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-MIP-For a while now I have been working on a time portal, right now I belive that if you take 30 quarts crystals and use each one as a core for a small 1:2 transformer. linking groups of six of them together, with ajustable freq. generators running through each of the five sets of crystals, and combineing the signals that each group of crystals pumps out. the energy that it would make would be tuned to this universe with a veriable time vector. I have yet to make an output for this device. if any one knows of a coil or antenna that would be able to dump this energy directally into the space time continum or has any ideas please share

I think I might know how to "dump" the energy into space-time.

However, we will have to discuss it through e-mail because the administration of this site thinks it's "too weird" for this forum. Everyone wants to travel through time out here and everyone thinks that the only viable solution i've come up with is technically impossible.

E-mail me: [email protected]

Let's work on this thing.

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