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time line burification



I am relatively new to the intricacies of quantum theory. I have been doing research outside of my physics class about how man would develope the ability to travel through time. There are so many theories floating out there. Some based soundly on the principles of quantum mechanics and some that often take poetic licsense. A theory that I have been trying to develop is that of time line burification. I was first exposed to it in Willian Sleator's "Duplicates" Out of the many theories this seemed the most sound because it seemed to solve the paradox of, if you were to the past and alter history how could you keep from undoing your work. It suggested that if you traveled back in time you would cause burifcations in the time line. So that each possible action that you took in the past would create a burified time line. So every possibility that could happend would happen. In discussing this with colleages I have run into some opposition concerning other paradoxes. I would like to see a dicussion about this topic of "time line burifcations" only if this is a valid theory. If not I would appreciate what would debunk it and suggestion to another direction
I think the book you meant to refer to was "Strange Attractors" That was what first introduced me to the 'splitting time' concept, and promted me to find out almost everything I could about that interesting concept.
I like to think of it another way as well.
(as it pertains to this subject.)

If you are familiar with the subject of "Doppelganger" I believe that there are several multiplicities of ones self that exist within many alternate, or parallel universes, and not just one.

To each & every one of your otherselves, they too view themselves as the original, and all others as duplicates, what if you find out latter, that you are nothing more than a mere copy? (scary thought?) yet again that too, is all a matter of perception.

What I propose, is finding some way that would eneble us to communicate with our "other selves" then exploring other methods to download as many compatible other selves, into one mind, making a sort of "hive-Like" mind, but limited to just that of your own beings of your alternate selves, as opposed to unifying humanity itself into a state of hive-mind mentality, this way we can have the best of independant being, diversification, and unification.

Is not the collective consciousness, otherwise known as the "Ether" that many of us humans access outside of our own minds, a form of Hive-Mind in itself?

Just where do you suppose those bright ideas many of us brainstorm out of nowhere come from? it came from somewhere, but not from within us per say!

Thoughts Questions Concerns?
It won't matter if we're duplicates as long as we're living. The purpose of all this is for a better life. People, we're talking about the ultimate-ever-created-super-powerful NO NAME for it yet!! Imagine that everything has a remedy! Even ambition won't have sense! We won't have any other choice but to live in harmony. Probably the only way of survival to what's ahead. Let's step on it while still time. I don't know about you, but I feel alive.