"The future ain't what it used to be."

"TIME is general"



\"TIME is general\"

The meaning: "When you see the truth and you are wrong" We see TIME in our lives as something related to us. Sometimes when something we don't like, we always try to avoid it. In the sense of "fear". Good things we always want them. When we see a "happy face" so big and trying to be with it, ME TOO. That means welcome. But if any sudden change that may occur means that the reaction "wasn't good enough for us". How to proceed with this strange reaction is by AVOIDING. That's the meaning of time, "decisions in general". Any comments in general?
RE: \"TIME is general\"

I think that decisions are made within time. Everything that we do happens in time as well as in space. I guess it depends on how you see things. Maybe I am not understanding you right. Could you please explain yourself.
RE: \"TIME is general\"

Thanks for participating! Do I know you? Forgive my question, it's just a feeling. As I was saying, time is decisions. These decisions depend from our point of view. For example, we're attempting to have the solution on how to perform time travel. Do you? Sorry again!! Then by any ideas through time, should be concerned by others, and cooperate together. If any disagreement, then should be considerate. All on positive thoughts. Please reply, and thanks again. Sorry for taking too long, I need spelling practice.