very source of all of this Time Traveling dilemma and reason for their own pending doom.

Which in your perception, exploiting humanity to save them is justified and okay. Right?

You would never stop to think they are lying to you would you; Clara?

<<protection not revenge.>>

Protection and awareness of the threat as something evil and manipulative, not something to be accepted and counted on, Clara.

<<if you use revenge you are using black magic and my little friends will not protect me if I use black magic.>>

Revenge from what?

I don't know what your deal is, but justice from your "little friends" crimes is not revenge, its what they owe humanity for their manipulation and interference. Imposing on our very freewill that we have fought and thought to have been preserving for centuries in this country, and world. We see that they have only given us the illusion of it.

The fact of being witness to occurrences that are impossible to determine as coincidental, but of conscious actions that were implemented against our will shows us the whole picture that Time Travel is behind this.

Let me make it simple for you.

Time Traveling is bad.

No Time Traveling is good.

Your Alien friends are Time Travelers.

You are an Alien collaborator.

As an Alien Collaborator you are allowing them to Time Travel and sway humanity to accepting their actions.

The TimeTravelActivist don't like that.

Clear enough for you?

Since you like movies so much Clara, I'm going to recommend you watch "Independence Day." It's a great movie, good moral and principle in the end. But watch the part where your alien fanatic buddies are on top of the roof of a tall building. Then watch them all get turned into burned human toast.

<<They will be gone and I will be on my own and thats not a place I would like to be.>>

No, of course not. And God forbid you should ever be left alone on your own. You may mess things up more then you already have. You are truly an individual that has much to learn and sounding as you do, of a defenseless little girl, you make the point clear. You truly don't know what life is all about. You searched for answers, and choose the easy path to follow. Selling Out.


P.S. The TimeTravelActivist, is back. And not a day to soon.

I see we have an epidemic on our hands, where in my absence the numbers have been spreading to everyone in posts and in their day to day lives.

I hope to bring my master plan into being in the next few months, But where I am, it's somewhat difficult to get a stable internet connection, not to mention PC.

But I will do what I can
.CAT you've done a great job and been a good TTA in my absence. Thanks, keep up the great work. I'm right by your side.
ok tta is back whoppi du. You don't have a plan you never did and never will. You can't even stop the numbers yourself much less for everyone else. When you stop the time travelers as you say then let us know how you did it so we can use your same method until then your helpless against it just like everybody else who is seeing them. also I think it is up to everyone to choose if they think it is good for bad not you. We don't need you to choose for us we can do that ourselves. Or should we think you are so smart and have all the answers that everyone should listen to you and think like you. You don't know crap anymore than anyone else. I guess you think if you jumped off a bridge we should all follow. well I can make my own choices about the numbers. Friends or foe its all in how you look at it.

No matter how you look at it, Its still "CONTROLE" whether "GOOD" or "BAD!" Its the apparatus and mechanism that regulates and exercises authority over humanity!

Its the implentented genetic persuasion in the waking hours of our conciousness. It is a nessesary ingrediant to our stucture of life on this earth which shows itself in the dominance of all living things and creatures on this earth. Natures selective choice! (It is an order of control.)

You need to acknowledge that!


P.S. When control is in control of control, everything is out of control!

<<You don't have a plan you never did and never will.>>

Now who's being negative and falling over to the dark side?

Better watch it, or your little Alien friends won't help you.

And how would you know that I have no plan?

NO need to feel threatend if I do. I am not selling out anyone out with my plan, unlike your New Age conversion agenda.

<<You can't even stop the numbers yourself much less for everyone else.>>

I am stopping the numbers. I have been in the process of doing trial and error techniques, altering my daily routines. Results are promising. I am only getting them 1 number below and above a double digit, and that ain't bad

The TimeTravelActivist is fighting them back.

And here's how I'm doing it. Whatever your're doing, go around and do the opposite.

For example: If you're lazy and want to sit down and take a nap, go and take a run.

The numbers prey on normal routines and lack of resistance skills.

There is much that I am about to unleash in going the opposite direction. And that is a plan. For it will take them off balance. Of having a determined TTA, creating havoc in their human playing field of control. Completely ruining their plans and making billions aware of them, where they will now be monitored and watch closely for interference with humanity.

Just how in my dream many weeks ago

<<When you stop the time travelers as you say then let us know how you did it so we can use your same method until them your helpless against it just like everybody else who is seeing them.>>

So you admit they are time travelers?

Are you finally going to stay consistent for once, or later on change your story again and say it's your alien buddies trying to help us and it's okay?

<<also I think it is up to everyone to choose if they think it is good for bad not you.>>

In other words your saying it's up to everyone to lie to them selves about the truth, and delude them selves from the real threat that is Time Travel.

Like I said to you before Clara, truth is not subjective. You can't expect to trade in your old blue pinto, and expect to get a brand new Lexus without having to pay a huge difference.

Existence just doesn't work that way.

<<We don't need you to choose for us we can do that ourselves.>>

No, but I can inform you of the dangers if you choose TimeTravel.

I am a concerned citizen of this planet. I do not intend to watch it sell it's self out for your people's kind to do with as they please.

<<Or should we think you are so smart and have all the answers that everyone should listen to you and think like you.>>

No, but if I am setting a good example, why not expect someone to admire it and try and reach to that human level of integrity?

<<You don't know crap anymore than anyone else.>>

I'll tell you what, you might want to shine that finger your using to accuse me of this really nice, turn it side ways and point it straight back at your self. Because that statement is perfect for you, for there is no intelligence emanating from your post what's so ever.

<<I guess you think if you jumped off a bridge we should all follow.>>

Why would the TimeTravelActivist sell him self out how you did, and expect everyone else too? That's not right. Excuse me for being critical and choosing to examine my data from multiple sides of principles and common sense.

<<well I can make my own choices about the numbers. Friends or foe its all in how you look at it.>>

Devil or Angel, exactly, it does not matter to New Agers. Regardless whether it be demonic or heaven sent, they are keeping ignorant of the real truth behind them, and sticking a feather in their hat and calling it macaroni.

Give ma a break Clara. You aren't even at all interested in knowing the truth, you will just believe in the numbers in a subjective way and consider them something good. But without ever truly knowing.

The TimeTravelActivist and the Cat on the other hand, have been showing convincing evidence in support of these numbers being temporal based. And ultimately determining that an imposing will is being applied to humanity. And proving that it's unethical, we face our ignorant adversaries, the New Agers. Desperately attempting to convince the world that we should all jump in the bandwagon and accept something without first truly investigating it.

What do you have to prove that it's not wrong? Got anything substantional and objective? Or just name calling of us critics taking your New Age doctrine apart, and exposing you as hypocrites.

Come on Clara, give me a break. Go back to school, or go to the library, just whatever you do read a book on morals. Make it easier on me and on your self.


So what you are saying is that by changing our normal routines and keeping busy and enforcing lack of resistance skills we can off ballance and scramble the conscious frequency waves. Another words keep switching the television or radio stations randomly to throw them off course!

If the frequency modulation waves are slowed we can easily be detected if they are spead up we are agile and undetectible!

Whenever frequencies move or merge back and forth between two or more bodies/Realm/or dimentions they creat "resonance." The opposite of resonance is "Dissonance." Dissonance is what happens when frequenciies move back and forth between two or more fields without being able to merge. The two frequencies bombard one another. Its called Biosonic Repatterning!

This would make correct sense because technically this would be the only means of transversing through dimentions. It is the actual method used by Time Travelers themselves to transport a physical body or entity through time. The spirit realm applies these same principles and works in the same way.

The only way to beat them at this controling and manipulating game is to use their own methods against them! VERY CLEVER AND IMPRESSIVE SOLUTION!!!

TTA, you win the the Scientic Golden Globe Award for your Mastermind!

I am going to try to incorporate this method into my daily life and routines and I will keep everybody posted on my progress.

I hesitate to get involved in this exchange, but I feel like there is a painfully obvious error in TTA's reasoning. A fatal error which I will express to you in as few words as possible.

Let's assume for a moment that you're right, TTA. We are being manipulated by sentient being's from the future.

You claim to have some potential ability or grand scheme that is going to stop this practice and allow human's to regain their true free will (assuming they've ever had it. Obviously, if these entities can travel to our time, they could travel to the beginning of time. And according to your web site, they visited the Egyptian societies, among others.)

Were you to pose any type of threat to this practice at any point in your life, how hard do you think it would be for you to be eliminated? On your website, you talk about the fact that sometimes we run into someone we'd just been thinking about. You attribute this to the fact that the meeting was predetermined and therefore unavoidable, peripherally resulting in our loss of free will.

Why wouldn't your next unavoidable and predetermined meeting be with the front end of an 18-wheeler?

My point is that if we are, in fact, dealing with something that has the ability to travel through time, it's too late. They have already succeeded, because they are from the future and the future, according to you, already has the ability to travel through time. You can't stop it, because it has already happened.

And if you were able to stop it, they would know this and could easily stop you at any point. Even before you were born, or maybe they'd go back to when your great-great-grandfather was chopping some wood out in back of the log cabin and manipulate a bear to come up and eat him for dinner.

<<Give ma a break Clara. You aren't even at all interested in knowing the truth, you will just believe in the numbers in a subjective way and consider them something good. But without ever truly knowing.>>

Aren't you doing the same thing, TTA? Except you're assuming the numbers to be the sign of something evil.

How could they be evil when they let someone like yourself, professing that their entire purpose in life is to eliminate them, continue to exist? What about your reaction to witnessing the numbers is not an example of complete free will? Noone has stopped you from interpreting this phenomenon however you want. Nothing bad has happened to shut you up.

Do you really think that the answer to this puzzle is for you to do everything you can to avoid it? You say that you conciously do things that you don't feel compelled to do. But the problem is, if this power is coming from the future, they already know what your ultimate decision was. They would basically see everything in reverse. You can't fool them by simply altering your behaviour. If what you're saying is true, then they already know exactly how you turn out as an old, graying man and they know exactly how you pass on from this physical existence.

Please don't consider this a personal attack. Think about it. Your views contradict each other in a way that makes what you're saying impossible. It's actually pretty obvious. I just thought you should know.

sungod 56
I have had the same thought. why don't they just get rid of

TTA. Either his mouth is not a threat and he can't do anything

about what they are doing or they are not evil and may in fact

love him enough to try to change his future. They saved my

husband from gettin run over by a big mack truck and also saved

me from having a fatal fall. Maybe they saved us because we had

something to do for the furture. Maybe there is a God. Not the

god of the bible but maybe a brother from space that does love

us but also wants us to be free and happy . Maybe he doesn't

want to bop you over the head to get your attention so he tells

you to look at the clock then he shows you something. I hope he

loves me as much as I love my dogs. Maybe its kinda like that He

is wiser and protects us. I love to let my dogs run free. They

have so much fun but if they were to start to run in the street

I would definatly stop them because I love them so much. Have

you ever read CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD. Maybe God helps those

that help themselves and if you don't ask you don't receive. I

remember TTA that you said you got into the new age stuff. Well

maybe it got a little to tough for you and you wanted out. Maybe

you can't handle all the spiritual work cause it does cause a

lot of pain. but NO PAIN NO GAIN. I think when you ignore the

numbers you are just shutting out what you don't want to see.

that is yourself and your own behavoir. As for me the road may

be hard but any marathon is worth the effort and no one will

ever convince me to give up. I am not striving for perfection

because that is an illusion. Just like the song. Heaven is

overrated. There can be no external heaven only an internal one.

There is only NOW. Maybe my friends are from the future ,maybe

not. but the message they are giving is live.


TTA YOUR NOT COURAGOUS YOUR FEARFUL AND FEAR BEGETS FEAR.I can pretty much predict that everyone around you is in fear to.
I know the answer to this Sungod56,

I am 100% sure that TTA "WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY" fighting this mission if it werent from the omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient creator as a designated implemented antibody for humanity. He was pulled right out of the fabric of time and appointed and reasigned a new direction still with control nagging at his back but heading in the right direction.

Thats right! as the clock ticks they (Time Travelers) continually collaborate to gain control over him! But is body and mind are a natural repeller of this force and weakens it! Because he knows the truth about this Time Travel conspiracy. He will never waver nor tire or falter to fail untill peace prevails and order is restored! The race goes not always to the swift but to those who keep on running!

Sungod56, if your so damed sure of what time travel is all about. (or that you are beyond time travel as you stated in your first posting here) If it differed from your knowledge and rational thinking and happend to be different, you'd miss it!

Your post doesn't make complete sense, but I'm going to try and fill in the holes. Forgive me if I misinterpret what you are trying to say.

First of all, if there is a << omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient creator >>, why would he/she need TTA's help doing anything? I'm sure you already know this, but those three words you used to describe the "creator" mean all-powerful, always present, and all-knowing. An entity who truly has these attributes would not waste time trying to get some 21-year-old kid to somehow save the world. The entity would simply save the world itself (assuming it needs saving)!

Secondly, according to TTA's own words, the time travellers are already in control of our reality. What is it about TTA that makes you so sure he is "the antibody"? Because he told you so? Maybe because he had "dreams and visions"? There have been a lot of people with dreams and visions. Hitler had dreams and visions. Did that make him right?

You say << He will never waver nor tire or falter to fail untill peace prevails and order is restored! The race goes not always to the swift but to those who keep on running!>> The problem is that the time travelers, if they actually exist, already won the race. You are just too stuck in your immediate reality to realize it.

My whole point is this - if what you're saying is true, that time travel exists and is currently being used to manipulate our lives, the race has been over for quite some time.

Perhaps the way to "keep on running" is to continue to work towards an explanation for the numbers, develop your own spirituality and, for the time being, admit your ignorance rather than doing everything you can to retrofit time travel as the end-all, be-all explanation. Until we truly understand that we are ignorant, we will never allow ourself a chance at enlightenment.

Consider the source, CAT. I know that a lot of the things TTA says have truth in them, but his overall premise is fatally flawed and therefore, while not a bad guess, is ultimately wrong. I know the numbers exist. But I also know that you and TTA, and probably many other people on this board, are misinterpreting them.

In closing, I'm not << so damed sure of what time travel is all about>>, I am simply trying to get you to think outside of this website and it's limited, flawed ideas.

Well Sungod56,

I'm going to outstreatch my bounderies here and share a piece of evidence with you.

I saw with my own eyes a person dematerializing! How is that for an eye opener? However I still remain opptimistic and skeptical. But I am sure without a resonable doubt that time travel exists!

And if you can invision this thought? That time travel is being cut, re edited and implemented on a continual basis (there is no end to it! It goes on and on and on!) like a movie director making a movie. We the actors act the parts but the director splices and cuts them out of the movie and the general public doesnt see those parts. But we as actors know that we have acted the parts.

Time Travel is "counterintuitive" and reaches back to claim us!
Every change that is made is logged somewhere in our memory banks through wake and sleep.

TTA is 200% correct in everything that he stands for!

So your "evidence" is that you think you saw someone dematerialize? That's so impressive! You have really opened my eyes, CAT!

I guess if you combine that with TTA's "visions and dreams", it quickly becomes obvious that the two of you already have it all figured out. I won't waste any more of your or my time, then.

Good luck.

I think I know what the numbers mean and I have posted it on

this stream but no one seems to agree. The are just trying to

get you to look at yourself and the reaction you have in certain

situations . It is basically biofeedback. If you can focus on

your behavior then you can work to change it to make life

better. To find peace in a hotile world . that is all the

numbers are for and maybe to push you to do something good for

the world. TTA said that he doesn't sleep if he feels like

taking a nap he runs instead, but didn't Eintien take cat naps.

I heard he did maybe he was gathering info in his sleep. I do

believe that fear will destroy TTA one day. I also told him that

once his DNA had been activated you can't turn it off. I think

when he decided to do the new age thing It got turned on. oh!

well I guess he's stuck.
RE: To Sungod56 from CAT...


I did not address all your questions regarding your post above concerning G-D. You say that if G-D is all powerful he would stop time travel in its tracks? Well that is correct assumption he could, but lets examine this statement and look at it alittle closer.

Throughout history from what we know about G-D through the bible and even in our daily lives. G-D does just not show himself, he uses mediators to work his ways to teach the methods and stages of higher level learning. One can see and understand that sometimes bad has to happen for good to come out of it.

Who among us can really understand G-D and his omniscient(all knowing)ways? How about the story of Joseph the dreamer in the bible where he was sold by his brothers as a slave to Egypt. Later on Joseph become a very powerful important figure in Egypt and when his brothers came to Egypt to look for food they bowed down to their brother. (a good example of bad happending for good.) How about the story of the Jews suffering as slaves in Egypt for many years and finally their prayers were answered by G-D appointing Moses to me the deliverer to take them out of bondage and bring them to the holly land of Israel. How about Jesus and all his suffering and dying for a greater cause to save humanity from sin.

And talking about Hitler! If it were not for the Holocaust(unfortunately!) there would be no state of Israel!

No one can question or fathom G-D! Why bad things happen? Not just biblical teachings but bad things happening for good in everyday life. Sometimes loosing a baseball game makes us alittle tougher and wiser for the next game! Sometimes drinking and taking drugs are lessons to either break us or make us stronger so that we can set an example and help others who are in that boat! When parents have to punish their kids for doing something bad, hopefully in the long run it will be for a good lesson. I'm sure everyone in life has had to deal with bad things in order for good to come out of it and to have obtained what wisdom they have now.

G-D is a great teacher he is the Alpha and the Omega and he knows the out come of all events. And sad to say that sometimes bad things have to happen for good!

So my answer to you Sungod56 is that NO, Time Travelers did not win the race yet! TTA is coming around the curve and jumping the last hurtle! And I'm clipping right along behind him!

TTA is a tool in which G-D will use to work his ways in this war against time travel! There is another that I know of, but his time has not come yet...

Sungod, why did you come to this site? What answers are you searching for?