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Please note at this time there is still inference that the width and breadth of the U.S. is not being so controlled by government however the inference of hidden societies? link at http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Cat=&Board=news_constitution&Number=764407&t=-1
and partial body copy reads as below

Said link if removed states that England's Queen Elizabeth, via P.M. and royal directorate, amends U.S. Social Security, which by technical international law, is supposed to be out of her jurisdiction?

Second said that actor who stared in Terminator series, will cough up five million and learn Hebrew to boot, at link http://www.fpp.co.uk/Letters/fan/Nigel170703.html

These links may be inoperative or removed, suggest that you restart your system, if in this time frame and still blocked?

Note it would always follow certain logic, that instead of the U.S. and other countries having open and public known bases already established on Earth's moon, that some political undercurrent would interfere with this process of Earthpeoples colonization of their moon.

This would be ONE, that earthpeoples would in some way, always be interfered with, by either said extraterrestrials how impart help make them in their physical manner.

Or TWO, that a new facade would always be applied to where others had failed, as in the Swarzanagger news post.

However Sawrzanagger's venue, has been made to be known, by the use of HGH, the human growth hormone, which has proven to elongate his gabella?

So you have a all matersterful figure, who is now super-religuous within his doctrine.

This move in the second sighting, is supposed to make it all better.

The first infraction stating with Queen Elizabeth having any privy divvy into American funds, means that we the populace could never figure it out anyway?

What is still not realized and that the powers in religion are trying to cover up at this time, is the infraction well mentioned within the Betty Andreasson Luca series of books.

This is, that the sect of to angel helper beings, made the wrong decision in abducting a m,an, who was the wrongly designatiterd man to abduct.

i.e. the angel sub helpers, made a mistake.

With the passing of time since I had first sighted this incongrucincy, a second meaning is to communicate to certain particulars within this as well as other board based communities is said, that this mistake, may have been a capitulation by the angelic hierarchies themselves.

This is, that higher realms of existence realize that all is corrupt within this Earthbased society and by their published mistake within the early Andreasson series of books, they are saying that they too realize such.

It is widely known at this point in time, there are hidden both moon and Mars bases, however the use of these bases, seems not intended for Earth human use.

It seems in some realm that we Earthlings by and large are both intended and treated as so much cattle.
Somthing odd I found while surfining the web, by a Horteo Hernandez.

Copy:former top secret army engineer
12:58 am EDT

the px info i´ve recieved.

i have been a member here for a few months. i´m not going to sighn in because my posts don´t get much attention. so here it goes, this is the info i have gotten on px. weather you believe it or not is up to you.

my sisters fiance who i´ll call joe works at a lowes. i told him and my sister about px about a year ago. they both took a huge interest in the subject after doing their own research. then out of the blue a new guy starts working at the lowes he´s 60 something years old and is a wiz at electronics. i´ll call him pete. well to make it short joe over heard pete talking to another worker about aliens. joe got in on the conversation and became buddies with with pete. it turns out pete was a retired engineer for the army and worked on all types of top secret projects which would take a whole new post to cover. so i´ll save that for another time.

eventually i encouraged joe to ask about px since joe said this guy new what the hell he was talking about and truley believed him. so joe asked have you ever heard of nibiru? pete chuckled and responded yes. have you ever heard of marduk? pete laughed again and said they were the same thing. then pete asked where joe had heard of this. and he said sitchin and ect.

after several weeks and answers of i can´t talk about that and not going into to much detail. when talking about px. joe found out pete was leaving the state. he spent his winters in the warm south west and took the job at lowes because he was bored and it got him out of the house for a few hours a week. so joe begged him to tell him something before he left. pete finally admitted the gov has been tracking px since early 80´s. that (huge heavenly body) article everyone talks about. pete said that was a total [censored] up and they didn´t know what to do. he also said they have spent millions of dollars on think tanks and came up with nothing. they don´t know for certain what will happen. they don´t even know if there under ground shelters will make it if there is a poll shift. he said basically no one will survive on earth. which is part of the reason why they are building the international space sation. he says the gov. has no idea what to do.

during their last conversation joe asked, please just tell me when. you can´t leave me hanging and pete finally said that their estimates were some time around 2010-2012. but i feel these were the exact dates of both passages. pete seemed to be sneaky like that from some of their other conversations.

pete said there was no point in preparing! that it is hopeless for us all. he also had never read sitchin untill joe loaned him the book. he gave it back a few days later and said it was the most uncorrupted version of the truth he had ever seen availible to the public. pete also said we need to stop looking through the tunnel and always see the whole picture. the ptb have been desensitising us for years starting with the 50´s movie the day the earth stood still. he also emphasized that we need to find peace in our selves because the annunaki are returning and it will make a difference.

well thats pretty much the shortend version of my story. i didn´t want to make it so long people would´t read it. if you have any questions i´ll try to answer them but keep in mind my info is second hand.

Represenative for Earthlings interest:
2:49 pm EDT

Re: the px info i´ve recieved.

An offical capacity post and sub-coppied:

What I´ve done is copied what you had said here and have posted in a web page, which is known to frequented by certain types of aliens.

Why I´ve done this is because of this infraction made on purpose, by the Angelic hierarchies, as told in the Andreasson Affair series of books, by Betty Luca.

>There was a man who was watching from the bushes, then the sphere had landed.

The gem robots came out and both stunned this other man, apparently taking him back to the sphere ship, when the man uncontrollably broke down and started crying.

The one gem robot said to the other, I think were abducted the wrong man, lets let him go, at which they did.//

These weren´t any aliens however gem robots that worked for the angelic hierarchies and there is never supposed to be a mistake in directions given to angles to gem robots, EVER.

So what this was since Betty Andreasson Luca had reveled this in her book, was signal to human kind that something is now realized as being wrong in the heira complex, which is one of the foundations of the bible and ruling in this country, as well as others.

How this goes, is that the angelics realize that our forms of government are noncopestetic and now invalid.

Secondly it is the powers and wants of the people that are now valid, even though under alien infiltration under the behest of the government.

Thirdly, because of a series of beings known as the Corteaum had reveled that by year 2011 that reptoids will have infiltrated this society completely, there is now a parallax side time line that has been formed by the Corteaum´s intervention and this entire timeline has been changed by interference augmentation.

I´m sorry ex-engineer, you don´t get off easy on this one and you could be held subject to an offworld court of law and or review when this information printed here, is recognized to the attention of both aliens and time travelers?

Here´s the deal what you have to do and those in government is to ask the current administrations as rapidly as possible to come to the public airwaves and to One, tell the truth about coming Planet X, Two´ however people are truly composed, which is being a part mixture of apelike being and alien mixtures and thirdly advise in the offering, that large ships will land in full public view.

The president is to then tell the general public, that in so many hours, a known returning proto-star, once known as Niebru, will be coming near the path of Earth and the red iron oxide dust, plus the gravity of this failed star, will reek havoc on Earth, so causing many deaths, if the general population does not elect to leave now and be relocated.

Because of the angelic indication that the Hiera or powers that be are failed by heavly mission so much anymore in their eyes, they have no chose by to grant the people their wish and to be let allowed to both live and be relocated as freemen and women, on other planetary systems, once this Niebru passes.

Fifthly there has also been intimation that this coming failed star, can be directed under alien influence.

If this is so and true and there is any link with this failed star, then you are under a war crimes threat, if you don´t not tell them to veer off now.

By and large what this printing does is to have goofed up the trading status of some of the beings who are behind their infiltration of Earth.

This would be the Grays., The Alpha Drackoians, even though their homewold disavows Alpha Drackonians here some Pleiadeans as well as a slit that is also known of in other parts of the galaxy.

In effect what this posting has done, is to have screwed their favored trading status routes and they are defiantly not going to be happy about that.

Long story short and the government has also screwed themselves on this, is that the government will have to tell the people that they are going to be evacuated, mean it and that the welfare of Earthlings is now under entire galactic scrutiny.

This is not the now time line projected as told by the Corteaum to come in 2011, however by demand of augmentation, a now altered timeline as told by the Corteaum´s intervention.

Earthlings must be freed and let to become as a part of the galaixie´s regular population.

Government must pay us and make good on its promise to let us go into space as proposed in the 1960s and offworld beings, "unless they want to loose their favouired trade status, for making slaves and foodstuffs out of free people", must also capitulate and let us go to meet our destinies offworld as part of the galactic confederation.

I´m sure that this post will be recognize and will have an effect not only on you as well as government, but the aliens hidden and involved as well?