Time like frames in a movie?


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If anyoe knows abut this theory, please explain it to me.
Hi q8888.

The theory you're refering to I think is the one that invlves "chronons" and the such.

Chro.non (kro'non), n. 1. a hypothetical unit of time, taken as a ratio between the diameter of the electron and the velocity of light.

As well as 'I' can remember, chronons are the extremely small amount of time that it takes for a "quantum event" (such as an electron moving to a higher energy level). The state of stillness of the "frame" is clearly noticable if we imagine the two adjacent frames being slightly different; the diference being the one quantum event change. As you can imagine there are trillions (for want of a higher term) of quntum events passing in the time it takse you to blink. Not only in the room you may be sitting in but in the whole of the universe.

Sorry I can't remember exactly how long a chronon is, but a serach on the internet should get some results.


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I also found an excellent page about the chornon, but I can't remember it! Sorry - I'll keep searching!

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Someone here had a theory about sending your consciousness forward or back using this "frame of time view" of time travel. It didn't make much sense though. Use the message board function to look up all the posts he made. His screen name was TCTD.
Hope I helped.
ok conscincenous cannot be added into the physical realm because we cannot measure ones mind in physical measurements therefore
it is never added to most time/space theories
How is that possible? From frame 1 to frame 2 in a movie, there are no frames in between. But in between point 1 and point 2 in time, there are infinite points.