"The future ain't what it used to be."

Time is Not Real



Time is not real, nor does it exist. What we see as time is nothing more than our own stupidity trying to answer complex questions which are non-existent. Time, to me, is nothing more than a perception, an explanation for detioration. The dimensions cannot exist, because we made them up. It is a known fact, that someone cannot comprehend another dimension unless they themself are physically part of that dimension. Therefore, we as 3rd Dimensional beings could not be remotely aware of the other dimensions. So, if they did exist, then this website would not be neccessary.
For some strange reason you sound just like me. But I have a purpose, and that is to stop Time Travel. I know it’s real, because I been to the future many times. And I have seen what Time Travel will cause if we don’t do something about it.

However, what is your concern if “Time” exists or not? Why would you wish us not to speak about it? Is it blasphemy to your own personal beliefs? What is it that you refuse to believe about science? If it can be figured out mathematically (the universal language) then it is possible. The complex understanding, which you speak of that you may not quite gasp, is perhaps your inability to accept facts that it can be possible.

I feel that I may understand you, more then you believe. But looking at things with a cynical approach, you’re betting on a losing side. Better know 2 sides to everything, before you place your bets that you’re right. It’s an uncertain game, and everyone should know how to play it, then be manipulated… It’s a lesson I learned hard.

TTA can we discuss your time in the Future? just one quick session, i want to understand what you really mean by "i been to the future many times" especially that part.

My visits to the future have only been through dreams and visions. I am sorry that I have not been able to address your question for some time now, as it would seem that I am going through some profound difficulty at the moment. The numbers are at the root of it, and being caught in this losing chess game, I am patiently waiting for the right moment to turn the tables.

Sure, I can say that it probably just my own bad luck, but when it comes to the conclusion of it, why is there a double-digit signature smiling right back at you? I know your still a skeptic, but in time you will begin to understand.

The future that I have seen is really weird. The best way I can describe it is, if you ever been seen people who are in Cults, and see them smile really big for no damn reason. They seem nice and friendly, but there’s this chilling uncomfortable feeling you get, of something not being right.

Well most of the visions I get of the future, are pretty much like that. And I know they are hiding something, I can sense it. And it makes my stomach turn whenever I hear New Agers talk about how they want to change the world, spiritual side this, claim your power and crap like that.

It’s far more complicated, but if you read some of my past posts on Spirituality you will see what I mean, and why I am so against Time Travel. I can’t stand people hiding the truth. That’s why I do what I do.

RE: Charm::TTA

i have been reading so many topics, i think im beginning to confuse myself. everything seems so logic. but that logic is never mentioned to be proven yet. so who knows what could happen. about time travel.... it seems your right for a change. that sensation of something isnt right. happens to us all daily. we just cant find a way to really grasp it.

but i read something that is really really quite interseting. that time and space does not exist. i dunno if you ahve read it but... show you next time.

RE: Charm::TTA

TTA, I'm glad you finally said something about people just smiling and you not knowing what is up. that is basically your problem . You can't stand for somebody to know something and you don't. Maybe one day you will wake up and know what they are smiling about and then you'll say oh! now I get it how silly of me to be so fearfull. You'll have spent so many years being afraid that you'll just want to kick yourself. Didn't you ever watch kung fo when you were little. I would love to tell you what they are smiling about but that is for you to figure out I certainly woudn't want to steal your glory. I went through the same thing you see and now I'm one of those who does the smiling . You say cult there is no cult just those who know and those who don't . Haven't you seen Harry Potter? clara
RE: Clara

Clara, tisk-tisk, well here I go:
<<TTA, I'm glad you finally said something about people just smiling and you not knowing what is up. that is basically your problem .>>

On second thought never mind, better
save that for later. I’ll just let this one slide for now.

RE: Clara

TTA did you notice your last post was at 2:22. Or were you not paying attention. clara
RE: Clara

Actually Clara, I did notice that after I posted. And as a matter a fact, a lot of the posts in this thread are close to being at double-digit numbers.

But why would I get the 2:22, and it’s significance being tied into my life what it is? I wonder what ever happened to that anonymous person who posted about having their birthday on 2-22?

Another strange connection with the numbers I just had recently. An item I purchased online, was scanned into the UPS at 5:33 a.m. Of all people, and of all times, why us?

I have theories and explanations, but someday I intend to unravel it all personally
for it is personal.

This reminds me of the film clip for 'Black Hole Sun' by Soundgarden. Though admitedly I've never bothered to listen closely enough to the lyrics to find out what might supposedly be going on
Latitude and Longitude is an example of something that doesn't exist, like there aren't physical lines going around the world, but instead it is a man made concept that is used to help locate places on a globe.

Likewise, time doesn't exist, our perception and measurement of time is just in our own minds, hours, seconds, years, and how long one of these units seem to take to pass for us, just like metres, centimeters and how long it takes to travel a 3D distance at a certain velocity.

You say that a dimension cannot be comprehended unless a person is physically part of that dimension, but this depends on what you class as physical! Arguably not all dimensions fall under this category, theres lenght/height/width which houses the physical structure of the universe as we perceive it, but time isn't quite the same, instead it is something that governs how matter and energy progresses at a constant rate, except for gravity fields.

There is a simple everyday formula among many others that proves that time, as a dimension does exist:

velocity = distance / time

To find the average velocity of an object, we need to know both what distance in the 3D something is going and what amount of time! If there was no such thing as time simple everyday matters like this would be paradoxial!

You can't see or touch a dimension, only whatever matter and energy is within it and the effects on the matter and energy.
Superunknown (1994)
Black Hole Sun

In my eyes
In disguise
As no one knows
Hides the face
Lies the snake
The sun
In my disgrace
Boiling heat
Summer stench
'Neath the black
The sky looks dead
Call my name
Through the cream
And I'll hear you
Scream again

Black hole sun
Won't you come
And wash away the rain
Black hole sun
Won't you come
Won't you come

Cold and damp
Steal the warm wind
Tired friend
Times are gone
For honest men
And sometimes
Far too long
For snakes
In my shoes
A walking sleep
And my youth
I pray to keep
Heaven send
Hell away
No one sings
Like you

Hang my head
Drown my fear
Till you all just