"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time in the Third Degree

Mao Hayasoto

If we know that sound and light etc. travel in waves, 2-dimensional energy, then what is the next step? Yes, that's right 3-dimensional energy. Time? A wave that appears on a model as traveling up and down and side to side all at the same time? Considering this concept, what would produce this kind of energy? Perhaps the reason why time escapes our instruments is because the can only pick up 2-Dimensional energy.

This 3rd dimentional energy is real and can be measured as scalar waves. They are formed by compounding and synchronizing vector waves. See Teslas' work. Build yourself a laboratory. Get electrocuted young.
A most interesting hypothesis. And coincidental too

For it just so happens that I have been considering of some kind of energy all day today.

Being half asleep all day and without a buck for coffee, I’ve become less aware of things around me, and focused more about the way my body feels. I’ve over looked these things before, but now I see them as also something important in considering temporal manipulation. The state of energy that your body is in, coincides with attitude, mood, feelings, and actions. I think, it’s a closer look at the factor at which Time Travelers can manipulate us, when you think about it.

After all, it’s the output of your body’s energy that causes the outcomes in the manner that it does.

In my sleepy daze, I’m noticing more and more my own energy impulses and their fluctuations. Quietly feeling the flow of my own brains energy dissipate as I quickly get out of my seat, or as I drive through a bump on the road. The closest example that I can describe this feeling, is like the feeling of squishing one of those stress fighting sponges that resume their shape after squeezing them

This discharge of energy as I feel it, it seems to distribute it’s self throughout my entire body. Draining it’s self from all life giving organs. And the opposite when coffee is taken, feeding it and giving it life. Sorta like a wavy roller coaster ride, going up and coming down fast.

Anyone else notice and feel this before?

TTA.....without a buck for coffee

Tea is only 2 cents a cup.

Did you ever stop to think that the NWO is drugging us up with the coffee? And the tea too....but there's probably less in the tea. I drink a special blend of Afgani and Iraqi teas that have plenty of left over biowarfare agents in it.

You see they put the toxic waste in the food because the EPA won't let them throw it on the ground. Not only that but when its in food they just call it ingreedients and charge you extra for it.

Have I cheered you up any yet?
<<without a buck for coffee Tea is only 2 cents a cup.>>

The TTA is not a rich man. Like most middle class Americans, I too live paycheck to paycheck. And when I run out of cash, and can’t get to an ATM, I debit it

<<Have I cheered you up any yet?>>

Yes you have. You’ve reminded me to try and go on a healthy diet again. I used to drink a lot of the Red-Bulls last year. They are not healthy at all for you, they really messed me up. I was taking 2 a day, sometimes 3. And the feeling I got was not that of energy, but of stumbling over everything, words, feelings, consideration, I was just off my "game."

The TTA needed a mental boost. Especially since my memory is deteriorating. I am now growing my own Ginkgo plan by my windowsill. I say in about 10 years, I should be able to start using the leaves for tea

Middle class! arnt you the lucky one.

Red bull has taurine and caffiene (quiet high levels) both of which increase circulation and heartbeat,not bad in low doses but you can actually get withdrawal from high doses,a can of red bull is the equilavent of about 5 cups of coffee.

Stick with ginko tablets,they increase circulation to the brain,without dependancy and adverse side affects.

Perhaps then youll be able to spot any temporal manipulation,although i think you're a nutter anyway so better ask your psychiatrist if ya can take em with your taco's and lithium!

I know what "they" are,they are the people that take energy away from you and they are manipulative i call them BOSSES,are they aliens from the future? yeah probably,so is tony blair,and your george w bush is definatly an evil alien cos you notice how small he is,you are just 100% sure that when he goes home he rips off his mask to reveal a green face with 2 big black eyes.
Funny NATAS.

So my UK counter-part seems to think I’m a nut huh?

Well I only have one thing to say in defense to that?

What kind of people does the UK have, to not like Taco’s

Even Creedo likes Taco’s (maybe a little to much
), isn’t that right Dan?