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Hi I just wanted to say In March or April I am planning on making and building a bigger project which will be a time machine I haven't decided yet though if it will be public or private when I start on it I will keep you posted.
Hi hon!'

You know me, when you get you time machine built big fella, you come to good ole Brittany's house and I'll sit on your control councel.

"I need" and want a big strong man like you, in order to take-me places that I havn't been before.

When I say I want to go all the way, it means that I want to go to the year 6742 and make love-to-you!

Oh Adam, many a time I have sat literaly naked within my hot tub and just wanted to see you go zero in that big hairy time machine of yours!!!

OOOaaahho' Oh Adam, please take me way into the future, so I can sit a'top your big ole time machine and sing to the people of the future!!!!?????

I'm a virgin and you are safe with me.So do you need a note from your parents to mine, in order for me to go to the future with you?

Oh'I'm sorry Ad' I somehow ended up with you chewing gum in my mouth???

Love Brittany Spears, your only real true love
Hi I just wanted to say what do you think I am an idiot the device will or won't work it will not be used as pleasure but will be used for scientific study as well as going to the past and future I haven't decided yet if it will be public or private I am leading towards private right now and it will be made classified or top secret and don't give me nonsense about sex that is what the device is not going to be used for as well as lottery and killing. I believe I will use the device to go into the past and future not for sex, money, killing, and so on.
Adam, to tell you the truth, I don't think for now that anyone in a non-costly project will ever travel through time, I think that when Time Travel if and when it happens, will happen by a big billon dollar project, NOT SOMETHING YOU BULID WITH TESLA COILS AND PVC PIPES!

Thank you,
I dont think that ANYBODY period will be able to travel through time. We don't know enough about it.
Machine Time RE:

I dont think that ANYBODY from their time period will be able to travel through time.They don't know enough about it.
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Yies I build these at mine factorey.

Is simples I'm do it is resonant scavities that you can be told, you see?

Im doin it you seeand show you now>

Ib izrocko en fortea com link now!?

EE big one zoo-a Ib conic eee-tranzo?

Eee conic eb tranzo,not pyramidic in kush-ta--

Im not talkin gud English need translitors.

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These apatures have a control boss set to zero.

However the apparttus can not set to zero enmass and must always stay above the floor.

Either realm it can up, up or down does not matter and so.

You set attain from outside controls.

Time zero in partum, is always para at that lous to the appartetus.

I see about ten feet in hight.
I looked up at it.

I did so cause it was me.

The lyrics came later, and they were..~There's a little black spot on the sun today....It's the same old spot as there as yesterday.

Oh Jeasus Christ' that thing was talking to me way back when I I did not even realize it.

I became part of it, as I was always the same only did not know.

I grab him as he is me.

Time02's arms were white when I had grabbed him, but they had turned onix black as we had faided into the dimensions.