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Time Machine


I have been working on a time theory for the last 3 years and I have blueprints for building the device. But in my Idea, I don't want to go forwards or backwards but sideways thru time. Has anyone heard of anyone else working on this theory?
Something like the "Sliders" concept of going to alternate realities that exist in the present?

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no not like the sliders premise, I am proposing to slow time down and moving between seconds,e.g.: like creating a time field that slows time down to almost a standstill and while in that time field you could move at real time.like building a house in the space between 1 second. and then turning off the field generator and returning to normal space time. Also you could travel thru space to any star and back and you would only be gone 1 second without resorting to FTL speeds.
You are speaking of the "Tenth Dimension"
I know exactly what you are attempting!
For I too, am working on my own experiments with "Time" and not entirely on my own, I might add, since I have been recruiting others to help.
I would love to exchange some ideas with you, if interested, drop me an email.

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Sounds good, Dray. Stopping a "program" in the matrix is highly feasible. Continue with caution and don't make the same mistakes as those on the USS Elderidge.
My email is linked above.

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I don't believe the Elderige involved the same thing. Wether it's called the 10th dimension or the twilight zone, it would be changing the speed of the time only you yourself occupys. On the Elderidge they were working on a different level involving many beings and massive steel together. Remember the movie The Fly? I think one man alone would be alot safer in such an experiment.
you all claimed to have built your own time machine ...

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Dray, your talk of 'moving between seconds' reminds me of two things:

Zeno of Elea's paradoxes (hope I got the spelling right) - are time and distance composed of indivisible units? (I could explain more if you haven't heard of them)

And, an old episode of Duck Tales where Huey, Dewey, and Louie got hold of an invention that made them travel so fast it seemed that everything else had stopped. Sounded very much like your idea.
With the available recources we have today, including, but not limited to the www.
it is not unfathomable to forsee the potential outcome of constructing a working Time Machine.

Anything is possible when you have the discipline, dedication, and the persistence, to gather an asembly of great minds working together for a common goal, the funding to provide the necessary resources, and a few other unpredictable & unknown elements , such as in a combination of "controlled", and "uncontrolled" elements that come together to create a percise & calculated chain of events.

Imagine that! the possibilities are limitless to what the human mind is capable of.

So, what are we waiting for........

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