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The following is an explanation of time-polarization, some weapons using it, and the significance.
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Time is a funny "dimension". In a given frame the entire universe, every piece of it, exists simultaneously at one single "time point." In other words, at any time point, every spatial point in the entire universe is "connected". One of the things most likely being worked on (not evident in weapons yet, thank God!) is the ability to rotate a 3-space entity into a single time point, then rotate back out to any other desired 3-space location in the universe. In other words, the old "warp-jump" idea. If it could ever be developed, of course, that would really be the way to travel.

Time can also be modeled as 3-space EM wave energy (common old transverse EM wave energy) compressed by the factor c2, where c is the speed of light. So it's REALLY a "stiff spring energy", when compared to normal EM energy in 3-space. Time has the same energy density as mass, for example.

Some of the scientists looking intensely into the causative factors in the cold fusion experiments saw that time-energy appears to be unwittingly being used. Consequently a completely new type of nuclear reaction was written, based on their analysis of what was occurring. Similarly, they were also able to propose specific reactions, then, for the major transmutations being observed, and also for the anomalous instrument behavior in rigorous electrolyte experiments at China Lake. So that is one real use of time and time-energy.

The Russians call their special weapons program, and the physics behind it, energetics. They divide energetics into three branches, depending upon what is targeted. Targeted against ordinary physical matter, ordinary fields and potentials, etc., that branch uses the same name: energetics. Targeted against living bodies, nervous systems, fields and potentials in the body (biofields and biopotentials), that branch is called bioenergetics. Targeted against the mind and the mind-body coupling, that branch is called psychoenergetics.

The Russian solution to the nature of mind and the mind-body coupling mechanism, is as follows:

First, observe physical phenomena occurring. When we observe with our mass-system (body senses), we apply a d/dt operator to spacetime LLLT (three linear dimensions and time), thereby stripping off the T and leaving LLL. That is why all observation is 3-spatial, as is well-known in physics. This observation process is continual and rather massive, so we have a continual stream of observations LLL interspersed with LLLT while the next observation is in process (very fast, but not totally instantaneous). In short, our senses (observation systems) are cutting into spacetime and back out with a frozen 3-space slice, at an incredible rate. That's what observation is, which most scientists studying mind have confused with mind!

Observation is not mind, but part of the input to the mind operations.

At the same "time" that those physical phenomena were occurring, our own mind phenomena are also occurring - but only in T, not in LLLT. So during the "breaks between observations", our mind is connected to our body pieces (even the atoms and their parts) in the LLLT that exists then, because mind is resident in that T portion.

But everytime we physically observe, we strip away time, and that throws away the platter containing mind and its dynamics.

So our physical instruments and physical body senses cannot "observe mind". (Mind can observe itself, however, and in the East there are many techniques for so doing).

So mind exists in time, but not 3-space. And physical detection/observation, by slicing out only 3-space, loses any ability to observe or detect mind.

Anyway, when anything moves in 3-space, it also rotates out of 3-space a wee bit. Hence it has a tiny projection over into the time axis, in the "virtual state", so to speak. However, a coherent stream of physical 3-space changes will have a coherent stream of little virtual projections onto the T axis, where they will coherently integrate, and sufficient will produce a sort of "quantum change" or "observable" or "mentally detectable" signal.

Similarly, when a mind change occurs, it produces also a tiny rotation out of the T axis, and a tiny projection into 3-space in the virtual state. A coherent set of mind changes will thus produce a coherent stream of virtual changes in 3-space, eventually producing a physical quantum change. For a living biological system, its little coherent mind-projections that eventually coherently integrate into a stream of observable changes, thus allows the mind to produce physical input to the brain and nervous system, etc.

That is the solution to the age-old problem of "intent" - how can a nonphysical mind produce physical changes in the body???

So we have a slight time delay for a given mind-intent (signal) to emerge in the 3-space body/brain/nervous system as an actual physical input. The body has many changes ongoing from intake of its changes from the external environment. Hence in the body the mind-changes (intent) input are superposed on other physical regularities and servo systems, etc. In short, we "guide and steer" the physical servomechanisms, so to speak.

The similar feedback into the mind realm (T axis) from the body's actual changes, constitutes the feedback of how the body is actually changing (i.e., its changing). The mind continually recalls its "sent intent input" and compares to the received delayed signal back from the body, and acts to eliminate undesired deltas. (We are mostly describing the conscious mind, which is a serial process but of very great speed). The unconscious is totally conscious, but is a massively parallel processor. So the conscious mind, which can only see a "single slide in the slide projector at a time", sees "black" or "nothing" when it suddenly "looks" through its projector, at the unconscious with jillions of slides That is why the totally, multiple conscious "unconscious" is not perceivable by the conscious mind.

Anyway, we have a closed servo loop with a short time delay in mind impressing intent as a physical change on the body's servomechanisms, and another short time delay before the mind perceives what response the body has made. That "closed loop" servomechanism is the mind-body coupling mechanism.

The time-delay in the complete circle, with coherence, creates the "self" or sense of self. All the other body changes that feed back into the mind, but are not coherent with intent, thus are recognized as "non self". In this way, the sense of self existing in an external world is created and sustained.

These are all physical mechanisms, if we use all EM wave polarizations, including time-polarized EM waves.

The mind, being "in" the T dimension, must and does use time-polarized EM waves, which involve changes and oscillations and patterns in the T-domain. Mind is totally electromagnetic in its functions, but time-polarized EM.

So if you make time-polarized EM waves and develop the technology, all mind-functions are thus available for targeting and change, in the T-dimension where they reside and occur and function. You can insert images, thoughts, emotions, whatever. Anything the mind does, can be externally inserted or changed.

The Lisitsyn paper in the latter 1960s revealed that the Russians had succeeded in being able to do those things. During the ensuing 30 + years, they have continually advanced the technology and the art.

An easy but terrible weapon -- the MindSnapper -- is based on the fact that the flow of time must be fairly smooth for the somewhat fragile "mind-body coupling loop" to remain intact. You can stand time-changes, if gradual. But if one "jerks" the time flow, that instantly snaps the mind completely from the body. Now every cell, amoeba, germ, virus, etc. has its own little "mind part" since it is a living thing, and hence has a mind coupling loop. All those in the "time-jerked" area, are instantly broken. A human body is instantly and totally dead, in every cell and every part of every cell. Not a single nerve cell fires thereafter, no viruses or germs or bacteria are left alive. The body falls like a limp rag, converted instantly into something like a slab of beef radiated with cobalt 60 gamma radiation for some time. Only this is instant.

That weapon was tested twice in Afghanistan, on the members of two villages. It was deliberately small, fired from Hind helicopters. Russian troops then pumped the dead bodies full of bullets, etc. The Afghan freedom fighters thought it was some kind of fast-acting nerve gas, and called it "smerch" gas, meaning "wind of death".

Note the similarity to the dead cattle in so-called "ET cattle mutilations", whose carcasses refused to decay for weeks.

So that is one simple but powerful weapon using a simple "jerk" in the local flow of time. It is accomplished by creating a burst of time-polarized EM waves in that area. Imagine what such a weapon would do to the greater New York City complex, e.g. in a larger version.

The Russians reached the point in the mid 1990s that they could take over control of a person's mind, with modified longitudinal EM waves including some time-polarized EM waves, and with a team of specialists (estimate 25-30 per transmitter, and one transmitter and team per controlled person).

The "little nation's" Quantum Potential weapons were the counter to the KGB's desires to strike the West.

On two occasions in 1997, they actually scheduled full strategic strikes (destruction in less than two hours) against the West. The nuclear weapons worldwide can be disabled in about 10 minutes or a little longer by a different set of weapons, and the first hour was allotted for that, then the full strike. Preceding the strike on the West, however, the QP weapons in the small nation had to be destroyed.

These weapons had been converted in the nick of time to the "insane mode" of command and control, which means that, say, every two hours the computers initiate the launch sequence automatically.

During that sequence, if there is a crew alive, they enter the codes and authentication, and thereby stand the system back down. Two hours later, the same thing occurs. The insane mode was necessitated by the need to counter the MindSnapper, which would have been used to suddenly kill all life in the weapon systems areas (that would have been the second scheduled attack, which would have occurred on May 1, 1997.

The little nation switched to the insane mode in the nick of time, notifying the KGB, in which case the attack had to be aborted two days before the attack, else even though the little nation was destroyed in the attack, shortly thereafter the little nation's QP systems would have fired automatically and Russia would have disappeared from the face of the earth.

So then the KGB faced the necessity of taking over mental control of each and every member of those QP weapon sites, having them stand down the systems for "maintenance" so they are in non-firing mode, and then MindSnap the weapon sites. If they are hit hard with a MindSnap, the area thereafter emits LW radiation for some months, and any living system entering it starts to waver (time-polarized waves are induced, jamming the mind-body coupling loop). The living system then falls, goes into a coma, and dies as the mind coupling with the body is lost.

So a great build-up of the transmitter-teams for psychoenergetic take-over and control of those QP operators was in progress.

Remember Captain Button, flying his A-10 Warthog toward the range, suddenly peeled away from his companions and flew off cross country for over an hour? He ignored all radio messages, circled at one point (probably dropped his ordnance there), then flew until he crashed into the side of a mountain and was killed.

That was a deliberate test in the mid-U.S. to demonstrate that a human could be controlled for one hour, while doing a technical set of tasks (flying an airplane), in a hypnogogic state, successfully. The test was a total success.

This meant that, when sufficient transmitter-teams were available and completely trained, the attack could again be scheduled, with the first attack by total surprise being the psychoenergetic seizure of the minds of the operators of the little nation's QP weapons, having the weapons stood down to maintenance mode where they cannot be fired, then MindSnap the areas. That would have removed the counters, allowing the disabling of the nukes, then the deliberate striking at will of the U.S. and its allies. Total show, about two to three hours.

A reliable foreign source indicates, however, that "something mysterious" suddenly destroyed all those psychoenergetics weapons and the sites, some time later before the strategic strikes could be initiated.

There can only be one explanation: the friendly little nation saved our necks (and their own) once again.

But one can see where the "mind control" weapons fit into the ongoing game continually being played.

Anyway, hopefully this explains the difference in the psychoenergetics weapons, some ways they can be used, and some of the events that happened, which the world press did not detect at all and is still completely unaware of.


Ref: Melvin H. Miles and Benjamin F. Bush, "Radiation measurements at China Lake: Real or Artifacts?", Proc. ICCF-7 (International Conference on Cold Fusion-7, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Apr. 1998, p. 101.

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The potential is there, a bit frightning for his primary use; weapons. Anyway, if someone get a hand on one of those "guns", bring it at my laboratory, to make experiments on rats... mouahahahahaHAHAHAHA!

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I don't understand, how can nerve pulses, and electricity caused by the firing of the nerves in our brain exist in another dimension. The only reason that we have "mind" is the same reason that these letters are here on your computer screen. Electronic pulses. How dous that relate to the "time dimension" any differently than a computer or a rock or a battery?

Nerves and brain cell activity is in the "3D" material dimension. Mind is not. It is 4&5 dimensional. Colonel Beardon is talking here about a hellish device that can unhook the mind from the physical brain, even down to the celular level.

Beardon is about 30 years ahead of his time, and therefore hard to understand. Keep digging. Remember what you don't know they don't WANT you to know.
Are you speaking in the sense of the "mystic mind" psycics, and whatnot. I don't think that I believe in that. I'd rather follow Tesla's "meat machines" theory myaelf. That is, unless I misunderstood your meaning.
Although the following is a completely different article, I placed it here because it seemingly parlays into further discussion of it predicessor...

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To help the reader appreciate the importance of this matter...
"We need a program of psychosurgery and political control of our society. The purpose is physical control of the mind. Everyone who deviates from the given norm can be surgically mutilated.

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Time 02112 This question is for you old friend. Are you involved in any way in the "Morphing Project"? I ask only because I wonder if there could potentially be any aplication in time travel research. I will explain it for those that don't understand what it is. Our gov. buddies in conjunction with NASA has come up with a metal they "claim" is for airplane wings. It can morph into different shapes. If you fire a bullet through it, it will seal it self instantly. I figure if anyone knew if such a metal would be of TT importance, you would know.
Mokrie Dela, Good to see you too!

I believe what you are referring to, is called .....

"S T A R L I G H T"

It is necessary to create advanced containment shields on a variety of levels when considering traveling through space @ faster speeds, including, but not limited to Time~Travel, or "Hyperdimensional" space.

Even Energy units require this.


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