Time is not real

(to use time dilation in the creation of a "semi decoupled time zone"... semi decoupling would allow one to have the benefit of "time feedback"...)

sorry about the jumbled up text in my previous post.

I BELIEVE I see your point.

But then, what you describe happens every day to the thousands of people who travel to another part of the globe via commercial jet airliner.

The dilation effect is small. Almost infintessimal actually, but it does occur and is a measured, easily (for those with Cesium clocks) provable effect.

I'm not sure why you think the traveler needs a "placebo" replacement (I would use the term "proxy") to continue the process however. All he needs to do is get back aboard his spacecraft, roar off at near the speed of light, and return again to find himself in a "new" future relative to his previously percieved "present".

According to Carl Sagan, (from his infamous "COSMOS" series), the traveller only needs 59 years of his life, traveling at 99.99999...etc the speed of light to transverse the KNOWN Universe.

His "stops" or "drop downs" along the way WOULD add to this 59 years as he chooses to participate in the various current "now" interactions with others, but I'd have to say your depiction is quite right on. And easy to understand.

IF I understand you correctly.

Frankly, given your description, and the known qualities of Time Dilation, I'd say I cannot see how your depiction CANNOT be so.

Again, if I understand you correctly.
To all:

Frankly, RICHAR18's post here has got me to thinking.

Most of you know that I do not accept any classical definition of "Time travel" as either viable or even describable without the encounter of paradoxes that simple cannot be. As the laws of the Univers allow no paradoxes. There simply aren't any.


Using Time Dilation, (while not Time Travel in any heretofore described sense,) it is of course possible for a traveller to achieve a sort of "boost" to the relative future of those left behind. (The classic Twins Paradox, which is actually NOT a paradox at all. Merely an effect of the laws of physics of the Universe.)

The Traveler would percieve these "stop-overs" as periodic jumps to what WOULD have been his future, (had he not gone on the journey in the first place,) but are really only breaks in his infinitely long (to us Earth bound unfortunates,) journey that he only ever perceives as a very fast ride around the Universe. Save for the "stopovers" to visit whatever state civilization or the Earth may be in at the time.

I suppose one could say this is "Time Travel" from his point of view. He always gets to visit some state of OUR future, and WE always get to chat with a fellow from OUR "past".


No "parallel" Universes involved. No "Wellsian" Time Machines necessary.

Just Relativity behaving as it always has, and always will. Regardless of our inability to totally percieve it.

Ah, Time. (smile)

How we choose to define it is most perplexing.

How we speculate on the bases of these definitions is sometimes quite humorous. As if it were actually some tangible thing or place we could travel TO. Or better yet, return FROM.

How could it ever be anything but a one way trip?

Like for the traveler above.