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Been sitting here enjoying the posts (Great Web-Site & Great Stuff...!!!), & thought I'd share with you my own thoughts regarding "Time Navigation..... Thanks




This guy "DOES" believe that "Navigation Through Time" is not only possible but a reality waiting to be discovered. Notice that I hesitate to use the term "Time Travel"... Because I feel that "All Events", past, present & future exist simultanious. The "Future" portion, however is debatable because if it existed, surely we would have experienced evidence of high magnitude somewhere through-out both recorded American & World History as we know it.

My own feelings with regard to time-navigation concern a search through nature for whatever clue/clues exist. Whether it be a wheel inspired by a rolling stone, a steam engine inspired by a hot spring/tea kettle or a helicopter inspired by a polly-wog floating downward, it seems to me that little, if anything, conceived, invented, constructed & utilized by "Mankind" was not done so without a major boost (Inspiration) FROM nature.

My own inspiration concerning the reality of navigation through the existing "Infinite Parrallel Universes" covering every second of every day FROM "Time's" infinite beginning to it's never-ending continuation of events, many of which we create ourselves, is the "Motion Picture Camera". Though I remain confused as to how these universes can be sighted, navigated and/or visited, I feel that one day, much the same as an editor does as he snips out a single frame FROM a reel of film, some physicist, somewhere, someplace, will be able to extract an individual FROM a single time element of our "Past" and re-insert that individual within the time element of the here & now...our "Present"

And just as those who remain un-aware, as they watch a "Motion Picture", of the absence of that single frame (Making up 1/30th of a second of film...), the absence of that individual being extracted FROM a mere split second element of the existing "Past", too, would neither be noticed nor create any disturbance within the "Time Frame"...Simply because the frame (An individual "Parrallel Universe") has been completely removed and placed else-where... A bit of confusion, surely, for the individual in question, but nothing has been disturbed... And we can all bid farewell to the dreaded word, "Paradox".....

Where, though is the connection within nature to a device called a "Motion Picture Camera"...? It's immediate ancestor, of course, is still photography. A single frame camera capable of capturing & preserving an image existing within a time frame of 1/30th of a second.

Navigating around Thomas Edison and Matthew Brady and further within "Past" parallell universes, we find Rembrandt, van Gogh, McNeil, Monet, Picasso, da Vinci, O'Keefe, Whistler and a stubborn 20th Century fellow named Norman Rockwell (Lets be fair, though, the same goes with Georgia O'Keefe)... All sitting before their tri-pods & struggling to "Capture" a bit of "Time" and en-caging it onto a bit of canvas. A lot of paint and a lot of brushes, but the whole process still an ancestor of the motion picture camera.

Where does this all lead...? After a brief "Hi-Dee-Ho" to Norm, Vinny, Claude and all the gang and, of course, compliments to them for the fine work, we continue our navigation until we find ourselves within a pre-recorded, or Pre-Historic, existing "Past" element of the infinite number of "Parrallel Universes".

Within a cave, dimly lit by a small fire, we see a man, probably long-bearded, a bit crusty & in major need of a bath. In his hand is a small piece of skin that he dips INTO blood taken FROM the same animal of which he acquired the skin (Ancestors of paints & brushes, but I think that's another story...) He, too, struggles to "Capture" a bit of time but, rather than with canvas, he has trapped this "Parrallel Universe" onto the stone walls of his dwelling. And he knows that these images of "Time" have been forever en-snared.....because when he was a boy, he watch his dad or mom do this very same thing, and the images of which they trapped, whether they be of human, animal or weapon, can still be viewed (To ensure
himself that none have escaped...) any time he desires.....

Definitely, this fellow recorded crude images of "Time"... recorded, and in his mind, "Captured", with the crude devices of both the skin & the blood of his family's evening meal. Machines, however crude which represent "Time Navigation" devices, the "Foremost" ancestor of of the "Motion Picture Camera".

Again, what is "Nature's" connection of all this to the "Motion Picture Camera" ...? As the rolling stone was toward mankind's invention of the wheel. What events in "Nature" would "Inspire" this man, a guy who most of us might regard as a non-intellectual whose entire daily regimen would include nothing, more or less, than
functions necessary to survive (Eat, Poop, Fart, Belch & Pro-Create) ...???
What, one may ask....!?!?!?
Would "Nature's" provision of "INSPIRATION" be toward this lonely little man
& his lonely quest to take time out FROM a long day of dodging dinosaurs and hoping
to track down a Saber Tooth Tiger to crack over the head...
...to take time out of his busy schedule to slop pictures
all over the Dining Room wall with the blood of his evening meal...???

Be damned if I know.....!!! If anyone figures it out, please DROP me a n E-mail, wll ya'.....

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