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...atlast ive finally found a way to travel through time...

...MAGIC mushroom...ive been to the begening and tive been to the end of time...and man was it a crazy ride.
I would imagine your local drug dealer.

Drugs and mind bending hallucinations is not a method of travelling through time.
OH! I remember now. there was a documentery about the Salem Witch trials. They said that there were mushrooms that acted as hulucinagenics and that they were what made the people think they were the victim of an outside force.
It all depends on witch mushrooms you eat.

Time travel is a mind trip. The holy grail of TT is getting your body to go along too.

One word of advice for those who may experiment with the magic powers of mushrooms, make sure your life insurance is paid up first.

I've read that it also may have been ergot mold on their rye (for bread). Ergot mold produces lysergic acid as a by-product of metabolism.